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Wed 29 Feb 2012
at 16:24
Character Creation.
Characters will be 2nd level.

All Pathfinder Materials are available. No 3rd party.

Stat Generation: 4D6 drop lowest. Roll seven times take the best six rolls arrange to your liking.


32 points to be spent according to the tables found here.

I'm looking for stats to be a bit above average.

Hitpoints will be max for first level. Every level thereafter roll and if you do not get above average take the average. An example a D8 HD would take a roll of 7. But anything rolled below 4 would result in 4 hitpoints gained.

1000 Gold for equipment.

Two traits may be taken.

I would like a short background for each character. I will be expecting, as this was advertised as a game for an adventuring group, a short background on the group itself. Just something that established the group as adventurers in the city.

If I've forgotten something feel free to ask.

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