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This adventure will take place largely in the city of Absalom from the Inner Sea World guide.

Wilderness skills will be used sparingly. Expect dungeons environs and urban action for the most part.

Absalom the City at the Center of the World.

The year is 4712 AR. Lord Gyr has called a halt to Grand Council meetings to devote his attention to defending the city. As all conventional attacks on Absalom have failed throughout the years the tactics have changed. Small groups working in cells are said to be infiltrating all aspects of city life. Crime has doubled and redoubled and adventurer's have flocked to the city to take up the slack from the overburdened First Guard. Tensions are high as everyday life struggles to continue.

Those of you that are residents of Absalom have noticed the increased presence of the First Guard in almost every district, strange arrests and questioning following in their wake.

Those of you fairly new to Absalom went through rigorous inspections as you disembarked from various vessels and witnessed even more thorough cargo inspections.

The cult of Rovagug was involved in slave trading beneath the Eastgate district. They had been dealing mainly in those who would not be missed, the homeless, transients, and travellers, and had gone unnoticed by the First Guard. Many of their captives met a grisly demise, or were badly maimed, before they could be sold. The imperfect nature of the cults handling is what tipped their hand. As their "product" was looked upon as subpar they became more and more overt in their dealings and began making mistakes. A prominent figure in Eastgate went missing and his dissappearance became your first break in the search. A warehouse he owned at the docks was being used as a holding area for slaves and a bloody battle between the PC's and the cult was fought there. Information was gathered that led you to their underground demense beneath Eastgate.

Underground it was discovered that the cultists of Rovagug had been working with Dhavalei agents who made a hasty retreat escaping while the PC's dealt with the more fanatic cultists of Rovagug. At the cults heart was an Orc cleric who screamed bloody vengeance with his last breath. Any information of where the slaves were sent or who was buying them was seemingly gone. Perhaps taken by the fleeing Dhavalei agents.

The elimination left you all with more questions than answers. Why was a cult of Rovagug dealing in slavery? What part did the Dhavalei play in the scheme?

Merchants and business owners, hoping to protect what they have left, are reaching out to the adventuring groups. One such merchant, a man named Darvish Odwell, offered you a common room in an establishment he owns; a tavern called the Jolly Lobster. Since dealing with the cult you have been here awaiting your next adventure.

A week has gone by with with no sign of strange activity. For some reason there has been a reduction in suspicious activity and the abscence has put all of you on edge.

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