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Interlude Two: One Last Evening In Kallamehr
Before leaving for Brion's Bluff you find you have a few loose ends to tie up in Kallamehr...


Journeying to the market you find the stalls being closed; with the approach of evening and the increasingly foul weather most traders have decided to go home rather than risk a drenching in the uncoming storm.  You are fortunate enough to find one stall of weapons and armour still in business, manned by a bearded merchant in maroon turban and pantaloons. Along with wickedly curved daggers and a couple of scimitars he has heavy, round shield with a bronze lion's head embossed on the front.  It is old looking and and the dark paint has scratched and flaked but it feels sturdy and solid enough.

"For you Sahiba a mere twelve golden dinars." The merchant said proudly. "It once belonged to a sheikh of the Turabegs."

Nearby a stall is selling dried portions of meat (animal unidentifable) suitable for travel rations.  Four gold pieces worth would equal one portion of provisions.


You are no native son of Kallamehr but rogues are rogues everywhere and after a few conversations with shady characters you are guided to the back room of a gambling den that houses a small and private shrine to Mirala, demigoddess of rakes, scoundrels and knaves everywhere.

The priestess is a fetching young woman, not far out of girlhood with a head of blonde hair, green eyes and a peaches and cream complexion that mark her as more likely a northern immigrant than a Kallemher girl. She wears no robes and but for the medallion around her neck - and the mischevious glint to her eyes - looks no more than a tavern wench (Miralans are not known for ceremony or stuffy vestments.)

Intially she holds out her palm and requests a fee of five gold dinars before hearing your tale. As soon as you speak though her eyes grow wide and a grin blossoms across her face.

"By the Lightfingered Lady Herself another Blacksander! I hear it in your accent my friend and it has been long since I set eyes on another honest crook from my homeland. For you there is no fee."

She spends a few moments speaking fondly of the robberies that had forced her to flee the north in the first place and listens to any tales of knavery you wish to tell in return.  Then it is down to business and she examines the medallion.

"You have earned the favour of the Goddess friend - look to Her and She will look over you."