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Setting Info

Allansia is one of three known continents on the world of Titan, the others being Khul and the Old World. Stretching from the icy wastes of the Frozen Plateau to the sun drenched waters of the Glimmering Sea, Allansia is far more wildreness than civilised terrain. Orcs, Goblins, Trolls and Lizard Men rule much of the land and there are many areas where human, Elf or Dwarf fears to thread. Not that the cities are entirely save havens of course: Port Blacksand the infamous City of Thieves is as dangerous a place as any monster haunted waste. Even the more peaceful towns have their hazards and many a promising adventuring carrer has been cut short by slaking ones thirst in the wrong tavern.

In short watch your step, keep your swords and wits sharp, treasure your friends and trust to Fulkra, divine patron of travellers to protect your path.
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Re: Setting Info

Allansia overflows with magic from simple cantrips for snuffing out candles to dark rituals for summoning Demon Princes.  Broadly speaking magic, at least as used by humans and elves falls into one of the following types:

Minor Magic
Sometimes called 'Hedge Wizardy' this school accomades a wide range of surprisingly useful if low powered effects (known as 'cantrips'.) Minor Magic is practiced by village wise women, entertainers, rogues and many wizardly apprentices who go on to learn more powerful spells.

For most Allansians when they mean 'magic' they mean wizardy. Wizardy is native to Allansia and the most powerful wizards both good and bad are found in that continent. Wizards casts spells by drawing on external mystical energy.

Sorcery is rare in Allansia as this style of magic came originally from the distant continent known as the Old World. Sorcery uses the energy of the casters own body - along with some material effects - to cast spells. Sorcery does not have the sheer range of spells as Wizardry but Sorcerous spells can be very powerful.

The gods of Titan rarely intervene directly in mortal affairs these day, but their acolytes can still draw upon their power to perform miracles. Temples to the good and neutral deities are in every city... and sometimes temples to the darker gods are hidden alongside them.