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Game Info

This game is largely experimental. I have given more leeway for character creation. Which means rule mongering will be tolerated even less. If you can argue something reasonably I will consider it.

This game walks the fine line between free-form and D10(White Wold Old World of Darkness). This will not be your typical political game, nor your typical roll to hit game. If you are looking for a specific game type, you may want to look somewhere else. I have no long term plans for this game, so if you're looking for a game with 20 players, a long history and story arcs months long, look somewhere else.

Warning! There is a strong likelihood of this game being; confusing, emotional, dull, amazing, Jello, slow, way to fast, gay friendly, ridiculous, spicy, religious, and worst of all...Awesome.

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RTJ / Character Creation
Available traditions are as follows;
 - Order of Hermes
 - Virtual Adepts
 - Sons of Ether
 - Euthanatos

Character Creation

Starting Arete ●●

Freebies cost for Abilities as follows;

Talents, Skills, Knowledges
● = 1
Talents, Skills
●● = 2
●● = 1
●●● = 1
●●●● = 2

Meaning that to spend a freebie on a Talent, Skill or Knowledge to gain the first dot, you only spend one freebie. To spend a freebie on a Knowledge to gain a second dot, you only spend one freebie. To spend a freebie on a Skill to gain the second dot, you spend two freebies... And so on.

Freebie cost for Spheres;
● = 4
●● = 5
●●● = 7

Pnt cost for Wonder;
● = 0.5 (No Max # Wonders. Each wonder no more than ●● in any one sphere)

One dot in Time required

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House Rules
R u l e  # 1   D o n ' t   B e   a   D o u c h e   B a g.

This applies to trolls and flamers. Respect must be maintained. We don't care how wrong someone is, we are all adults here, disputes will be dealt with in a mature manner with a GM as mediator if necessary.

Aside from that, if you have any requests or special requirements let them be known before you start playing. If they are brought to our attention later and they interfere with the game or break rule #1 you will be removed from the game.

eg. Rolling preferences, planned absences, problem with authority, the need to criticize and demean others for their beliefs etc.

Notice: Regarding offensive subject matter. If a topic is being discussed for the express purpose of offending a player, the discussion will cease. Only one warning will be given. If a topic is being discussed that happens to offend someone by all means send a GM a private message. We are always willing to listen. However, if the topic is accepted by the majority players, you may want to suck it up. You are responsible for your own views. That said, I will ask that you use discretion regarding certain sensitive topics.

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