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Equipment and starting gold
Level 1: 15 crowns
Level 5: 30 crowns
Level 10: 45 crowns
Level 15: 60 crowns
Level 20: 75 crowns


Dagger             | 2                    |
Bow                | 3                    |
15 arrows          | 1                    |
Other weapons      | 4                    |
two handed weapons | 6                    |
Shields            | 2                    |
Light Armor        | 6                    |
Heavy armor        | 6                    |
Minor enchamtment  | 6(+4 for permenant)  |
Moderate "   "     | 12(+8)               |
Major    "   "     | 24 (+16)             |
Minor Potion       | 3.                   |
Moderate "  "      |  6.                  |
Major    "  "      | 12.                    |
Godly    "  "      | 24.                  |
2 torches          | 1                    |
oil Lamp           | 2                    |
Flask of oil       | 1                    |
Magic Torch A      | 4                    |
Magic Torch B      | 5                    |
Empowered staff 1 | 15              |
Empowered staff 2 | 21.            |
Empowered staff 3 | 28.             |

Torch: Gives 4 squares of light for 1 hour.

Oil Lamp: Gives 5 squares of light for 1 hour, as a standard action you can refill and reset the time of light at the cost of an oil flask.

Oil Flask: Refills an oil lamp. Item or person covered in oil takes ongoing fire damage 5 if ignited, agility roll negated.

Magic torch A: Gives 6 squares of light. Never runs out.

Magic torch B: gives 4 squares of light that can only be seen by you, lasts 1 hour.

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Potions are a small amount of liquid that can be drank to gain special effects.

Minor: Heals 3D4+4 HP
Moderate: Heals 3D8+8 HP
Major: Heals 3D12+12 HP
Godly: Heals 6D12+16 HP

Minor: +2 atk for 1D4 rounds
Moderate: +4ATK for 1D4+1 rounds
Major: +6 atk for 1D4+2 rounds
Godly:+8 ATK for 1D4+3 rounds

Minor: +2 DEF for 1D4 rounds
Moderate: +4 DEF for 1D4+1 rounds
Major: +6 DEF for 1D4+2 rounds
Godly:+8 DEF for 1D4+3 rounds

Minor: +2 Stealth rolls for 1D4 rounds
Moderate: +4 Stealth rolls for 1D4+1 rounds
Major: +6 +4 Stealth rolls for 1D4+2 rounds
Godly:+8 Stealth for 1D4+3 rounds

Speaking: As hiding, but affects speech rolls

Dancing: As Hiding, but affects agility rolls

Thinking: As hiding, but affects Willpower rolls

Fighting: As hiding, but affects toughness rolls.

Strength tonic
Minor: 2 str for 1d4 turns
Moderate: +3 strength for 1d4+1 turns
Major: +4 strength for 1d4+2 turns
Godly: +5 strength for 1d4+1 turns

Speed tonic: as strength tonic, but affects dexterity

Health tonic: as strength tonic, but affects constitution

Bright mind tonic: as strength tonic but affects intelligence

Clear mind tonic: as strength tonic but affects wisdom

Hair tonic: as strength tonic but affects charisma

Liquid luck
Minor: add one to your crit range for 1d4 turns
Moderate: 2 to crit range for 1d4+1 turns
Major: 3 to crit range for 1d4+2 turns
Godly: 4 to crit range for 1d4+3 turns

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Epic Items
Epic items are items which are crafted much better then their normal counterparts, but which also cost more to buy. Any 1 item can have no more that 2 epic abilities on it.

Masterworked: Weapons gain either +2 damage or +1 attack. Armors gain +1 defense. +4 crowns.

Bane: Weapon Only, +2 ATK and +1 damage vs specific enemy type. +6 crowns.

Blessed: Weapons gain +2 attack. Armors gain +2 defense. +6 crowns.

Poisoned: Weapon only, on a critical hit the weapon also deals 1 point of either STR, DEX, or CON damage. Once this weapons deals 10 points of Ability damage, this effect stops working for 48 hours. + 8 crowns.

Shadow: Weapon Only, +2 attack and +1 damage while wielder is hidden. +6 crowns.

Defensing: Armor only, incoming attacks have crit range reduced by 2. +6 crowns.

Adamant: Armor only, gain DR 4/-. +8 crowns.

Mithril: Armor only, +2 on all toughness, agility, and willpower rolls.  8 crowns.

Quick: armor only: +5ft landspeed. +6 crowns.

Orc Forged: +2 STR while equipped. +10 crowns.

Elfin: +2 DEX while equipped. +10 crowns.

Dwarf Forged: +2 CON while equipped. +10 crowns.

Wizards Gear: +2 INT while equipped. +10 crowns.

Artifact: +2 WIS while equipped. +10 crowns.

Sliver Plated: +2 CHA while equipped. +10 crowns.

Long: Weapon Only, add 1 square of reach. +6 crowns.

Crystal: Weapon, bonus elemental damage is increased 1 Die. Armor, Elemental resistances are increased by 5. +10 crowns.

Magic weapon: Weapon only. As long as wielded inside of a magic circle, this weapon has a +2 to attack and damage. +4 crowns.

Magic Armor: Armor only. As long as equipped inside of a magic circle, this armor has +2 to armor and willpower rolls. +4 crowns.

Magic shield: Shield only. As long as equipped inside of a magic circle, this shield has  resist 5 magic. +6 crowns.

Dim: Weapons deal an additional 1D6 damage while hidden. Armor grants a +2 to stealth rolls. + 10 crowns.

Magma Armor: Armor only. Gain resist 5 ice. +10 crowns.

Ice armor: Armor only. Gain resist 5 fire. +10 crowns.

Clay Armor: Armor only. Gain resist 5 lightning. +10 crowns.

Base armor: Armor only. Gain resist 5 acid. +10 crowns.

Holy armor: Armor only. The stat penalty granted by any necromancy spell is lessened by 2 points. +10 crowns.

Glow: Item grants 4 squares of light. +10 crowns.

Spiked: Shield only. When hit by an attack, attacker takes 1 damage. +5 crowns.

Fencing: Dagger or One Handed Sword only. Use INT for damage roll instead of Strength. +16 crowns.

Strongstone: Blunt weapons only. Use Constitution for damage instead of strength. +16 crowns.

Composite: Bow Only. Use Strength for damage instead of Dexterity. +16 crowns.

Throwing: Shield or Dagger only. When making an attack with this item you may throw it up to 10ft. It's a minor action to pick up a thrown item. +8 crowns.

Protected: Armor only. Reduce sneak attack damage dealt to you by two dice. +6 crowns.

Alchemist: Armor only. Take 2 less poison Damage, this can bring the damage to 0. +12 crowns.

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Poisons come in any form, from oils to powders. When added to a weapon(which is a standard action) or to food it's effect takes place in 1d4 turns. The effects of all poisons last for 24 hours, unless otherwise stated. All poisons cost 3 crowns unless otherwise stated.

Myrish Blood: +6 vs toughness, if it hits deal 2 str damage

Iron blood: +6 vs toughness, deals 2 dexterity damage

Tincture of lotus: +6 vs toughness, deals 2 constitution damage

Arcanum:+6 vs toughness, deals 2 intelligence damage

Neture of madness: +6 vs toughness, deals 2 wisdom

Dullards tears: +6 vs toughness, deals 2 charisma damage

Burning blood: +6 vs toughness, target loses 5 fire resistance

Bottled chill: +6 vs toughness, lose 5 ice resistance

Bitter marrow: +6 vs toughness, lose 5 force resistance

Unbalanced humors: +6 vs toughness, lose 5 acid resistance

Copper suspension: +6 vs toughness, lose 5 lightning resistance

Bone eater: +6 vs toughness, lose 5 DR

Immortals bane: +6 vs toughness, targets fast heal doesn't work for one hour.

Potion of curing: the effects of all poisons end, costs 7 crowns.

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Alchemical epic abilities
As with other epic abilities, alchemical abilities can be used to increase the effectiveness of a poison or potion. Add half the crowns to the difficulty.

Addictive:the substance makes an attack(+5) vs willpower, if it succeeds then the subject has a mental compulstion to use more of this substance. For the next 2d4 days, you take a -2 to all rolls if you go more than 12 hours without ingesting a substance with the addictive ability. Every time they use a substance with the addictive ability, reroll the days addicted. +12 crowns

Aerosol: when the container of an aerosol liquid is broken or opened, the liquid turns to steam and effects all within 10ft of the container. +10 crowns

Concentrated:poisons deal 1 more point of stat damage, and potions have one additional point of effectiveness. +6 crowns, you may add  this effect multiple times, for every additional concentrated epicanility past the first add 3 to the difficulty and 1 to the total crown cost.

Duel effect: add an additional effect from a poison or potion and add it to your current substance. + 10 crowns

Extra strength: poisons make a second attack in 1d4 turns, potions also give fastheal 5 for 1d6turns. +10 crowns

Long lasting: poisons last an extra 12 hours, potions last an extra turn. +6 crowns.

Improved formula: add weakness 5 or resist 5 of an element to a poison t potion. +6 crowns

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Re: Alchemical epic abilities
There are three major currency's in the world of euphoria crowns, pennies, and bits. There are 5 bits in a penny. There are 4 pennies in a crown.
Pennies are abreveted p, crowns c, and bits as a b
20 bits weigh 1 pound
15 pennies wiegh 1 pound
10 crowns wiegh 1 pound

Dagger                           | 2p  | .3 lbs
Bow                                |  2c. | 4 lbs
Arrows(15).                    | 3p. | 2lbs
Light crossbow       |  2c | 5lbs
Crossbow             |  3c | 8lbs
Pocket crossbow      |  4c | 3lbs
Heavy crossbow       |  5c | 10lbs
Repeater crossbow    |  6c | 10lbs
Bolts(10)            |  2c | 5lbs
Bolts, empty(5)      |  3c | 1lbs
One handed weapons.  |. 4c | 8lbs
Two handed weapons.  |.  7c| 15lbs
Light armor.                    |. 3c | 15 lbs
Heavy armor.                |.  7c |. 30 lbs
Shields.                        |.  2c | 10 pounds
Minor enchantment.      |.  6c |
Minor perment               | +4c|
Moderate enchantment | 12c |
Moderate perment.        | +8c |.
Major enchant.              | 24 c |
Major perement.            | +16c |
Minor potion.                 |. 2c |   1/4lb
Moderate potion.          |. 4c |   1/4 lb
Major potion.                | 8c |    1/4 lb
Godly potion.                | 16c|. 1/4 lb
Torch.                           | 1b |   1lbs
Oil lantern.                   | 1p |  2lbs
Oil flask.                       | 1p | 1lbs
Magic torch A.             | 1c | 1 lbs
Magic torch b.             | 2c | 1lbs
Empowered staff.       | 10c | 6 lbs
Empowered staff II     | 20c| 6lbs
Empower staff III.       | 30c | 6 lbs
Rope, 5ft. Silk is 3 p hemp is 1 p. 1 pound a foot for hemp, 1/2 for silk
Chain, 5ft. 5 pennies, 3 pounds a foot
Lock, minor. 2 pennies
Lock, moderate. 5 pennies
Lock major. 10 pennies
Steed(common). 1-4 crowns(average 3)
Steed( exotic) 4-9 crowns(average 7)
Barding(common). 3 crown
Barding(exotic). 6 crowns
Wagon 4 crowns
Cart 2 crowns
Food; one meal. 1-2 bits
Food; one day. 1 penny( for rations, about 1 lbs)
Food; one week. One crown
Smiths tools. 2 c, 10 pounds
Alchemists tools. 4 c, 3 pounds
Thieves tools 2c, 3 pounds
Healers tools 2c, 5 pounds
Livestock. 3-20 pennies
Quill, 2b
Ink, vial. 1 b
Chalk, 3 sticks. 3 bits
Paint and brush. 2 pennies
Charcoal stick. 4 bits
Chest. 3 pennies. 10lbs
Wine, bottle. 1penny, 1 pound
Whiskey, bottle. 4 bits, 1 pound
Beer, bottle. 1 bit, 1/3 pound
Bedroll. 2 bits, 2 lbs
Ladder, 10ft. 3 pennies, 10 pounds
Pole, 10ft. 8 bits, 3 pounds
Backpack, 1 penny, 1/4 pound
Commeners clothes
               Everyday  1 P a set
               Festival  4 pennies a set
Travelers clothes, 3 p a set
Soldiers uniform, 4 p a set
Merchants clothes, 3 p a set
Craftsmen's clothes, 3 p a set
Jesters clothes, 4 pennies a set
Tribal clothes, 4b a set
Low nobility clothes, 1-3 C a set
High nobility clothes, 4-6 C a set
Cold weather gear, 2p a set
Hot weather gear, 2p a set

     Wood 3bits a piece
     Leather 1 p a piece
     Stone 2 p a piece
     Metal 3p a piece
     Precious metal 1 crown a price
    Add jewls to any of the above for +3p
Signet ring, 1C
Poisnoners ring, 1C
     Fake 1P a set
     Weak 3P a set
     Strong 5P a set
Make-up (roughly 10 uses), 3P
Perfume (roughly 20 uses), 5P
Musical instument
           Common 1-3P
           Masterful 3-5P
           Superb 5-7P
Tea, one pound. 3B
Tobacco, one pound. 1P
  Common 1-3 b
  Fancy 1P
Signal wistle 4B
Commoners tools 3-8 B a peice
Pots and pans 3B each
Utensils 1B a set
Cotton, one square yard. 2B
Leather, one sq.yd. 3B
Silk, one sq. Yd. 1P
  1 pint  4B
  1qt     6b
  2qt     8b
Flask (8oz) 1p <may add jewels or precious metal as if it were jewelry>
  1 qt 3p (one pound)
  2 qt 6p (2 pounds)
Manacle 3 P, 5 pounds
Manacle, masterworked 5 P, 6 pounds
Manacle, spikes 8 P, 7 pounds

A character may use a crossbow instead of a bow when attacking with their now skill. The bow skill affects the crossbows accuracy and its total range, but the damage is based on the size of the crossbow. You do not add your dex to this damage. It takes a minor action to load a crossbow.

Crossbow damage and range:
Light crossbows have a range of 20ft and deal 1D6 damage with a critical of 19-20x2.

Normal crossbows have a range of 25ft and deal 1D8 damage with a critical of 20x2.

Heavy crossbows have a range of 30ft and deal 2D8 damage with a critical of 20x3.

Pocket crossbows have a range of 15ft and deal 1D6 damage with critical of 18-20x2. This crossbow is small enough to hide on your person. A slight of hand difficulty 15(or vs perception) can hide the crossbow or draw it from hidden without being noticed.

Repeater crossbows have a range of 25ft and deal 1D8 damage with a critical of 20x2. This crossbow can be loaded with up to 5 bolts, the force of one bolt being fired loads the second into place.

Bolts, empty: these bolts and built around a large glass vial. This vial can be filled with oil, poison, or any similar Liquid. These bolts grant a -1 to the crossbows attack.

Hemp rope: this course rope has a break difficulty of 18 And an escape difficulty of 15

Silk rope: this fine rope had a break difficulty of 21 and an escape difficulty of 18

Chain: has a break difficulty of 24 and an escape difficulty of 18

Backpack: this pack can hold between 30 and 60 pounds

Clothes: characters have one set of commoners clothes and either a set of tribal clothing or a set of travelers clothes to start with

Cold weather gear: grants +4 to all rolls caused by overly cold climates

Hot weather gear: grants +4 to all rolls caused by overly hot climates.

Poisoners ring: this ring can hold one dose of liquid or powdered poison. It's a slight of hand roll to use this poison.

Musical instruments: needed to use certian preform rolls. A masterful instrument grants a +2 to preform rolls, and a superb grants a +4.

Chart: this two wheeled open top vehicle can carry up to 300 pounds. It takes one steed to pull

Wagon: this four wheeled vehicle  can be covered or uncovered. It can carry up to 1000 pounds. It takes two steeds to pull

Manacle: the restraint device limits a characters movements to 10ft a move action, manacle and be built into walls of bolted to them. A manacle menace can be broken with a difficulty 18 strength check or slipped out of with a difficulty 15 slight of hand roll.

Masterworked manacle: This works the same as the normal version except that the break dificulty is 21 and the escape artist difficulty is 18

Spiked manacle: This works the same as a masterworked manacle except that the break difficulty is 24 and the slight of hand difficulty is 21. Also when this manacle is placed on the target the target takes 2D4 untyped damage. When trying to break or escape these restraints you take untyped damage equal to 1/2 your roll.
~more to come~

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There are many different kinds of traps in the world of euporia, both magical and mundane. All traps listed below can be crafted with a smithing check based on the trap. As always you must expend half the cost of the trap to created it, a failed crafting check causes the money to be expended.

Name:Pit Trap
Cost: 1 crown 2 pennies
Difficulty to Spot: 12
Trigger: you step on the floor over the pit.
Trap Attack Roll: +4 vs agility
Trap Damage: 1D6 per 10ft of trap
Difficulty to Craft: 10
Crafting Requierments: Must be able to dig at least a 10ft deep pit.

Name:Dart Trap
Cost: 9 pennies
Diificulty to Spot: 14
Trigger: You step on the prsser plate in front og the trap.
Trap Attack:+4 vs agility(6 darts loaded per trap)
Trap Damage: 1D8+2 damage
Difficulty to Craft: 14
Crafting Requierments: none

Name:Crossbow trap
Cost:10 pennies
Diificulty to spot:14
Trigger: The bow fires at any of the tree presser plates placed within 30ft of the trap.
Trap Attack:+4 vs armor(6 bolts loaded per trap)
Trap Damage:1D10 Damage
Difficulty to Craft:16
Crafting Requierments:None

Name:Magical Crossbow trap
Cost:14 pennies
Diificulty to spot:14
Trigger: any living being within 20ft of the trap
Trap Attack:+6 vs armor or agility(6 bolts per trap)
Trap Damage:1D10+2 plus the crafters bonus elemental damage +1D6
Difficulty to Craft: 20
Crafting Requierments:You must have a magic skill high enough to have bonus elemental damage.

Name:Staff blast
Cost:5 pennies plus cost of the staff you use.
Diificulty to spot:16
Trigger: You step on  a pressure plate near the staff
Trap Attack:+4 vs spells targeted defense
Trap Damage: 1D6 per level of spell
Difficulty to Craft: 22
Crafting Requierments: Must have the empowered staff spell along with the spell the staff casts.

Name: spring blades
Cost: 6 pennies
Difficulty to spot: 14
Trigger: trip wire placed in front of trap
Trap attack: +5 vs armor or agility
Trap damage: 1d8+2
Difficulty to craft: 14
Special requirements: none

Name:Poisoned Blades
Cost: 6 pennies pluse the cost of the poison placed on it
Diificulty to spot: 14
Trigger:Trip wire placed in front of trap
Trap Attack:+ 4 vs armor or agility plus the poisons attacl
Trap Damage:1D8+2 plus the poisions damage
Difficulty to Craft: 14
Crafting Requierments: access to the poison used.

Name:Poison Gas room
Cost:10 pennies plus two aresol poions of your choice
Diificulty to spot:18
Trigger: pressure plate which closes the doors to room
Trap Attack: Poisons attack
Trap Damage: Poisons damage +1
Difficulty to Craft: 24
Crafting Requierments:Access to poison used.

Name:Snare trap
Cost: 5 pennies
Diificulty to spot: 15
Trigger: step into space with trap
Trap Attack:+4
Trap Damage: 1D8 damage and target falls prone
Difficulty to Craft:18
Crafting Requierments:none

Name:Stun trap
Cost:10 pennies
Diificulty to spot: 14
Trigger:Stepping into the space the trap occupies
Trap Attack:+6
Trap Damage: 1D5 damage and target is stunned
Difficulty to Craft: 20
Crafting Requierments:Must have at least rank 7 in either lighting or ice

Diificulty to spot:
Trap Attack:
Trap Damage:
Difficulty to Craft:
Crafting Requierments:

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Epic traps
By increasing the price of the trap you can increase some aspects of it. Unlike other epic abilities you may add the same epic ability to a trap multiple times.

Damage: increase the damage by 4 for an extra 8 crowns

Attack: increas the attack of the trap by 1 for an extra 8 crowns

Power: the trap ignores 3 points of resistance for an extra 10 crowns

Reach: the trap hits from one more space away for an extra 5 crowns

Well hidden; the difficulty to find the trap is 3 higher for an extra  10 crowns
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Alchemical Items
These items are the result if alchemical experiments. They are neither potion or poison, though many are simlar. A character with the alchemists trait can craft these items with a smithing roll, it takes three days to craft an item on this list, but you only need to spend three hours a day working on it.

Name: Loadstone
Price: 1 C
Difficulty: 25
This fist size rock can be used as an improvised weapon. When used as a weapon any target you hit also falls prone.

Name: Mryish Fire
Price: 3P
Weight: 1/2 lbs
This thick red liquid is in a glass vial, you can make an attack with it (+6 attack) from a number of squares
Away equal to 1/2 your strength. Myrish fire deals 2d6 fire damage and ignores all resistances.

Weight:1/4 lbs
This amber liquid helps heal and protect from poison. A dose of anti toxin cures all current poison damage and gives a +2 to toughness vs all poisons for 12 hours. Multiple doses in  a 12 hour period don't stack. Instead they heal 1 point of posin damage and extend the toughness boost by 3 hours.

Weight:1/3 lbs
This fist sized yellowish lump of clay will burst with light when struck. All within 10ft of the stone when it goes off are blinded for 1d3 turns, and then take a -5 to all perception. Checks for 2d4 turns.

Name: glow water
Price:1 p
Weight: 1/4
Difficulty: 15
Glow water is actually two glass vials each weighing 2oz. When mixed they glow brightly for 20 minutes. Any item covered in this glowing liquid also glows.

Name: invisible ink
Price: 2 p
Weight: as ink
This oddly colored ink will slowly fade away over the course of an hour. It's not gone, but invisible.

Name:seeing stone
Price: 8 C
Weight:1/2 lbs
Looking trough this gemstone will reveal invisible inks and objects. Using this stone during combat gives a -5 penalty to attacks, and perception rolls and a -3 to all defenses.

Name:holymans bones
Weight:1/8 oz
This power, when ingested, forces someone to speak the truth for 2d12 minutes.

Weight:1/2 lbs
This glass vial can be used as a ranges weapon(a range of 5 suares and an attack of +6). When a devil or an undead creature is struck by this they take 2d8 damage. This damage ignores all resistances and negates fastheal for 2d4 turns

Name:shell breaker
This vial contains a strong acid, when an enemy is hit by this acid(a +6 attack) all of their resistances are lowered by 8 for 1d4+1 turns

Name:black salts
Price: 8 crowns
Weight: 5 oz
When black salts are sprinkled onto an active spell circle that circl is destroyed. One dose of black salts is enough to destroy  5sq ft of circle, a circle must be entirety covered to be destroyed.

Name:white salts
Price: 1C
Weight:1/4 lbs
Dissolving 1 ounce of white salt on the tounge of an uncounsious humanoid they are allowed a Scott 15 toughness check to awaken.

Name:true form powder
Price: 2C
Weight:1 oz
This powder, when ingested, will force a shapeshifter to change its shape in 1d10+2 minutes.

 Name:winters breath
Price: 3pennies
Weight:1/2 lbs
This vial, when broken, causes 5sq ft of slippery ice. Anyone moving in or through this icy area must make a difficulty 15 agility roll or fall prone

Name: make fresh powder
Price:2 p
Weight:2 oz
This powder, when dissolved, will make spoiled food or bad water editable.

Name:silver sheen
Price: 3 pennies
Weight:1/4 lbs
This thick metallic oil is used to cover weapons. A weapon covered by a silver sheen is treated like silver for 4 hours

Name:elemental acid
Price:2 crowns
Weight:1/4 lbs
This unstable and brightly covered acid is used to cover weapons. A weapon covered in this acid will always deal elemental damage of the targets lowest elemental resistance, but the acid breaks the weapon in an hour.

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Alchemical Items continued
Name:Dragon stone
Price:5 crowns
Difficulty: 24
This 2 pound grey stone holds great power. When it takes 15 points of fire or lightning damage it explodes targeting every one within ten ft with a+6 attack vs agility. This attack deals 4D6 force and 4d6 fire damage.

Name:escape goo
Price:2 crowns
This clay flask contains enough grayish green liquid to coover 5sq ft. Anyone falling onto this good takes 20ft less fall damage, anyone jumping in a space coveted by this liquid can jump an additional 20ft. This liquid dries up and becomes useless in one hour.

Name:Spellmens Chalk, Green
Price: 8c
Difficulty: 24
Spell circles drawn with this chalk have an extra 10ft of range. Three sticks of chalk are made from one batch of spellmans chalk, one stick can cover about 30 square feet of spell circle.

Name:Spellmans chalk, red
Price: 8c
Difficulty 24
This item works like the green version, only instead of range it grants +5 to the spells damage rolls.

Name: spellmans chalk, white
Price: 8c
Difficulty 24
This item works like the green version except instead of extra range it grants +2 to critical range of the circles spell

Name:Spellmans chalk, purple
Price: 8c
Difficulty 24
This chalk, when used to draw a focus circle, give whoever stands on circle a +2 to attack. Three sticks of chalk areade from one batch of this item. Each stick covers 30square feet of spell circle.

Name:Spellmans chalk, blue
Price: 8c
This item works like the green version except that instead of extra range the circle grants +1 or -1 to a stat of the drawers choice to all who stand in it.

Name:Spellmens chalk, pink
Price: 10c
Difficulty 28
This item functions like the green version except instead of extra range pink give whoever stands in the circle magic resist 5.

Name: Spellmans Paint
Price: 8 crowns
Weight: 3lbs
Difficulty 24
This bright florescent oil based paint can be used to draw spell circles. Any circle drawn this this paint has 1 and a half times the amount of resistances and fastheal. There is enough paint in one batch of this item to cover about 60 square feet of spell circle

Name:Spellmans Cloth
Price: 15c
Weight: 10lbs
Difficulty 32
This thick sheet of fabric is designed to hold the magic of a spell circle for a period of time. One sheet can contain a single 5sq ft circle for up to a maximum of Three days. It takes 1 turn to set up the sheey , once set up the circle on it can be used as normal. It takes one hour and 5 crowns worth of  special materials to place a circle on the sheet, when the circle expires it fades from the cloth

Liquid stone
Price: 2 p
Weight: 6 oz
Difficulty: 24
This jar holds a thick Greg ooze, when exposed to air this ooze expands into a flat 5 Sq. Ft. Stone that's 1foot tall and weighs 60pounds. After an hour this sto dissolves into sand over the course of 10 minutes.

Spellmans chalk, silver
Price: 6p
Weight: see chalk
Difficulty: 24
Thus chalk when used to draw a spells circle makes it so the circle is always considered clean

Spellmans chalk, gold
Price: 9p
Weight: see chalk
Difficulty 28
When used to draw a spell circle that spell circle has fastheal 2 with no limit, but the circle lasts for 12 hours not 24.

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