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In this world there are many smaller less know entities that could be considered gods, there are also spirits of nature and of households that are considered gods. But there are only a few gods who have the stregnth and worshipers to be seen and worshipped around the worlds.
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Tue 10 Apr 2012
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He who was
He who was is a dead god, but not yet a forggoten god. Untill about 1,000 years ago he was a god of knowledge, reason, and magic. It is said that He who was was killed by his own angelic court, but none of this has ever been proven.

Domains: Magic, Knowledge, and reason

Worshipers: Most of his worshipers were those with magical power. Now he is only remebered by wizards, blindmen, and scolars.

Teachings: Magic is knowledge, and knowledge is power.

Preiests: Blindmen are the priests of he who was.
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Tue 10 Apr 2012
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Laughing King
The laughing king is the god of Drunks, fools, traders, rumors and gossip. He is worshipped around the world as the king of merryment and happiness. There is a small shrine to him in almost all taverns and inns around the world. He is known as the most charismatic of all the gods.

Domains: Drunks, fools, Traders, Rumors and gossip.

Whorshipers: All those who love booze or money. Many marriages are done in his name, most cause of the awsome parties afterwards.

Teachings: Drink Life to its fullest, and if you cant theres always wiskey.

Priests: The priests of the laughing king tend to be Rouges or drunks. More often then not, both.
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Tue 10 Apr 2012
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The Risen Hero
The risen Hero is the god of Mortal heros, adventures, Curage, and battle. He was once a mortal hero of an unkown race who managed to defeat Them, the god of fear in one on one battle. Afterwards he rose to the rank of god, and has been a modle for every other adventurer since.

Domains: Mortal heros, adventures, curage, and battle

Worshipers: Adventurers, war heros, kings. He also has a large following of the common folk.

Teachings: The sword is not the weapon, Curage is.

Priests: Priests of the risen hero are mostly Warriors, but the occational rouge or wizard can be found
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Tue 10 Apr 2012
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The Mountian King
The mountian king is the father of Dwarves, the creator of the mountian ranges, the the ultimate master of metelworking. The dwarves whorship him almost exclusily. His shrines can be found at the tops of mountians or at the bottom most part of a mine.

Domains:Mountians, Mining, Metalworking.

Worshipers: Dwarves follow his  word, but miners and smiths also give him praise.


Priests: Most of his priests are master Craftsmen and enchanters.
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Tue 10 Apr 2012
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The Blood Queen
The blood Queen is the goddess of undeath and bloodshed. All forms of undead follow her lead, those who practice the dark arts also praise her name. The blood queen is one of the most active gods, she spends most her time on the material plane.

Domain: Darkness, Vampires, Undead, Murder.

Worshippers: All who commit evil acts in the dark of the night give praise to the bloodqueen.  Undead of all types follow her.

Teachings: Life is a weakness that must be corrected.

Priests: The priests of the blood queen usually have ranks in the necromancy skill. The high preists of the Blood Queen are ususally Vampires or Liches.
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Sat 30 Mar 2013
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Re: The Blood Queen
Them is what remains of the god of fear. Nearly 1500 years ago Them traveled to the material plane and raised an army. For the next 500 years he and his army swept across all the planes destroying all who stood in their way. At the end, when all seemed lost and even the other god hid in fear of them, the risen hero appeared, built an army f his own and killed Them. Since then, them has been acollection ofa few hundred smaller gods, each one a shard of the orginial god. these seperte peaices hav been waring trying to gain enough of their orginal power to reform.

Domains: terror, pain,destrution, death.

worshipers: alll those who thrive by causing pain in others bow their head to Them. Dictators call apon both Them and  The Anglic Queen to keep their subjects in line.

teachings: becausThem is made up of many smaller beings, there is no clear teahing. but fear and death are common ideas.

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The Angelic Queen
The angelic queen rose to power shortly after the defeat of Them. She was an immortal who was married to He Who Was, shortly after his death she raised to power using what shards ofpower she could gain from his death. There are some who claim she was the reason for his death......but those people quickly go silent or end up dead. the angelic queen is a master of laws. There is a small but powerfull nation that runs on a system of laws writen by the queen, it is known to be one of the most corrupt countries on earth.

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Sister of the Land
Sister of the land is one of the three elven goddesses. She is the god of forests and seasons.

Domains: forests, seasons, growth

Worshipers: elves believe that the sister of the land was one if the gods who helped create them, and as such are the bulk of the worshipers. Farmers and others who live off the land also bow their head in prayers to this goddess.

Teachings: all life comes from the land, and all life returns to it.

Priests: the sister of the lands priests are mostly warriors and wizards.

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Sister of the Elk
The sister of the elk is one of the three elven goddesses. She is the god of animals and if the sun.

Domains: animals, the sun, life
Worshipers: elves believe that the sister if the elk is one of the three goddesses who created them, and thus make up the bulk of her followers, farmers and ranchers also hold her in high esteem.

Teachings:  all animals, no matter how big or small, are your brothers and sisters. Treat them as such.

Priests: mostly warriors and wizards
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Tue 15 Oct 2013
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Sister of the Wolf
The sister of the wolf is one of the three elven goddesses. She is the goddess of predators, the moon, and natural death.

Domains: predators, natural deaths, the moon.

Worshiper: orcs worship the sister of the wolf as a goddes of the hunt, and of all the gods this is the one they've turned to most often. All races call upon the sister of the wolf to safeguard the souls of loved ones against the horror of becoming undead.

Teachings: Do not fear death, and do not cause unneeded death.

Priests: mostly totemists and warriors. Some rouges.
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Tue 15 Oct 2013
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The Dreaming Sage
God of dreams, the dreaming sage is rarly see by anyone, even other gods. He appears only before times of great change to aid with what is to happen.

Domains: dreams, nightmares, prophesy

Worshipers: any who wish it see with their third eye.

Teachings:  none that are widely known, priests of the Dreaming Sage rarely speak of their beliefs to others.

Priests: most are wizards, with a small amount of rouges mixed in.
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Thu 17 Oct 2013
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Major spirits
There are many major spirits who are not considered gods. Though they have comparable powers and are widely known, they are not worshiped as other gods are. The greatest of these spirits are below;

The First: the first are the first four being to have existed. They are the physical embodiments of fire, water, earth, and air. These spirits created all of existance from the nothingness. The oldest of the Orc tribes have legends saying that the first also created ther race and entrusted the first tribe of orcs with the job of protecting the newborn spirits of nature from the last.

The Last:

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