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Thu 24 Oct 2013
at 21:03
UPDATE: stats and how they work.
Heeeeyyyy kids! So the have been chanced rather significantly, and a stat cap has been set in place. Please read and change all character accordingly.

The starting stats are now 5, 4, 3. The minimum stat you may have is one, while the maximum is 20.

All the stat bonuses from epic abilities, enchantments, enchantment auras, flaws, and the penalties from necromancy circles and poisons that affect stats are halved. The bonuses from race stat the same.

Whenever an attack or ability asks for a modifier, instead use the entire stat.

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Fri 10 Jan 2014
at 02:36
UPDATE: two handed weapons and how to make them fair
Two handed weapons have always been the Bane of my existance. The multiplier idea was introduced in the first draft and I never knew quite how bullshit it would be. But instead of testing it before I made it law, I decided to fly by the seat of my pants with it.....and it has haunted me since. The primary play tester has submitted builds that could deal the better part of 1000 damage on a normal hit with 2h items(think the official max is between 6 and 8 hundred per hit). I at first decided that a HP increase would fix it..... It doesn't..... And it won't until HP is so high that one handers would be useless. And so here is the long awaited 2 handed fix. Someone go and break it for me.

Any two handed multiplier gained from having a high weapon skill instead gives 10 bonus damage.
Any two handed multiplier gained from anything else gives 5 bonus damage.
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Thu 22 May 2014
at 00:52
UPDATE: Flaws, and how to make the early ones usable.
Heeeyyy kids. its that time again.

So,you know those sucky traits.....the ones no one likes? I fix them. I fix them real good. I made these traits back when i didnt know how goos 3 skill points were going to be. I had two choices, make them +5s or make them something different and new. i went with different and new. Also any build youve made have two weeks to be updated.

Heartless, Artificer, Born of ice, born of flames, Born of storms, Force of personality, Woodsmen, Cutthroat, Sharpshooter, Bludgeonieer, Shield Maiden, Ranger, Knight, Samurai, Alchemist now have special effects.

Added the trait(s): Witch

Added the Flaw(s): Favors owed

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Fri 4 Jul 2014
at 20:28
Item weighs and currency.
HHHHEEEYYY KIDS!!(god nobody even gets that why do I keep doing it....) it's time for a polishing of the item prices.

The pricing for simple things like food and clothing and such has always been goofy. As such I've broken the current curre cy into three different types crowns, pennies, and bits(first person to make a MY Little Pony joke shall die by my hand I swear to god.) I have also added about 30 new mundane items which currently have been priced and weighted.

Most items you know have been lowered in price, the only exceptions being enchantments and accessories. The update will come into effect upon being uploaded, starting items for campaign that have yet to happen will be affected by the change.
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Wed 19 Nov 2014
at 03:14
You could be a powerful magic user.
(yup, i cant stop.......help me)

So, Im adding new spells...Something ive been threating to do for the better part of a year. So far they are

Sonic boom(all levels)
Alchimists Fire(all levels)
Caustic Acid(all levels)
Armor of Ice(all levels)
Baelful Teleport(All levels)
Open Gate(level 3)

I will upload more spells as they come to me. I'll inform of new spells in the OOC, but will upload the list here.


I luvz the feedbacks!
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Mon 26 Jan 2015
at 18:05
Obvious Fixes
Obsure clown quote!!!!!

So I've retooled and polished the skills for sword, enchantment, and necromancy. THESE ARE BETAS! THEY MAY CHANGE!

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Mon 23 Feb 2015
at 03:25
Re: Obvious Fixes
(Does anyone even read this thread??)

So.... 16 new warrior stances. I've also increase the number of stances that warriors learn.

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Wed 21 Oct 2015
at 19:39
Re: Obvious Fixes

NEW SKILLS Y'ALL. Heal and Survival have been created, uses for them have been created, rules for them uploaded, and two new traits( healer and surviver) have been made. When I'm done with the ride skill that will have the same  treatment.
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Tue 27 Oct 2015
at 16:23
Re: Obvious Fixes

The ride skill is up as is the rules for it, the difficulty's of various rolls, two traits, and a whole headache of new issues.
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Thu 5 Nov 2015
at 15:45
Re: Obvious Fixes

So....preform skill is live, as is a new trait(skilled performer).
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Sun 17 Jul 2016
at 00:06
Re: Obvious Fixes

Change face. Shadow. Illusion Image Circle.

These three spells have been greatly changed. Anything refering to illusions refer to all three of these spells.
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Tue 18 Apr 2017
at 02:42
Re: Obvious Fixes
Clowns screams and scares cat. Pie is thrown through T.V. scream. Audience applauds. No one see cats tears. All is not seen.


Two new traits: great strength and proactive.

New flaw: uneasy.


The rules for reaction abilities are up and medium live. I will most likely kill these Fuckers before they get a chance to grow....give me feedback

Classes edited for reaction points.
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Sun 28 Jan 2018
at 19:50
Clowns are the leading cause of nightmares and disappointing sex within the United States. Also, hey kids.

Well, here we go... the traits master Smith, scholar, sneaky, Night person, holyman, and Horseman are deleted. The skills Keen mind, Grace, Fortitude, Insightful, Priest, Underhanded, Practices, Studied, and finally Defender have been edited. In addition the traits and flaws section has been slightly edited due to bleedinGoldman,

There has been a moderate change go the ranged of both the bow skill and the ranged of all spells save for aura spells. Both of these things cn be found in the skill section.

Finally, there are a goodly number of new traits:
Cut purse
Master Smith
Horse master