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Myths and Legends
This is kinda what it says on the tin. These will be the various tales of old told by the people's of euphoria, not all of them are true of course. The lore difficulty to know a tale is 12, with a +5 bonus if your race or god is involved.
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The Laughing god and Humans
One day long ago, He Who Was decoded he would quite like some followers of his own. The Triplets has the Elvin people and the mountain king has the dwarves, why shouldn’t  he, the god of magic and knowledge, have a race created in his image. So He set to work and for the better amount of a month he carved from clay and mist the first humans. But these were not humans as we are now, He Who Was has watched as the dwarves and elves fought amongst themselves for the most petty of reasons. He decided that his creations would not bet like that, HIS creations would follow orders.
HIS creations would not be ruled by emotions, only logic
HIS creations would be perfect.

And for many years the human race was like that, dedicated and cold. Until one day a stranger traveler came to the town of humans to see what was there. Looking around he saw that these people were little more than homunculus, they worked until they were done, then they would move on to their next project or simply wait until the next day to begin anew. This stranger took pity on these poor souls and decided to do what he could to help them. This stranger traveled to the homes of all the various god and pleaded for someone to aid these poor creatures. Every time he was sent away being told that the humans were the domain of He Who Was. The stranger decided to do the only thing left to do, he went to the gods who ruled over curiosity and creativity late one night. Sneaking his way into their great castles he stole from them the essence of  freedom. After returning to the mortal planes The Stranger gave what he stole to every living human, the humans were confused by these newfound thoughts and emotions…. But in time embraced them fully. When He Who Was finally looked down and saw his people celebrating with the stranger, he  was enraged and attacked the stranger, who only just managed to escape with his life. It was to late for He Who Was to reclaim his severnts, he wrote humanity off as a failure and  returned  to his home in the outer planes and  made an army of golems for sevents instead.

Humans never forgot the stranger and what he did for them, even today you’ll find  shrines to him in every tavern and bar.
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Pyrrha the Wildfire
This is the story of a Muse named Pyrrha, and how she came to be known as the Wild Fire. It was not too long ago, though perhaps years in the past, that Pyrrha was a Muse of unexceptional stature. A practitioner of magic arts, she had only recently begun to master the ways of her craft when on a routine summoning she was enslaved by the sorcerer who had called upon her.

For many months, she was forced to commit atrocities by the vile magician, until at last a man named Alwin the Loose came to slay her captor and liberate her and the others whom he had ensnared. Pyrrha was grateful to the man who had saved her from such a miserable fate, and for a time -- a rather long time -- she accompanied him on his journeys.

Alwin was a Human who revered the Laughing God, but was not one of his direct followers. He told Pyrrha of how it was the Laughing God who gave Humans creativity and the ability to break free of what he called "the Great Tyranny of He Who Was." He was inspired so much by the tale as a boy that he thought he would grow up to become one who fights for the freedom of the oppressed. He had devoted many years of his life to fighting evil sorcerers and necromancers who would twist the minds of others to their will. He swore he would fight to his grave.

Pyrrha was touched, and through her travels she came to believe in Alwin's cause and to love the man dearly. They traveled for many months, and it was not uncommon for them to share intimate companionship with one another. Alwin too, had come to love Pyrrha. It was because of this that he eventually took her aside and told her that they could not travel together any longer. Alwin told Pyrrha that she was not with him out of her own will but from the compulsions of blood debt and overpowering emotion. He wanted her companionship, to hear her voice and to feel her touch, but to him it was far more important that she be able to take up her own cause, the follow her own winds and to live her own life.

No matter how Pyrrha argued with Alwin, he could not be convinced. She had chosen to stay with him, she said, it was and always has been her choice. But it all fell upon deaf ears, for to Alwin her choice was impure, for their relationship was not founded on equal terms. She had little else to go, and so he told her that she must find somewhere else to go. Perhaps, he said, one day they would meet again and they could pick up where they left off, but first she must find a life apart from him so that they may make the choice on equal terms.

Pyrrha went to the river to bathe after Alwin had left her. She mourned the loss of the man who had saved her life and given it meaning. She lie in the river for two nights and a day, and upon the second day she heard a voice. It said, "Human men are frustrating creatures, aren't they?"

Pyrrha was startled and looked to her side to see a beautiful woman by her side, also enjoying the cleansing waters of the river. She had not remembered being with her and yet it felt as though she had perhaps been there all along. "Who are you?" Asked Pyrrha.

The woman smiled and reached out to touch Pyrrha in a tender, loving, familiar way. "I am the Angelic Queen, Pyrrha. I felt your tears in the river as waves crashing violently on the shores of my mind. I heard your cries as the winds' laments through the valley of my soul. I felt your pain as my own."

Pyrrha was at once shocked, amazed and relieved and she came to unwittingly embrace the Goddess, who did not stir. "Why?" Pyrrha asked, "Why would he leave me?"

The Angelic Queen enveloped Pyrrha into her arms, held her close to her body and replied, "All living beings are by their nature self centered. Mortals and Gods, the living, the walking dead, and thinking constructs, man and monster, plant and animal. Even if the motivation is simple survival, it is in our nature to put ourselves ahead of others, even if only slightly.

"But sometimes, Pyrrha... sometimes we will meet a person who through charisma, natural leadership, primal instincts or just the righteousness of their quest will cause us to forget ourselves. Self interest gives way to what we believe to be something greater and we prioritize another's goals, ambitions or life ahead of our own. It is the most prevalent and powerful form of insanity. Love.

"Alwin loved you as truly as you loved him. You put your life on the line for his quest and he his life to protect you. But to him Freedom is the most important thing a person can have. Though he loved you and wanted to keep you for himself, he knew that he had lived for years without you and knew what you had added. For him, you added value to his life. But you did not live the life of a free woman, he had earned your freedom for you and since that moment his quest has been yours.

"You would say that you chose that fate, but he would say that he merely filled a void and everything fell together as a matter of consequence. He left because he wanted you to build your own life, find your own quest, learn what it is to live a satisfying life without him so that one day, when perhaps you may meet again, you can decide for yourself if he added meaning to your life all along, or if he was simply the meaning that existed through a series of events."

At last, when the Angelic Queen was done speaking, she noticed that Pyrrha had once again begun weeping. The Goddess moved a hand and lifted the Muse's head so that their eyes met. Pyrrha felt mesmerized by the intimate stare and the contact of their bodies. Without thinking, the sorrow seemed for a moment to vanish, but a question worked its way from the back of her mind up to the front. "Why have you come to me? I am one woman alone in this river out of millions. I am not even your follower."

The Angelic Queen only smirked and replied, "But you aren't alone. I am here with you, and at the moment there is nothing else more important to me than you."

"You mean to flatter me," Pyrrha answered, averting her eyes from the face of the Goddess.

The Angelic Queen released Pyrrha's face, but did not release her body as she spoke again, "There is great potential within you, Pyrrha. It would be a travesty to allow you to squander it due to grief. Though you feel loss you are presented with an opportunity to gain more than you could ever imagine. All you must do is pick yourself up, plot your course, and carve your own path."

Pyrrha shook her head. Her body was weary from a lack of sleep, her heart heavy from the loss of her love, she was thoroughly resigned. "I have nothing," she said, "And no idea of how to gain anything. I have not the tools to shape my own destiny."

The Angelic Queen gently stroked Pyrrha's cheek, "Let me give you a suggestion then," She responded, "You can prove Alwin wrong by proving him right. Carve your own path of your own volition -- make your quest his, but your direction your own."

Pyrrha was too exhausted to make sense of the advice. The Angelic Queen could see the bewilderment on the Muse's face and smiled. "Alwin was a strong man who worked alone to stop those who would force their will upon others. You are not yet strong enough, or so you would believe, to do the same. But there is a group of others who you could join. You could join the Courageous Order, join the ranks of their knights and lead others on Alwin's crusade."

Pyrrha was still confused, though at this point for a different reason. "You want me to follow the ways of a God aside from yourself when it was you who came to comfort me?"

The Angelic Queen kissed Pyrrha on the cheek and answered, "Have I taught you nothing?"

It was at this point that Pyrrha's body gave way to the slumber that it had craved. As she drifted off, she could feel the warmth of The Angelic Queen's body against her own. As she slept, she dreamt, and would occasionally awaken to find The Angelic Queen was still there, watching her. When at last she awoke the next morning, awoke to her new mission, her new purpose, she found that The Angelic Queen had vanished as if she had never been there in the first place. One the riverside there was a book. Pyrrha curiously opened the book, and on the first page found the words, "Though we part, I will always watch you."

Pyrrha journeyed for days before reaching a grand cathedral devoted to The Risen Hero. She found the yard devoid of life, but upon entering the altar room found that many had gathered there. A lone man in magnificent armor walked down the aisle toward her amidst the complete silence of those in attendance. Pyrrha was perplexed, and answered what she felt was the implicit question. "I am Pyrrha. I am here to join you."

The Man smiled and replied, "I already know who you are and why you are here. You have been one of my disciples from the moment you awoke in the river."

Pyrrha was at once shocked, amazed and relieved. "You are Him? The Risen Hero?"

The Risen Hero chuckled and answered her, "Two miracles have worked to bring you to my house -- your rescue, and then a visit from our mutual friend -- with this third miracle, I welcome you to the Order of the Courageous. You shall be known as The Wild Fire, for at long last you have found your own courage, your own strength, and your own life. It is a gift that has been given to you by the Gods themselves. I look forward to watching your Legend unfold."

There was much rejoicing in the halls for the coming of The Risen Hero and the arrival of this most blessed sister. Pyrrha was welcomed into her new home and was given everything she needed to continue her grand quest. Though Pyrrha still anxiously awaits the day she may encounter her love again, she has found the peace of mind to forge her own future without mourning for her past.

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Sunukkuhkau, He Crushes
Sunukkuhkau was once a mighty warrior who lived in the Orcish homelands of Stormhelm. His tribes lived in peace with the Spirits, Goblins and Kobolds who also called these lands their home. Sunukkuhkau was the mightiest of his tribe's warriors, and when disputes amongst tribes arose, it was his duty to see that hostilities ended in his tribe's favor.

One day, pale men came from lands unknown, bringing with them artifacts of quality his people had seen only in the hands of Goblins. The Pale Men struck while Sunukkuhkau was on a hunting party, destroying the home of his brothers and sisters and leaving the bodies out to rot in the sun. Sunukkuhkau was furious, and swore vengenace on the ones who had done this. He led his men to the tribe of the Spider, known for their treachery, and called for Vipponah, their Chieftain. "Vipponah, who captures men in snares and kills them without honor! Face the vengeance of my tribe!"

Vipponah came to Sunukkuhkau and declared to him, "Ruthlessness is the way of war, My Friend, but our people do not quarrel in these times. If it is vengeance you seek, you must seek it elsewhere."

Appeased for the moment, Sunukkuhkau turned away and led his men to the tribe of the Bear, known for their might. He called for Uzumati, their Chieftain. "Uzumati, who devours his kin! Face the wrath of children left to rot, their spirits unsettled!"

Uzumati emerged from his dwelling and said to Sunukkuhkau, "In times of famine, my people eat what we must. But Winter was mild, Spring was bountiful, and the Spirits bless this Summer. Every drop of blood shed this year is a waste. The ones who slew your kin hold no regard for such things."

Calmed for a time, Sunukkuhkau next led his men to the tribe of the Vulture, known for their cunning. He called for Woya, their Chieftain. "Woya, who watches but does not act! Tell me if you can of the enemies of my people!"

Woya came to Sunukkuhkau and she told him, "I have seen the ones who wronged you, Brother Sunukkuhkau. Men from beyond the mountains came with weapons of Dwarvenkind and slew your tribe and others. They bear evil in their hearts and greed in their minds. They will take all that we have worked for. There is nothing we can do to stop them. I am taking my people and leaving this place for the plains in the south. You are welcome to join us."

Sunukkuhkau refused Woya's offer, but his men joined with her. "Woya is the Eyes of The Spirits. What she says cannot be, cannot be. We have buried our families, but we will not waste the lives we have been spared in vain struggles."

Sunukkuhkau bade his brothers fairwell and left to face the Pale Men to the north. He knew as well as his men did that Woya's visions were absolute, but he felt upon his honor the need to do what little he could. He prepared for himself a site to camp, but could not sleep. He peered into his fire and he besought the Spirits for the power to conquer his enemies. He sat like this for many hours, and eventually the sun had risen, but his fire had not expired. Curious and desperate, he continued to meditate by the side of the fire until the sun retreated and darkness enveloped him again. The flames did not falter, and so he continued to watch the fire in wonder.

Seven suns rose upon Sunukkuhkau and his pyre, and seven suns set. Sunukkuhkau did not sleep, nor did he eat. His body grew weak and death drew upon him. As he felt his life fade, a Spirit came to him. It was a young girl of pale complexion. At first, Sunukkuhkau mistook her for his enemy, but he was too weak even to fight the child had he the desire to do so. She spoke to him, "Sunukkuhkau, I can give you the power you seek. The power to destroy your enemies. Are you prepared to pay the price?"

Sunukkuhkau could barely speak, but he assured the girl, "Great Spirit, there is no price too great to deliver the righteous fury of my people."

The girl grinned at him and he fell into a sleep that he had at first mistaken for death. When he awoke, it was to a pain greater than what he had ever felt. His right arm had been wounded, but he could not help but feel stronger. In the madness that his pain had brought him, he could hear childish whispers. They told him that he had been given immortality, and that in time the only thing with the power to slay him would be the wound he had been given in exchange for it. The voices told him that the wound hungered for the blood of men, that the pain would fade when the wound had been soaked in it.

Sunukkuhkau laughed. "So long as this body draws breath, this foul mark shall bathe in the blood of the Pale Man."

It is said amongst some in Stormhelm that when someone dies under mysterious causes that it is the doing of Sunukkuhkau.