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Sat 19 Jul 2014
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News and Junk
Basicly see above. I will be using this thread as a way to keep you guys updated on all te new just I'm doing for the system. Unlike other threads like this I'm going to leave this open for you guys to post feedback and advice for me. And before you ask yes if there were more than two people and a lurker in this game this thread would instead be a twitter day Patrick, one day
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Sat 19 Jul 2014
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Re: News and Junk
I'm doing some minor upgrades to the item threads. Mostly it's a handful of new items and a list of water based vehicles, I'm also making alchemical items that don't fit into potions or poisons.


Feedback on traps?
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Sat 19 Jul 2014
at 19:21
Re: News and Junk
Well, for an idea about alchemical items, I have a couple. First thought is to have processing materials fall under that category. So you use alchemy to make mythril and adamantine. Fireworks would also be something. Dyes and paints as well. Most of those are just money making options though... Although an alchemical paint made to blend in with the things around it to hide stuff could be both fun and useful. Like wise perhaps an alchemical torch or lantern? Or just have alchemy be how you make the magic torches? I had an idea for a couple possible alchemy 'accessories', like a magical focus that adds to the range, damage, and/or set up time for a spell, that when sacrificed to make a charged staff increases the number of times it can be used. The idea that just popped into my head for that would be like, minor +5ft range or +2 damage, moderate would be +10ft or +4 damage or +5ft AND +2 damage, and greater would be +15ft or +6 damage, or Spellcircle drawing is a move action instead of a standard, or some combination of range and damage. Minor would add +1 use to a charged staff, moderate +2, major +3. Another one would be something along the lines of you count the accessory as a totem for calculating totem affects. Maybe only have that one come in major. Alchemical limited use coverings that defend against things like magic's secondary affects. Things like applied silver, although that might be a little to close to poisons.... If these kind of things are actually what you were looking for for suggestions, I can probably come up with more.

As for traps, they look good, but seeing as their use is a little limited, their base abilities kinda low (for like lvl 5 and up), I think you might want to make the upgrades cheaper. Much cheaper seeing as I doubt the price will come up for anyone other than players. Likewise, seeing as you have a magic sensor trap, could you make an upgrade for it so it would attack preset people?
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Sat 19 Jul 2014
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Re: News and Junk
Yeah the traps I've uploaded are the bare basics, the upgrades will stay the same because certain traps are broken with them. The alfemical items you brought up may work.
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Sat 19 Jul 2014
at 21:05
Re: News and Junk
Would a spiked pit trap be an upgrade of a pit trap somehow, or it's own trap? And I assume the whole wall crushing and ceiling dropping traps will be in there... Are you going to add magic traps? Like one that activates something like a burning earth spell upon being triggered?

Oh, for the water based vehicles, are you just doing smaller vessels that one or two people can run, or are you going to include larger ones as well? And on that note, are you going to put up a list of services as well?
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Fri 3 Jul 2015
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Elves, just like all of them.
So. Elves are the most shoehorned of shoehorny races. I would like to cnage that. So I'm posting below the two ideas I have...the original or the edit. Voteing is open as of now.

+2 dexterity
Landspeed of 40.
An elf gains an additional 10ft landspeed while in a forest
An elf gains +4 bonus skill point to their bow skill
Bows have a +20ft range, a +1 to its critical range, and add dex modifer to damage twice.
Fast heal 3
Low light vision.

+2 Dex
Landspeed 40
Climb speed 10
Elves ignore all natural difficult terrain.
Elves gain an extra attack with the weapons of their choice. This attack takes a -6 penalty when it is with their main hand weapon and -8 with offhand weapons.
+2 on agility checks
Fastheal 3
Low light vision

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