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Sat 23 Jan 2016
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Class: Blindman
Hitdice: 2d4
Skill points: 6+into x2at first

1 aura, healing hands, blind, blind sense 10ft
3 expanding senses
5 blindsense 20ft
6 expanding senses
7 font of healing
9 expanding senses
10 aura
12 expanding senses
14 font of healing
15 blindsense 30ft, expanding senses
18 expanding senses
20 aura
21 expanding senses, font of healing
24 expanding senses
25 blindsense 40ft, aura of magic
27 expanding senses
28 font of healing
30 aura, well of power

Aura: the blindman gains an aura at level 1, 10, 20,  and 30 . The range of these auras are 1 square per level of  blindman. You may only have one aura active at a time it takejs a minor action to switch between auras. The auras are as follows, The bonuses give are based on 1/2 the blindmans wisdom.

Aura of life: gain a bonus to toughness rolls equal to 1/2 blindmans WIS
Aura of speed: Gain a bonus to agility rolls equal to 1/2 WIS
Aura of concentration: Gain a bonus to Willpower rolls equal ro 1/2 WIS
Aura of health: Targets heal hp equal to your 1/2 WIS
Aura of luck: Enemies in aura takes a penalty to Crit rage equal to 1/2 WIS. Min 19-20
Aura of Attack: Gain a bonus to attack rolls equal to 1/2 WIS
Aura of defense: Gain a bonus to defense rolls equal to 1/2 WIS
Aura of Flame: Gain resist 5 per 1/2 WIS
Aura of ice: Lower ice's stun chance by 1/ 4 wisdom
Aura of force: Targets are pushed 5 per1/2 WIS less ft from force effects
Aura of lightning:The radius damage of lightning spells take a -1 per 1/2 WIS
Aura of acid: Target hit by acid spell keeps 2 DR/resistance per 1/2 WIS

Healing hands: a number of times a day equal to their charisma a blind man may heal someone who they can touch. As a minor act someone who the blind man touches heals HP equal to the blindmans wisdom and charisma.

Blind: the blind man has had his eyes removed. He is blind. See blindsense

Blindsense: through hearibg, smell, and slow lib awakening arcane sight the blind man can roughly see the world. This sight extends 10ft at level one, but increases by 10 ft at 5, 15, and 25

Expanding senses:  select one of the following, it is added to your blindsense as a bonus effect. These efdect s stack if take multiple time.

 - +2 to perception rolls made against things in aura
 - +2 to insight rills made against things in aura
 - +1 armor when rolling against targets you can see.
 - +1 agility when rolling against targets you can see
 - +1 toughness when rolling against someone you can see
 - +1 willpower when rolling against someone you can see.
 - when living creatures are within range of your blindsense you know what kind of creature it is. You have a +5 to the roll to get lore  said creatures
- when non-living creatures are within range of your blindsense you know what kind of undead or golem it is. You have a +5 to the roll to get lore on said crea
 - your blindsense can sense things through up to 5ft of solid matter.
 - you can identify poisoned or diseased items or people with your blindsense. You do not know what kind of poison or disease this is.
 At level 10 you may also choose from the following also.
 - increase the range of your blindsense by 10ft.
 - you can identify the magic school of spell circles within range of your blindsense at a glance.
 - you can sense the presence of incorpral beings
 - you can sense the current health of those within range of your blindsense. You know the current HP( within nearest 10 percentile) and the current stage of disease( if any, and not which disease)
 - you can sense the presence of enchantments. You know how many enchantments an item has and how strong they are by looking at it. You don't know what kind if enchantments it has but you have a +5 to the roll to identify them.
 At level 20 you may choose from the following
 - You can sense lies
 - you can identify spell and focus circles by looking at them.
 - you can feel the highest resistance of all within your blindsense
 - all those who roll stealth against you only use half of their total bonus.

Font of healing: you gain two additional uses of healing hands, also every use of healing hands heals an additional 5 HP.

Aura of magic: enemies in your auras 2D8 damage of the element of your choice when they end their turn in your aura. This damage ignores general magic resistance

Well of power: allies in an aura of you also have +4 strength, constitution, And dexterity. +2 to attack and all attacks deal 5 extra damage, and all attacks have 2 additional critical range.