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Skills, old and sad. Don't look
Weapon Skills

Weapon skills increase the damage and effects of different weaopns. All weapon skills use the same rank progression as magic skills, seen below, except for swords, see fig. 1.2.

points | Ranks
  1    |   1
  5    |   2
 10    |   3
 15    |   4
 20    |   5
 25    |   6
 30    |   7
 35    |   8
 40    |   9
 45    |  10
 50    |  11

Fig. 1.2
points | Ranks
  1    |   1
  4    |   2
  8    |   3
 12    |   4
 16    |   5
 20    |   6
 24    |   7
 28    |   8
 32    |   9
 36    |  10
 40    |  11

All attack rolls use the ranks, not the skill points, for attack rolls.

Every weapon other than dagger use the below chart to calculate weapon damage. When using a two handed weapon, multiply your STR bonus by 2 before adding it to damage. When you hit rank 6 with a weapon skill, multiply it by 3, and when you hit rank 11, multiply it by 4.

Normal weapon Damage progression.
Rank 1: 1D4
Rank 2: 1D6
Rank 3: 1D8
Rank 4: 1D8
Rank 5: 1D10
Rank 6: 1D10
Rank 7: 1D12
Rank 8: 1D12
Rank 9: 2D6
Rank 10: 2D6
Rank 11: 2D8

Different weapon typs also gain bonuses based on ranks.

Swords: You add STr modifier to damage
Rank 4: reroll one attack roll a day
Rank 9: second attack
Rank 11: reroll all damage dice 1/day

Bows: Add dex modifer to damage, the  range of the bow is 45ft +5ft for every rank after first
Rank 2: +1 to attack rolls
Rank 5: 19-20x2 critical
Rank 7: +1 to bows critical range
Rank 9:second Attack
Rank 11: Third attack

Ax: add STR modifier to damage
Rank 2: Second Attack
Rank 5: +2 attack
Rank 7:third attack
Rank 9: x3 critical
Rank 11:Fourth attack

Blunt: Add STR modifier to damage
Rank 2: Bypass 2 points og damage reduction
Rank 5: +2 base damage
Rank 7: Bypass 4 points of damage reduction
Rank 9:+4 Base damage, second attack
Rank 11: Bypas 8 points of damage reduction

Spear: Add STR modifier to damage
Rank 2: Add 1 square of reach
Rank 5: +2 ATK rolls
Rank 7: Add 1 square of reach
Rank 9: +4 to attack rolls
Rank 11: Add 1 square of reach, 2nd attack

Daggers use a different damage setup. When using a dagger Add either your stregth or DEX modifer for damage.
Rank 1: 1D4
Rank 2: 1D4, 19-20x2
Rank 3: 1D4
Rank 4: 2D4
Rank 5: 2D4, 18-20 x2
rank 6: 2d4
Rank 7: 2D4, Second attack, 18-20 x3
Rank 8: 2D4
Rank 9: 2D4, 17-20 x3
Rank 10: 2D4
Rank 11: 2D4, 17-20 x4

Magic skills

There are currently 7 magic skills. all but Necromany and enchantment follow thebelow list.  Resistances and bonus damage are of the same type of the skill, the enchantment and necromancy do not give resistances or bonus damage.

Rank 1: Spells do 1D4 damage per level
Rank 2: 1D6 per level
Rank 3: 1D6 per level, resist 5
Rank 4: 1D6/LVL, resist 5, Melee weapons deals a bonus 1D6 damage
Rank 5: 1D8/LVL, Resist 5
Rank 6: 1D8/LVL, resist 10
Rank 7: 1D8/LVL, Resist 10, Melee weapons +2D6, Gain 1 extra 1st level spell
Rank 8: 1D10/LVL, Resist 10
Rank 9: 1D10/lvl, Resist 15
Rank 10: 1D10/lvl, Resist 15, +1 2nd level spell, Melee weapons +3D6
Rank ll: 1D12/lvl, resist 20, +1 3rd level spell, Melee weapons +4d6

The base skills for enchantment and necromancy are different than that of the other 5 magic schools. They gain the same bonuses at rank 2,5,8,11, and have the same damage output of the base magics ranks.
The progression for the enchantment skill is as follows
3weapons you craft or enchant gain a +2 attack
5 armors you craft or enchant gain a +2 to the def of your choice.
7bonus first level spell
9 it takes 5minutes less for you to place an Enchantmet.
10bonus second level spell
11bonus third level spell. Identifying an enchantment or epic ability is a standard action for you.

The following is the progression for the necromancy skill
Rank 1:
3: you gain +2 on all willpower rolls
5:all criticals have an extra x1 multiplier
7: bonus level 1 spell
9:+4 on all willpower rolls
10bonus level 2 spell
11:bonus level 3 spell, when you make your will save vs a enthrall ment or possession attack make a necromancy attack roll vs attackers will. If you win they are enthralled/possessed by you.

You may onlu have one type of bonus bonus weapon damage active at once. It is a minor action to switch between bonus weapon damages gained through the magic skills.

Each spell has it's own  range, as you increase in your skill in that School of magic the range also increases. The range of the spells are as follows

Close range
1:  20ft
2:  20ft
3:  20ft
4:  30ft
5:  30ft
6:  30ft
7:  30ft
8:  40ft
9:  40ft
10: 40ft
11: 50ft

Medium range
1:  30ft
2:  30ft
3:  30ft
4:  40ft
5:  40ft
6:  40ft
7:  40ft
8:  50ft
9:  50ft
10: 50ft
11: 60ft

Large range
1:  40ft
2:  40ft
3:  40ft
4:  50ft
5:  50ft
6:  50ft
7:  50ft
8:  60ft
9:  60ft
10: 60ft
11: 70ft

Huge range
1:  50ft
2:  50ft
3:  50ft
4:  60ft
5:  60ft
6:  60ft
7:  60ft
8:  70ft
9:  70ft
10: 70ft
11: 80ft

Each magic group also gains other special abilities, see below. the special abilities only affect spells of the same type.

Rank 2 : Target of the spell takes an extra 1D8 fire damage at the start of its next turn.
Rank 5: +2d8
Rank 8: +3D8
Rank 11: +4D8

Rank 2: Roll a D10, on a 1 the target of your ice spell is stunned for 1 turn
Rank 5: on a 1 or 2
Rank 8: On a 1, 2, or 3
Rank 11: On a 1, 2, 3, or 4

Rank 2: Deal 1D6 lightning damage to all enemys adjacent to target of spell
Rank 5: 2D6
Rank 8: Deal 3D6 lightning damage to all adjacent to both you and the target of the spell.
Rank 11: 4D6

Rank 2: Target loses 5 DR and Resistance for 1 turn
Rank 5: 10
Rank 8: 15
Rank 11: 20

Rank 2: Push or pull target 5 ft
Rank 5: 10 ft
Rank 8: 15 ft
Rank 11: 20 ft

Rank 2: you can control 1 extra zombie or thrall, necro spells have +1 ATK
Rank 5: 2 Zombies/thralls, +2 ATK
Rank 8: 4 Zombies/thralls, +3 ATK
Rank 11: 8 Zombies/thralls, +4 ATK

Rank 2: Add 1 extra minor enchantment per item
Rank 5: Add 2
Rank 8: Add 3
Rank 11: Add 4

Defensive Rolls

Defensive rolls are made in response to any attack or secondary effect from an attack. You add the ranks of said skill to the defensive roll.

armors: All bonuses from armor stack with any other bonuses

Shields: If you are wearing no other armor, shields are used as normal(ranks + 1D20 vs attack roll). However if you are wearing light or heavey armor in addition to having a shield equiped, add half the ranks of your shield skill to your armor roll.

Rank 1:
Rank 2:
Rank 3:
Rank 4:
Rank 5:
Rank 6: Add 1 to your total armor roll
Rank 7:
Rank 8:
Rank 9:
Rank 10:
Rank 11: Add 2

Light armor: Light armors allow you to evade attacks easier than normal

Rank 1: 1/day reroll a failed light armor roll
Rank 2:
Rank 3:
Rank 4: 2/day reroll a failed light armor roll
Rank 5:
Rank 6: 3/day reroll a failed light armor roll
Rank 7:
Rank 8: 4/day reroll a failed light armor roll
Rank 9:
Rank 10:
Rank 11: 5/day reroll a failed light armor roll

Heavey armor: Heavy armors let you ignor damage

rank 1:Damage reduction 2/- while wearing H armor
Rank 2:
Rank 3:
Rank 4: Damage reduction 4/- while wearing H armor
Rank 5:
Rank 6:
Rank 7:
Rank 8:DR 6/- while wearing H. Armor
Rank 9:
Rank 10:
Rank 11:DR 8/- while wearing H.armor

Saves: The bonuses with saves stacks with all other bonuses

Toughness: The toughness skill allows you to shrug off heavy blows, poisons, and the effects of cold and acid schools of magic.

rank 1:
Rank 2:DR 4/-
Rank 3:
Rank 4:
Rank 5:
Rank 6:DR 6/-
Rank 7:
Rank 8:
Rank 9:
Rank 10:DR 8/-
Rank 11: 1/day a critical hit becomes a normal hit

Agility: The agility skill allows you to better evade attacks, dodge traps, and dodge the effects of the fire and lightning schools of magic.

Rank 1:
Rank 2:+1 to Armor rolls
Rank 3:
Rank 4: 1/day reroll a failed armor or agility roll
Rank 5:
Rank 6:
Rank 7:
Rank 8: 2/day
Rank 9:
Rank 10: +2 to all armor rolls
Rank 11: 3/day

Willpower: The willpower skill allows you to resist the effects of illusions, necromancy, and enchantment spells

Rank 1:
Rank 2:Resist 5 magic
Rank 3:
Rank 4:
Rank 5:
Rank 6:Resist 8 magic
Rank 7:
Rank 8:
Rank 9:
Rank 10:Resist 10 magic
Rank 11:When you win a willpower roll, you are immune to the attack for a number of rounds equal to your wisdom modifier

General Skills

roll a stealth check(DC 10) to become hidden. While hidden you have a movement speed of 10ft. Whenever an enemy would possibly see or hear you make a stealth check vs their perception check.

Rank 1:
Ranl 2: Sneak attack +1D6, +1 bonus to remain hidden
Rank 3: landspeed while hidden is 15ft
Rank 4Bonus to remain hiddden increases to 2
Rank 5: Sneakattack +2d6
rank 6: Landspeed while hidden increases to 20ft
Rank 7: Bonus to remain hidden increases t0 3
Rank 8: Sneak attack +3D6
Rank 9: Landspeed while hidden increases to 25 ft
Rank 10: Bonus to remain hidden increases to 4
Rank 11: Sneak attack +4D6

Rank 1:
Rank 2: +1 to attack and defense rolls
Rank 3: +1 to toughness agility, and will rolls
Rank 4:1/day, reroll a single roll of yours
Rank 5: 1/day, fore an enemy to reroll a sigle die
Rank 6: +1 to critical range, this stacks with all other critical bonuses
Rank 7: +1 to critical multiplyer, this stacks with all other critical bonuses.
Rank 8: +1/day to both reroll effects
Rank 9:+1 to critical range
Rank 10:+1/day to both reroll effects
Rank 11: +1 bonus to Attack, defense,toughness, agility, nd will rolls. +1 to critical range, and +1 to critical multiplier.


Make a speech check whenever you need to do something that involves diplomacy....or lies or intimidation.

Rank 1:
Rank 2:
Rank 3:
Rank 4: 1/day reroll a failed speech check
Rank 5:
Rank 6:
Rank 7:
Rank 8: 2/day
Rank 9:
Rank 10:
Rank 11:  3/day

Insight and perception

Roll an insight check whenever someone would try to make a speech check, or as part of catching someone in a lie.
Perceptions checks are made to see though illusions or see someone sneaking.

Rank 1:
Rank 2:
Rank 3:
Rank 4: 1/day reroll a failed attepmt
Rank 5:
Rank 6:
Rank 7:
Rank 8:2/day
Rank 9:
Rank 10:
Rank 11: 3/day

The lore skill is used to learn about random world information. Anything from identifing a spell circle to learning information about a monster falls under the use of this skill

Rank 1:
Rank 2:
Rank 3:
Rank 4:Reroll one failed knowledge check per day
Rank 5:
Rank 6:
Rank 7:
Rank 8:2/day
Rank 9:
Rank 10:
Rank 11:3/day

Jump: The jump skill gives you the ability to jum farther than a normal person. It also makes you more evasive than normal. Without the jump skill a person has a jump ability of 5 ft.
Rank 1: Jump 10ft
Rank 2:
Rank 3:+ 2 on all agility rolls
Rank 4:
Rank 5: Jump 15ft
rank 6:
Rank 7:+3 on all agility rolls
Rank 8:
Rank 9:
Rank 10: Jump 20ft
Rank 11: Make one attack at any time during your jump.

Swim: The swim skill gives you the ability to swim at higher speeds then normal. The normal swim speed for someone without the swim skill is 5ft and without the swim skill someone can hold their breath for a number of turns equal to your CON modifier.
Rank 1: 10ft swim speed
Rank 2:
rank 3:+2 on attack rolls while underwater
Rank 4:
Rank 5:15ft swim speed, Hold breath twice as long
Rank 6:
Rank 7:
Rank 8:+2 on defense rolls while underwater
Rank 9:
rank 10: 20ft swim speed
Rank 11:Hold breath for 3 times as long.

Climb:The climb skill gives you the ability to climb faster than normal. The normal climb speed for someone without this skill is 5ft, normally you cannot attack while climbing.

Rank 1:10ft climb speed
Rank 2:
Rank 3: Make one attack while climbing. No 2 handed
Rank 4:
Rank 5: 15ft climb speed
Rank 6:
Rank 7:two attacks. No 2 handed
Rank 8:
Rank 9:
Rank 10: 20ft climb speed
Rank 11: Can make full attack while climbing. No 2 handed

Smithing: The smithing skill allows a character to create items of great quality. It takes 1 week to make a onehanded weapon or shield. Two weeks for a two-handed weapon, and three weeks to make a peice of armor. The DC to create a onehanded weapon or shield is 10, a 2 handed DC is 12 and the DC for armor is 14. When adding epic abilities to an item, add half the items gold cost to the DC. Crafting also expends crowns equal to 1/2 of the total price of the item.

Rank 1:
Rank 2:
Rank 3:You may add up to a total of 1 epic ability.
Rank 4:
Rank 5:
Rank 6:You may add up to a total of 2 epic ability.
Rank 7:
Rank 8:
Rank 9:You may add up to a total of 3 epic ability.
Rank 10:
Rank 11:You may add up to a total of 4 epic ability.

Speak Language: This skill gives you the ability to speak read and write another lanugage, you gain 1 language per rank in this skill. The lanugages are as follows. Elven, Dwarven, High Speech, celestial, abyssal, Dragonic, Tribal(northern), Tribal(southeren) Tribal(eastern), Tribal (Western),Aquan, Auarn, Ignana, Terran, Sylvan, Orcish, Goblinoid, Gaint. The following languages are considered dead, they are written only, Arcana, Myrish, Thyane, Ancient Dwarven, Ancient Elven.

Rank 1:
Rank 2:
Rank 3:+2 to speech checks
Rank 4
Rank 5:
Rank 6:+4 to speech checks
Rank 7:
Rank 8:
Rank 9: +6 to speech cehcks
Rank 10:
Rank 11: Reroll 1 speech check a day

This skill represents knowledge of medicinal plants and basic first aid. The heal skill is used to aid in the natural healing prossess.
Rank 1: treat injury also heals ho equal to your ranks in heal
Rank 2:
Rank 3:
Rank 4:treat poison also heals one point of damage, to a minimum of one.
Rank 5:treat disease bonus to toughness increases by 2
Rank 6:treat injury heals an additional 1d4
Rank 7:
Rank 8:treat poison reduces yet another point of poison damage, to a minimum of 1
Rank 9
Rank 10:treat disease's bonus yo toughness increases by +2
Rank 11:treat injury increases the HP healed by an additional 1D4

Rank 1: when foraging you find enough for one additional person base.
Rank 2:
Rank 3: +2 perception in natural areas
Rank 4: find food for one additional person.
Rank 5: +2 lore for knowledge of natural plants and animals
Rank 6: +2 perception in natural areas
Rank 7:
Rank 8:find food for one additional person
Rank 9:+2 perception in natural areas
Rank 10: +2 lore for knowledge on natural plants and animals
Rank 11: you may make a difficulty 30 survival roll to lessen the length of any journey by 20 percent by way of short cut. If your in a place where there are no short cuts the difficulty is 50.


Rank 1:
Rank 2:  charge attacks deal an additional 1D4 damage
Rank 3: your steeds barding also grants 3 DR
Rank 4: charge attacks have +1 to attack deal an additional 1D4 damage
Rank 5: making your steed do a move action that is something other than land speed requires no roll
Rank 6: you may make your full attack while mounted; your steeds barding grants an additional +2 to armor and agility
Rank 7: you may mount your steedas a free action while adjacent to it.
Rank 8: charge attacks deal an additional 1D4 damage
Rank 9:your steeds barding also grants 3 DR
Rank 10 charge attacks have +1 to attack deal an additional 1D4 damage
Rank 11: when you make a charge attack, the first two of your attack of that turn counts as charges.


Rank 1: specialty, renown
Rank 2:
Rank 3:
Rank 4: specialty
Rank 5
Rank 6
Rank 7
Rank 8: specialty
Rank 9
Rank 10:
Rank 11: master of your craft

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Monster Skills
Monster skills are not normaly useable by player characters, though totemists can acess them.

Rank 1:1D6+ STR damage
Rank 2:1D8
Rank 3:1D8, The biter does not let go, target loses a minor action
Rank 4:1D8
Rank 5:1D10
Rank 6:1D10, Lose a move action or a minor action
Rank 7:1D10
Rank 8:1D12
Rank 9:1D12, Lose a move, minor, or a Standard action
Rank 10:1D12
Rank 11:2D6, Lose a move, minor, stadard, or knock target prone.

Rank 1:1D6+ STR damage
Rank 2:1D8
Rank 3:1D8, two attacks
Rank 4:1D8
Rank 5:1D10
Rank 6:1D10, three attacks
Rank 7:1D10
Rank 8:1D12
Rank 9:1D12 4 attacks
Rank 10:1D12
Rank 11:2D6 +2D6 damage vs prone targets

Rank 1:2D6, 1D10 recharge, in a burst 2
Rank 2:3D6
Rank 3:4D6, 1D8 recharge, in a burst 3 or a blast 2 within 30 ft
Rank 4:5D6
Rank 5:6D6
Rank 6:7D6, 1D6 recharge, burst 4, or a blast 3 within 30ft, or a 30ft line
Rank 7:8D6
Rank 8:9D6
Rank 9:10D6, 1D4 recharge, burst 5. or a blast 4 within 30ft, or a 40ft line, or a 30ft cone
Rank 10:11D6
Rank 11:12D6

Gaze. DC is twice your rank, all within 30ft must make a willpower roll each turn or take gaze effect. choose one effect: 1d6 element, slow, push 5 ft, pull 5ft, or -1 to a stat.

4 second effect
6 +2 diffiult
8 third effect
11 forth effect, +4 difficulty

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General Skills, an involved look

Lore is used for only one thisng really, knowledge. Here are the dificulty for Lore roles.

Idetify a level 1 spell or stance: 15
     Level 2:18
     Level 3:21
     Level 4:24

Identify a focus circle: 15+1 per turn to draw.

Idetify an aura: Diffcuclty 25(- wisdom modifier of target)

Idetify a Totem: Difficulty 16

Identify the epic abilities of an item: Same difficulty as it would be to create the weapon.

Identify the enchantments of an item: Same as the difficulty as it would be to idetify the spell circle used to create the item. +2 to the difficulty for each additional enchantemnt past the first.

Other Knowledge:
Knowledge levels
    Common     15
    Uncommon   18
    Rare       21
    Very rare  24
    Unknown    27
    Unique     30
    Forbidden  34


Stealth is used for more than hiding and sneak attacking. It can also be used to disguies ones self, pick pockets, and disarm traps. Difficulies below.

Remain Hidden is vs the targets Perception

Pick pockets vs targets perception

Disguise is vs insight

Disarming a trap targets the items difficulty

Escaping from restraints targets the items difficulty


The speech skill can be used to talk your way into and out of most things.

Bluff is lies and slander. It targets the targets Insight.

Diplomacy is talking people into thinking like you, it target the targets insight

Haggleing can change the price of an item up to 50%, it targets willpower, and the target gets a +2 bonus to their willpower roll for every 10%

Intimidate can take the place of diplomacy in a challenge, but causes the target to dislike you. It can also cause a -2 to attack and defense for one round when used in combat. Intimidate targets willpower.

Distract causes a person to have 2 less insight and perception vs everone but you. targets willpower.

Inspire can drive people to greater heights, make a speech roll difficulty 10. If you succeswd one ally gains +2 to all general skill roll on their next turn.

Insult makes opponents worse at general skill rolls, it you beat their willpower, they take -2 on all general skill rolls on their next turn.

Provoke makes an opponent take a -2 to attack rolls against everyone but you. Targets willpower

Rally gives an ally a +2 to attack and armor, the difficulty is 10

Heroic speech is a difficulty 21 maneuver, it gives all ally's a +2 to attack and armor for as long as they can see you

Taunt gives an enemy a -2 to a defense till the end of the targets turn, it targets willpower


uses and difficultys are

Find a trap= items difficulty

Follow tracks: varies

Stabilize dying: a difficulty 20 roll brings a dying target up to 1 hp as a full round action

Treat Injury:admisteribg this treatment takes an hour and a difficulty 18 heal roll. A character who has an injury treated heals an additional 1d4 HP after an 8 hour rest.

Treat poison: treating a poison takes two hours, the difficulty for treating a poison is 18 (+2 per type of poison used past first)(+2 per dose of poison used past first). A successful poison treatment lowers the duration of all poisons by half.

Treat disease: treating a disease takes four hours a day and a difficulty 15(18 for magical diseases)(+2 for each stage past the first) heal check.If a sucessfull heal check has beenade on someone who is diseased for at least 5 of the last 7 days they can make their toughness check to fight the disease with a +2 bonus.  In addition the roll needed for the person to avoid having the disease progress is a number of points lower( equal to your ranks in heal.


Skin an animal: difficulty 10
Find signs of wild game: difficulty 13 or creatures stealth

Determine if plant or mushroom is editable: difficulty 15

Know which direction is north without sky or compass: difficulty 15

Find food and water for one person ( about two hours of foraging): difficulty 13(+5 for rough terrain) (+2 for every additional person).

Guess at animals main form of attacks: difficulty 20(+2 for every rank above normal)

Predict weather for next 24 hours: difficulty 20

Predict natural disasters for next 24 hours: difficulty 26

Find signs of natural illusions in the area: 18

Find signs that a gate is in the area: difficulty 24


Avoid getting knocked of horse: 20(+2 per 5ft pushed)

Have your steed make an attack(minor action): difficulty 20

Push Steed: this is a difficulty 18(+2 per time used before rest) maneuver which grants your steed +10ft to all avalible speeds, +1 attack, and +1 to its strength and constitutiom for one minute. After this burst of strength the steed takes -4 to all defenses untillit takes an 8 hour rest.

Calm an out of control steed: as a standard action. Difficulty 15 for normal steed difficulty 20 for an exotic steed ( +4 to either for dire steeds)

Make a steed use a move action other than landspeed: difficulty 13, failure knocks you from the steed

Drive a vehicle: 5+ road difficulty

Control an out of control vehicle: difficulty 15+ road modifiers

Mount steed as a move action: difficulty 10


you may make a preform check after spending 8 hours preforming an act at bars and street corners. You earn a number of pennies equal to half your preform check.

For every additional person who has at least 2 ranks in preform whonhelp add 4 to the preform roll.

RENOWN: your skills make you famous in the greater land. A lore check difficulty 29 give a character basic knowledge of you and your performance skills. The difficulty is lowered by your ranks in skill.

SPECIALTY: the specialty's are as follows, each gives a small bonus.
Tumbler: grants +1 to armor
Dancer: grants +2 agility
Storyteller: +2 to distract rolls
Singer: you may hold your breath 2 turns longer than normal
Actor: +2 to bluff rolls
Juggler: +2 to pickpocket rolls
Musician: +2 on all heroic speech rolls while playing an instrument
Magician: +2 on all magical damage
Strongman: +40 pounds carrying capacity
Fortune teller: +2 to lore rollsrolls
Snake oil salesmen:+2 insight
Sword swallower: +3 damagr resistance
Fire dancer: +3 fire resist
Tightrope walker: +3 force resist
Tattoo artist: +3 acid resist
Alchemical showmen: +3 lightning resist
Ice carver:+3 ice resist
Street fighter: +2 to all umarmed dage
Dare devil: ignore 1D2 dice worth of fall damage
Riddle master: +2 perception

Master od your trade: it takes only half the preform time to roll for your pay.

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These are additional modifiers that a gm may add to any general skill roll to account for favorable or unfavorable conditions

Very easy: +5
Easy: +2
Normal: 00
Very hard:-5
Impossible: -10