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Races and traits
Landspeed of 30
1 extra trait at 1st level
Humans gain 1 additional skill point each level
At first level a human multiplies thier skill points by 3, instead of by 2
A human starts with 1 extra stance, aura, totem, or spell appropriate for their class.
If a human is of a class that can learn spells, it can have one more spell known than is normal for others of that class. This ability does not give spells to non spellcasting classes.

+2 Dex
Landspeed 40
Climb speed 10
Elves ignore all natural difficult terrain.
Elves gain an extra attack with the weapons of their choice. This attack takes a -6 penalty when it is with their main hand weapon and -8 with offhand weapons.
+2 on agility checks
Fastheal 3
Low light vision

+2 CON
Landspeed is 20ft
+3 to shields, light armor, and heavey armor skills
+2 to your toughness skill
Reduce the DC requiered to place an epic ability on any arms or armor by 1
+4 to the perception skill while underground
DR 3/-


Hideous beings who favor magic, exiles are the most secritive and widespread race. Every exile, without exception, are embarressed and enraged about their looks, they tend to hide as much of their bodys as possible even when with thier own kind. Those few outsiders who've seen them without their turbins or helmets have discriber a being that looks like a mix of human, beetle, and bird. Their hair is a mix of hair and feather of the same color. Open festering wounds cover their body.
+2 INT
Landspeed is 30
An exile knows 2 level 1 spells at first level.These spells do not count twards the max number of spells you can have, unless your class cannot learn skills, in which case you learn none.
+3 to any 3 magic skills of the exiles choice.
Spells cast by an exile take 1 less turn to draw and deals 2 extra damage.


+2 STR
Landspeed is 40
+3 to any 3 weapon skills of the Orc's choice
+5 base damage with all melee weapons
Wild Empathy as a free trait
Gain 1 extra totem at 1st level

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At first level a character chooses 2 traits and a single flaw. A chacracter may take more than one flaw, and for each additional one he takes he gains +1 to a single stat. The bonuses given to skills from traits is to the point total, not the ranks.

The traits
Winterborn: Resist 5 cold

Pyromaniac: Resist 5 fire

Chemist: Resist 5 acid

Body of thunder: Resist 5 lightning

Body of steel: Resist 5 force

Alchemist: when a targets DR and resistances return the target takes your INT as damage

Samurai: All sword attacks gain +2 attack

Knight: H.armor Damage reduction boinus is increased by 4/-

Ranger: Gain one additonal light armor reroll

Shield Maiden: When equipped with a shieldall other DEF increas by 2 for as ling as you have your shield boinus.

Bludgeonieer: On a critical hit with a blunt weeapon target is stunned and proned

Sharpshooter: Your bow attacks have a +1 on attacks and have 15ft more range.

Cutthroat: When you dont critical witha dagger deal an extra 5 damage

Woodsman: If your first attack with am ax hits all other attacks this turn have a +2 attack

Thick skin: Gain DR 3/-

Quick: +1 on all attack rolls

Heavy Hitter: +1 on melee damage rolls

Force of creation: +1 on magic damage rolls

Summoner: If you have the summon circle spell, you start the game with 3 extra name. Warning: you only know a vauge discription of 2 of these beings

Born of ice: All ice spells stun on a critical hit

Born of flame: All ice spells deal +50% bonus damage on a critical hit

Born of storms: All lightning spells target a second target within range on critical hit

Force of personality: All force spells also knock prone on a critical hit

Silver Tounge: Add your charisma modifer to all your speech rolls.

Scholar: you add your INT score to any lore roll involving history. You have one additional lore refill a day involving lore(history) rolls.

Acolyte: you add your INT score to any lore roll involving religion, religious ceremonies, and gods. You have one additional lore refill a day involving lore(religion) rolls.

Cartographer: you add your INT score to any lore roll involving geography and spirits. You have one additional lore refill a day involving lore(geography) rolls.

Sage: you add your INT score to any lore roll involving magic, undead, and other supernatural creatures. You have one additional lore refill a day involving lore(magic) rolls.

Astronomer: you add your INT score to any lore roll involving the outer planes, the physics of the planes, and the creatures that reside there. You have one additional lore refill a day involving lore(Planes) rolls.

Biologist: you add your INT score to any lore roll involving plants, animals, and races. You have one additional lore refill a day involving lore(nature) rolls.

Scribe: you add your INT score to any lore roll involving royalty, nobility, and wealthy merchants. You have one additional lore refill a day involving lore(royalty) rolls.

Medic: you add your INT score to any lore roll involving healing, poisons, and diseases and injuries. You have one additional lore refill a day involving lore(heal) rolls.

Sneaky: you add your dexterity score to all stealth rolls made to become or remain hidden. Once per day you may move at full speed while hidden for a full turn.

Spy: you add your charisma score to all checks made to disguise yourself or others. Also when disguising yourself you may do so in 1D4 minutes instead of 2D4 in exchange for a -5 penalty

Cutpurse: you may add your dexterity score to all disable device or slight of hand checks. Also when using slight of hand you may, once per day, pick pocket 1D4 extra small items or remain undetected on a failed pickpocket attempt.

Perceptive: Add your wisdom modifier to to all your perception checks

Insightful: Add your wisdom  modofer to all your insight checks

Studied: Learn 2 level 1 spell

Practiced: Learn 2 level 1 stance

Destroyer: Increase the bonus 2 handed damage mulitplier by 1

More criticals: +1 to your critical range.

Better criticals: your critical hits also ignore 5 of the enemies resistance.

Wild empathy: Use your speech skill to calm or anger animals or magical beasts

Fleet Footed: Increase your base landspeed by 10 ft

Climber: +10ft climb speed.

Jumper: +10ft jump speed

Swimer: +10ft swim speed

Grace: You add your dexterity score to all defensive agility rolls

Fortitude: you Add your constitution score to all your defensive toughness rolls

Keen Mind: you add your wisdom score to all defensive willpower rolls.

Priest: you gain the ability to heal with a touch. A number of times a day equal to your wisdom you may heal a target for an amount equal to your charisma+2

Druid: Gain the use of one totem

Defender: all adjacent allies gain a +2 on armor and agility rolls

Sniper: +1x dex modifier to bow damage.

Artificer: All weapoms emchamted ny you deal an extra 5 damage

Heartless: Anyone affected ny your necromancy spells also takes a -2 to all willpower rolls.

Swordsmith: Lower DC of weapon crafting rolls by 3(DC 7 instead of 10 or 9 instead of 12). Also all epic abilities you place on weapons have their difficulty lowered by two points each.

Armorer: Lower the DC of shield and armor crafting by 3(DC 7 instead of 10, DC 11 instead of 14). Also all epic abilities placed on shields and armors have their difficulty's lowered by two points each.

Master Smith: you may add your Intelligence score to any smithing roll made to craft mundane items.

Tinkerer: you add your wisdom score to any smithing rolls to make accessories.

Brew Master: you add your Intelligence score to any smithing rolls used to make alchemical items.

Master mage: Gain 1 extra focus circle

Traveler: Start game with 2 extra lanuages of your choice

Underhanded: +2 ATK vs. stunned, grappled,or proned targets

Lucky: enemy critical ranges are reduced by 2, min. 19-20

Battle ready, +1 to initiative, youalways win in ties

Alchemist: you may use your smithing skill to create poisons and potions. The difficulty of by poison or minor potion is 15. Moderate potions are 18, major is 21, and godly is 24. The price for crafting these items is 1/2 there normal price, a failed smithing roll expends those crowns but doesn't produce any workable product.

Hardy: it takes one more turn to die while at 0 HP.

Parinoid: take 1 dice less sneak attack damage and have a +2 on all rolls vs poison

Blood brother: sometime in your past you have earned the unwavering loyalty of a NPC. Discribe said NPC in your backstory and the gm will create him/her

Skeptic: +3 on all rolls vs illusions

Brawler: +2 on all grapple and unarmed rolls, unarmed attacks have a crit of 19-20

Fabulous: you can equip one additional accesory

Witch: willpower rolls made to contain or banish a summon gain a +2. You also know a discripotion of two more names than normal, if you already know all discripiton then gain two

White Smith: you can, using a smithing roll, craft accessories. Crafting an accessory uses half the crowns of the items price which is expended should you fail to craft it. When crafting accessories you must also provide any special items named in the items description. Unless otherwise stated it takes a week to craft an accessory, and any special time requirements named in the items description must be met. The difficulty for a minor is 24, a moderate is 27 and a major is 30.

Hunter: choose a monster type or race, when fighting that race gain a +1 attack and deal an extra 1d6 damage

Eagle eye:+2 perception, +10 range to all bow and thrown weapon ranges

Healer: when treating an injury half( rounded up) the dices the patient rolls for healing are maxed. People treated by you gain +1 STR, DEX, or CON for 24 hours, this stat bonus doesn't stack.

Surviver: you find food for one additional person when you forage for food, in addition when in a natural setting and fail a perception check to find a trap or spot a hidden enemy, you may make a survival check at -10 to sense something wrong.

Horse Master: while mounted add your dexterity score to all ride checks. Also as long as you are mounted you and your steed gain +1 to attack rolls, armor rolls, and agility rolls.

Ace: You add your wisdom score to all rolls to ride checks to pilot or maneuver vehicles. Also once per day you may ignore one attack made against your vehicle and once per day gain a +10 to all attacks your vehicle can make.

Cavalier: while making a charge attack while mounted the charge doesn't have yo be a strait line, but it still has to be 10ft of movement. While mounted you have +1 crit range.

Skilled performer:you gain an additional specialty, in addition your renown difficulty is 3 points lower than normal.

Proactive: you gain 2 reaction points.

Great strength: you can carry 50nmore pounds of gear at a time. In addition you gain +5 to all strength checks made and +2 to all melee weapon and unarmed damage.

Feeble: -2 str

Clumbsy: -2 DEX

Sickly: -2 CON

Simple Minded: -2 INT

Insane: -2 WIS

Rude: -2 CHA

Weak Body: -2 HP per level

Stunted Growth: -1 skillpoint per level

Lazy: The maximum number of skill points you can have in any one skill is your level+ 10

Mad: The voices in your head tell you to do things, and you do them. There is a 1 in 10 chance each turn in battle that you will attack an ally instead of an enemy

Hated: You've done something in your past to make an entire race hate you. Choose a race, outside of battle member of this race wont sell to you or willingly give you information, in battle members of this race will focus most of their attacks on you.

Slow: Landspeed is halved.

Foriner: You do not speak common.

Bum Knee: -3 to agility rolls

Deseased: -3 to toughness rolls

Dim witted: -3 to willpower rolls

Drunk: you must drink a number of alcholic drinks equal to your CON modifier x2(min 4) each day or you take a -2 to all rolls untill you do.

Honor Bound: +1 ATK rolls, but you CANNOT make attacks against stunned, prone, or unaware opponents

Wild: -3 to all speech checks.

Noisy: -3 to stealth checks

Bad vision: -3 to all perception checks

Self centered: -3 to all insight checks.

Battle crazed: -2 to all defense rolls

Need Glasses: -2 to all attack rolls.

Burned: Weakness 10 fire

Child of summer: weakness 10 ice

frail: weakness 10 force

Astrophbia: weakness 10 lightning

No defenses: weakness 10 acid

Cursed: Choose one of the following effects fir cursed;
1.)While within an enemys active necromancy spell circle, take either one extra die of damage. 1D8 damage if its a spell that deals no damage.
2.) you have a wound that will not heal and causes constant pain, only murder soothes the pain. If you do not slay an intelligent humanoid and bath the wound in its blood at least once a week you take 10 damage, after 2 weeks you take another 10 damage, and after a month you take another 10. This damage will only heal by bathing the wound in blood of an intelligent humanoid.
3.)your possesed by visions of things yet to come. You cannot stop or control these visions, during these visions your prone and helpless.
4.) your highly resistant to magic. Gain resist magic 5, also your immune to aura effects from both humans and blind men. Potions have only 1/2 effect and you do not gain stats from enchanted items.

Jinx: whenever a roll you make is a natural 1, it is an automatic miss. In addition you take 1/2 the damage the attack would have done.

Unprepared: you always lose in initiative ties, -1 initiative.

Old: at 0 HP it takes one less turn to die

Gullible: take one more dice or sneak attack damage and take a -3 on all rolls vs poison.

Rich boy: gain 2d8 crowns, but take a -3 to insight perception and  lore

Anger issues: gain one use of the spirits rage ability, but while enraged your character is controlled untill you make a willpower check(difficulty 8+your level)

Weak willed: -3 on all rolls vs illusions.

Nemeses: you have angered an NPC to the point that they have sworn to stand against you and all you work for. The gm makes this NPC.

Alergic to magic: you take 2 more points of magic damage, also you lose one accessory slot.

Favors owed: you owe an extra planar being a favor left up to the GM to create. You will be called upon to fufill this favor. You cannot(if smart) refuse.

Infamous: you have done something to warrant a large bounty being placed on your name. There is a 3d4x10 crown bounty on your head, living or dead.

Coward: you take a -2 to all rolls while within 20 ft of a hostile opponent.

Illiterate: you cannot read more that a handful of words of any language, in order to learn to read you must spend 5 skill points. For every additional language you learn must also spend the 5 skill points to become literate.

Violent: all melee attacks deal an additional 4 damage, but you cannot reroll insight or willpower. You also take a -5 on insight and willpower rolls vs speech.

Unsure: you lose 2 reaction points.

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Character Sheet

Physical Description:

HP  :




NAME        |  Points  | Ranks  |
Acid        |          |        |
Agility     |          |        |
Ax          |          |        |
Bow         |          |        |
Climb       |          |        |
Dagger      |          |        |
Enchantment |          |        |
Fire        |          |        |
Force       |          |        |
Heal        |          |        |
Heavy Armor |          |        |
Insight     |          |        |
Ice         |          |        |
Jump        |          |        |
Light Armor |          |        |
Lightning   |          |        |
Lore        |          |        |
Luck        |          |        |
Mace        |          |        |
Necromancy  |          |        |
Perception  |          |        |
Preform     |          |        |
Ride        |          |        |
Shield      |          |        |
Smithing    |          |        |
Speak L.    |          |        |
Speech      |          |        |
Spear       |          |        |
Stealth     |          |        |
Survival    |          |        |
Swim        |          |        |
Sword       |          |        |
Toughness   |          |        |
Willpower   |          |        |

total attack roll:

Total ATK roll:

Total ATK roll:

Defense Rolls
Total Armor roll     :
Total Toughness roll :
Total Agility Roll   :
Total Willpower Roll :

Fire resist:
Ice Resist:
Lightning Resist:
Acid Resist:
Force resist:
Magic Resist:
Damage Resist:

Abilities gained from skills

Abilities gained from Classes


Items Currently Equpied
Max Accessory Slots:

level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

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