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A Game of Throws.

Posted by HeraclitusFor group 0
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Thu 3 Oct 2013
at 13:14
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Re: A Game of Throws

OOC - I think it would be best for all, if we try to put those images out of our mind and carry on ...

Inside the control room, chaos reigned. Ed's bullet deflected harmless off of Crossfire as he cinematically dived through the doorway and fired well wide of his intended target.

Said target meanwhile was frantically trying to familiarise himself with his newly acquired 50cal tank buster, being not so familiar with heavy ordanance as it's former owner.

Crossfire's loosened bindings hanging from his wrists (that's right, how poetic that it was Crossfire who tied Cal up), Cal shuffled forward to within inches of Crossfire, his movement slightly impeded by the metres of computer wire trailing behind him, or perhaps from the double dose of genital warming VibroTouchTM he had exposed himself to earlier.

Satisfied finally that he knew how to make the big gun go bang, Cal aimed it deliberately and carefully at Crossfire's head.

"You wasted your one and only shot, Moron. You should have killed me when you had the chance. And now, in this lonely room you will discover what it feels like to die.  Alone.  Without your friends to ease your passing, or to ...."

BANG.  The crack of Crossfire's Colt 38 at point blank range brought Cal's speech to a sudden conclusion.

"One and only shot? What do you think this is? A dual with flintlocks at 20 paces? You dumb fuck!" Crossfire shook his head and wondered why villians always felt the need to monologue.

OOC - Back to you CrossDude, try to roll better this time.
player, 189 posts
Thu 3 Oct 2013
at 15:09
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Re: A Game of Throws

OCC: Did Cal just have his brain's converted to a pink mist... isn't Ed unconscious, passing out after shooting? Surely the implication that Crossfire is about to roll is superfluous?
player, 247 posts
Thu 3 Oct 2013
at 21:57
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Re: A Game of Throws

OOC - Crossfire still has to roll as normal, he's just got an extra shot off while our GM isn't looking.
player, 249 posts
Fri 4 Oct 2013
at 09:05
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Re: A Game of Throws

After Quiksit had gone, Vibro prepared to lead the Wolf family to relative safely. Assessing the state of her blood splattered clothing, she hastily searched the bedroom for something appropriate to wear.

Mr's Wolf was not a large woman, and the glittering gold evening dress was tight, even on Vibro's slight frame. But it would do.

She guided the family down the empty corridors, consulting with WolfSoCloseYetSoFar as they went.

Progress was quick and uneventful until the group rounded a corridor and were confronted by an obviously disoriented drunk with an unusually runny nose.

Vibro tensed, expecting the drunk to make an advance, dressed as she was. Surprisingly though, the drunk took one look at Vibro and cowered in a doorway covering his face and mumbling something about his nose.

It made no sense whatsoever, but the group continued on, thankful for lucky break.
player, 196 posts
Fri 4 Oct 2013
at 12:48
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Re: A Game of Throws

"Click" went the hammer,"Bang" went the propellant as the room exploded into action.
player, 250 posts
Sat 5 Oct 2013
at 00:50
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Re: A Game of Throws

At that close range it was hard to miss, but Crossfire was never one to back down from a challenge ....
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player, 251 posts
Sat 5 Oct 2013
at 13:04
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Re: A Game of Throws

OOC - 21:52, Today: Vibro rolled 7 using 2d6. Dam. +4 total dam 11 (Vera does 2d6+4)
21:50, Today: Vibro rolled 7 using 1d100. Cal's Sweet Revenge

Cal's CM is aimed shot Head.

The look of horror on Cal's face was quickly replaced with his customary sinister grin as he realized Crossfire's unsportsmanlike underhand shot had passed harmlessly between his legs where his genitals used to be.

There would be no speech this time. Crossfire's fate was sealed. His finger tensed slightly on the trigger and the 50calibre round exploded from the barrel and burrowed into Crossfire's head just above the left eye socket.

The recoil was vicious as Vera struggled against Cal's unfamiliar caress. She kicked and bucked, trying to break free. For the 2nd time this morning Cal found himself losing a desperate struggle to control a psychotic female. But that was ok, because this time there was no hurry. The pretty boy half wit in front of him was dead, his body would be hitting the ground any moment now.

Any moment. But the strangest thing, the body was still standing. Standing. Standing and looking ... and smiling.

what the fuck?
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player, 199 posts
Sun 6 Oct 2013
at 02:54
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Re: A Game of Throws

"Vera you unfaithful hussy"

Without saying another word Crossfire just squeezed off another round at point blank rang.

Nowhere near the clean head shot he'd intended at least he got a hit this time. If Cal lived through the fight he'd never walk on that right leg again.
player, 254 posts
Sun 6 Oct 2013
at 04:56
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Re: A Game of Throws

15:06, Today: Vibro rolled 74 using 1d100. Cal's last chance (-20% off this roll).
15:04, Today: Vibro rolled 59 using 1d100. Cal's resilience check.

Cal stumbled as his right leg gave way. Hatred was the only thing keeping him going, but he had plenty of it to spare.

Losing his grip on Vera he managed to get off another shot, but it went well wide tearing a hole through the wall and continuing it's journey into the casino beyond.

Crossfire knew if Vera kept going there was bound to be collateral damage. He shuddered at the thought of Vibro's reaction if that happened.

Cal reached out desperately, clawing at Crossfire's smug grin as he tried in vain to remain standing. Inevitably he followed Vera's passage to the floor, retaining enough initiative to roll free, clutching at Vera. He knew his chances were running out.
player, 201 posts
Sun 6 Oct 2013
at 11:44
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Re: A Game of Throws

R1, CA3, PP 41 (fuck all)

Ooch, that was going to leave some DNA in the room.

Clutching his ruined mouth and thinking of his coming dental bill Crossfire looked at Cal with pure loathing and said.

"For that you die."

Shoving his handgun into the gory hole in Cal's leg he squeezed off another round in the hope he could sever the bone this time.

Hit Locations  (AP/HP)
1-3   Right Leg  8/ 5
4-6   Left Leg   8/5
7-9   Abdomen  8/6
10-12 Chest     8/7
13-15 Rt Arm   8/ 4 reduced to 3
16-18 Lt Arm   8/ 4
19-20 Head     8/ 6 reduced to 3
Armour SR Penalty:
Combat Actions:
Total: 3
Remaining: 3
Strike Rank: +14
Strike rank 18
Power Points
Total: 41
Remaining: 41
Combat Skills:
Evade: 36%
Unarmed: 43%
Weapon (Sniper Rifle): 89%
Manipulation: 41%
Knife: 39%
Weapon (Colt 38): 69%
Resilience: 32%
Throw: 28 %
Damage Modifier: 1d4Hero Points: 6
Ongoing effects: Armor, Regeneration, X-Ray Vision, Super Vision   
Other modifiers:

player, 256 posts
Sun 6 Oct 2013
at 13:03
  • msg #636

Re: A Game of Throws

It had been 20mins since they had called in the incident.

The op was supposed to be a milk run. Observe and report, the brief was simple. Find out what Glorfin Del was up to, who he was meeting, and why this casino?

It was a mistake to have gone in hot when Del was meeting with the new fighter who had taken a beating without a mark to show for it. Even the usual freaks with implants and god knows what, had scars to mark their past indiscretions. This one was different.

Had they overstepped the mark? More than likely. Were they going to be hauled over the coals? Undoubtedly. Was it worth it? Absolutely.

What they had encountered was beyond comprehension, but now they were stuck laying low waiting for backup. The nearest field office was a 50min flight away, the local authorities were bound to be here any minute, but how much help would they be?

At any rate it wasn't going to be soon enough. The small arms fire from somewhere higher up was worrying enough, but the two shots from a high calibre military grade firearm was something else.
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player, 257 posts
Sun 6 Oct 2013
at 13:19
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Re: A Game of Throws

23:37, Today: Vibro rolled 99 using 1d100. another resilience roll for Cal.

"Ahhhhhhh you fucking cu..."

The wisdom in Cal's final words was left unfinished,  as he passed out from the pain.
player, 190 posts
Mon 7 Oct 2013
at 04:18
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Re: A Game of Throws

At this point QuikHooker sauntered into the security room trying to look innocent and hoping that the heavy gunfire wouldn't be directed his way until after he had managed to make a 'phone call' or two.

But the room was strangely quiet, though the smell of cordite hung heavily in the air.

"Perhaps we had best be leaving." He purred huskily to Crossfire.
player, 203 posts
Mon 7 Oct 2013
at 11:38
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Re: A Game of Throws

"Quickhooker scrub the security properly this time. We can't wait an hour for that identify faces and erase program you entered to run it's course. Stills, video, sound, fingerprint records and my pin prick test before the game, I want it all deleted."

Crossfire picked up Vera and gave her a loving caress.

"Vera darling, show me that you're still true to me after that little indiscretion earlier"

Pointing Vera into Cal's mouth, Crossfire squeezed off a round just to set things between Vera and himself to rights.

He then used the remainder of his time till Vibro arrived to pick up the pieces of his shattered teeth and wipe up his own bloodspray as best he could.
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player, 260 posts
Mon 7 Oct 2013
at 21:16
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Re: A Game of Throws

As the rift in the space time continuum widened ever so slightly and reality distorted, Quiksit wondered if stealing that illudium Q-36 explosive space modulator from the research facilities on Zagrev Minor was such a good idea after all.
player, 193 posts
Wed 9 Oct 2013
at 04:38
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Re: A Game of Throws

QuikHooker took another look at the computer. He had already wiped it and prevented it from recording any more information so he wasn't sure why people kept expecting him to do the same thing again... maybe if he just broke the screen it would make people happier... Oh well, "Die" he whispered gently but assertively to the computer.

Turning to Crossfire he said, "I don't know what you think they did with your blood sample, but they haven't tipped it into the zip drive of the security computer."

The computer, never had been the happiest of machines, and was grateful for the permission to pass over. It wrote itself a single subroutine to overload its own cicuits, and then deleted everything else... only coming alive again for that brief instant to whisper "Thankyou" and then with the acrid smell of a short circuit it ceased to me more than scrap metal.
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Wed 9 Oct 2013
at 10:32
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Re: A Game of Throws

Without the power of instant teleport nor being able to issue counterintuitive commands to electronic equipment, Vibro continued her relatively pedestrian journey with the Wolf Clan towards the emergency exit.

Vibro hoped her companions were safe and well, but knew nothing of the events unfolded in the control room. If she had of known Crossfire was expecting her to return to the Control Room she would have mused that rendezvous plans tended to be best made when one individual didn't inexplicably abandon his team. But of course no such thoughts plagued her.
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Wed 9 Oct 2013
at 11:20
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Re: A Game of Throws

"Hmm is Ed still kicking? I'd better have a look and stabilize him"

Crossfire then proceeded to check on Ed before grabbing the hooker and making for the car park before the fuzz showed up. - by fuzz he meant the boys in blue and not Quickhookers hairyclitoris.

"Now I wonder whatever happened to those FBI types?"
GM, 480 posts
Character is Destiny
Wed 9 Oct 2013
at 12:25
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Re: A Game of Throws

"Now I wonder what happened to those mercenary types."

Almost at the same moment, elsewhere in the facility, the question echoed off of too quiet walls in a maze of halls that were far too extensive.

"It's above my paygrade. Yours too Snookems. Did you get the pictures?"

"Sure did. This op may not have been for nothing after all."

With the Blackwolf's help and knowledge of the building, Vibro found a quick route to the exit. She never had to urge or herd the family once. True to their namesake, they stuck together like a pack and moved in a purposeful silence, steps quickened by hope and the chance of freedom. Once outside, the dull orange light of dawn and crisp Autumn air welcomed her and the family like an old friend.

Very few cars were left in parking lot, and most of those that were had the remaining patrons rushing to them in a desperate attempt to leave, some of which were staff, including a guard or two.

Vibro's hand was gripped by Joe's wife, pulling her attention to a misty eyed face that held nothing but gratitude. The action caused a chain effect, with the young girls latching on to Vibro in a brief embrace. Though young, they were nearly as tall as Vibro. Joe gave her a tired smile.

"Anything, anytime. You name it." He gave her a nod to ensure she understood before pulling his family off of her.

It was easy to make their way through the main of the casino. Crossfire made sure Quikhooker fell in line with him and some of the small crowd making their way quickly to the front doors. The panic was evident, a very possible reaction to Vera's booming voice. The two guards there made no attempt to stop them as they exited. Though at the sight of Crossfire, the larger one's eyes narrowed and he moved to block his way.
player, 263 posts
Wed 9 Oct 2013
at 21:23
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Re: A Game of Throws

Hearing nothing but relieved surprise at the sight of their boss and his family from two of the casino's  native american guards in the parking lot who were looking somewhat guiltily at the huddled group, Vibro motioned towards them.

"Can you trust those two?"

Receiving an affirmative, if not pensive nod, from WolfGoingToGetHitByABusCrossingTheRoad, Vibro offered one last piece of advice before escorting the clan over and saying her farewells.

"Stay at the Holiday Inn for a few days to let the dust settle and in case we need to be in touch. But keep a low profile."

Leaving the group, Vibro warily made her way to the other side of the parking lot. Just another patron in the milling crowd.
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Thu 10 Oct 2013
at 06:21
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Re: A Game of Throws


(Although there was a slight conflict in the text as to whether the guard got in our way or not... I choose to think not... especially as I think Crossfire has two women... QuikHooker under one arm, and Vera under the other... only a very brave man would step in the way)
player, 265 posts
Thu 10 Oct 2013
at 11:02
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Re: A Game of Throws


OOC - Assuming Vera remained huddled beneath her jacket, and Crossfire resisted the evil hairy clitoris' thinly veiled attempt to draw out his child-like tendency to perform rash and illogical actions

With the group reunited, Vibro outlined her foolproof plan to strip the FBI agents of all worldly possessions to ensure they weren't taking home any souvenirs.

OOC - I wont bore you with the details, but needless to say it was flawless, cinematic and worthy of high acclaim.
player, 207 posts
Sat 12 Oct 2013
at 02:16
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Re: A Game of Throws

Agreed looks like a wrap, quacks like a wrap, therefore it must be a wrap.

Thanks all for playing, was a barrel of laughs.

I look forward to the next.
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Character is Destiny
Mon 14 Oct 2013
at 23:43
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Re: A Game of Throws

Somehow, with the shuffle of the remaining patrons in their haste to exit the building, Crossfire blended in perfectly. With Vera firmly back under his command and the treacherous Del and Cal truly neutralised, he might actually deign this mission to be a success. Deigning was good. Did he deign? It didn't matter, success was good. Now he could go back to his old army buddy and let him know that his family's casino was once again safe from terrorism. Or kidnapping. Or racketeering. Or whatever the problem was, it hardly mattered. As soon as the mess was cleaned up anyway, but that was someone else's problem. Crossfire had done what needed to be done. And when things needed to be done, he could be the one that made sure that he could do them so he'd done them. It seemed that killing always needed to be done on the missions he went on. It was probably a good thing that he'd gone on those missions in the first place. Because he was so good at the killing. Not always the shooting. But the killing, definitely. He was a sniper after all, so it wasn't his fault if he was placed in a situation where he was exposed with only a handgun. And Vera. And Carnage. And nigh bulletproof skin, and flight, and super camouflage, and - he really was badass, come to think of it. Was that a reflection in the window? Looking good.

The guard that stepped in front of Crossfire soon thought better of the move. To Crossfire, who was concealing Vera and carrying Quikhooker out under one arm, the guard must have seen a good Samaritan, and when he flashed his most disarming smile, the guard had made way with a thumbs up and a wink. In actuality, Vera was exposed, bloody and smoking in one of Crossfire's hands, while his other was around a giant lizard tail that nobody could see. Quikhooker, padding along beside him, watched his partner grimace menacingly at the guard, who surveyed the scene appropriately and quickly removed himself from danger, blinking and almost falling over the patrons in an attempt to do so, his arms flailing as he tried to maintain balance. Quiksit had to pull him along when he caught sight of what he must have thought was his clone in the window, because he nearly stopped to talk to it. But the lizard knew it was only a reflection and urged him on.

It was an easy exit from there.

Once outside, they met with Vibro at the car, who could barely maintain a straight face at the scene of her teammates. A sigh managed to escape, and an rolling of the eyes, but nothing was said. Yet. What was the point? Crossfire was torn between cursing the son of a bitch who busted up his ride and ogling Vibro in Mrs. Wolf's dress, but was soon convinced to put some distance between them and the casino. Crossfire at the wheel, Vibro in the passenger seat, and Quiksit in the centre back with Vera, they tore out of there like a getaway driver on a bad bank heist. Crossfire assured the other two that with all the commotion, there was no way they'd be noticed. And he'd know, as the master of 'covertidity'.

One man, half drunk and with a bag of nursed popcorn (one popped kernel at a time), sat on the steps in the front of the casino with a pocketful of casino chips and a deck of souvenir cards as the last of the crowd brushed past him toward their vehicles in a mostly drunken rush. Which was more like a lot of quick stumbling. One car tearing off in the distance caught his attention, with broken windows, a rear end that nearly dragged along the ground and what looked like a large tentacle waving in the back window. He chuckled to himself at the absurdity of it and snapped a photo of it with his phone. Then he enjoyed the rest of his popcorn and the sunrise, waiting for the approaching sirens to become a squad of policemen. When they did, he noticed another vehicle show up, different to any police vehicle he'd ever seen, and he wondered what the hell S.C.R.E.T. stood for.

OOC- Okay, all wrapped up. Now level advancement. Each of you get:

5 improvement rolls -
(Using Improvement Rolls
A player can choose to spend one improvement roll to attempt to increase one known skill.
X Select the skill to be increased and roll 1D100. Add the Adventurer’s INT characteristic to the result of the 1D100 roll.
X If this 1D100 result is greater than the skill’s current score, the skill increases by 1D4+1 points.
X If this 1D100 result is equal to or less than the skill’s current score, the skill only increases by one point.)

10CP to improve your powers. - Crossfire and Vibro, this is to improve powers that you have only, not get new ones.
Quiksit will have something different as he is a mutant. Increase your CON by 2. See the BRP under Mutant for clarification.

2 hero points (though I do question handing out hero points to a couple of you... maybe villain points would be better)

I'll start a new thread soon. Any questions should go to PMs from here.

player, 307 posts
Fri 16 May 2014
at 02:51
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Re: A Game of Throws

Sneaking in the last word:  "I imagine BlackIhavemybloodspattteredfamilyback is glad he called us in".
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