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Posted by HeraclitusFor group 0
GM, 10 posts
Character is Destiny
Wed 25 Apr 2012
at 03:41
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Contribute to this thread by adding your background.

All can be private, except for public knowledge records as such, until revealed within the story.
player, 4 posts
Alias: Chronitero
Tue 15 May 2012
at 04:55
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Re: Backgrounds

In the beginning...
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player, 3 posts
Mon 21 May 2012
at 05:59
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Re: Backgrounds

A deal had been made...

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player, 13 posts
Alias: Chronitero
Sun 1 Jul 2012
at 23:39
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Re: Backgrounds

A Destiny discovered...
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player, 1 post
Tue 31 Jul 2012
at 10:41
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Re: Backgrounds

A new sound...
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player, 2 posts
Fri 3 Aug 2012
at 11:36
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Re: Backgrounds

Early in his educational career it was said of Quikzit that parking was not his strong point.

player, 172 posts
Sun 25 Aug 2013
at 21:46
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Re: Backgrounds

"The illudium Q-36 explosive space modulator! That creature has stolen the space modulator!"
player, 188 posts
Thu 3 Oct 2013
at 08:05
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Re: Backgrounds

On his less temperate day Quiksit's thoughts might run as such:

"Hermaphrodite lizards are people too.... no... wait... gendered pink squishy things are lizards too...

Fuck it, they are different, I'm gonna kill em all and loot their corpses."
player, 192 posts
Mon 7 Oct 2013
at 04:24
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Re: Backgrounds

Quiksit's first attempt to get a job and blend in with human society ended badly due to a misunderstanding at the company's Social Club Lasertag Night.

There were still a number of wanted posters up... Quiksit sometimes wonders what would happen to the man who's face he had borrowed if they ever caught up with him. Vaguely he hoped the man had a very good alibi.
player, 264 posts
Thu 10 Oct 2013
at 09:03
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Re: Backgrounds

Vibro was a bitch.

She's not sure how it turned out that way, but it sat comfortably enough.
player, 272 posts
Wed 23 Oct 2013
at 12:20
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Re: Backgrounds

Vibro was a bitch. But at least she wasn't a cunt.
player, 227 posts
Tue 19 Nov 2013
at 13:34
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Re: Backgrounds

There was something that nagged at the back of his mind, it almost whispered in his ear, "Quiksit a clever lizard could fix what is broken in the human race".
player, 290 posts
Wed 27 Nov 2013
at 12:37
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Re: Backgrounds

Not so long ago ....

The hammer came smashing down, the ring finger on Vibro's left hand bore the brunt of the blow as it flattened out under the impact, threatening to burst like a grape. Vibro watched on in an almost detached fascinated horror, waiting for the intense pain she knew would quickly be upon her. Vibro had never experienced true physical torture before, pain inflicted for no purpose other than to gather information. Merciless, repetitive and relentless. In truth it had only been 30 minutes but for Vibro time had distorted wildly, a lifetime had passed.

The pain hit unmeasurable moments later. It didn't wash over her, it didn't build up and then explode, none of the stereotypes fit. One moment it wasn't there, and then it was. An avenging angel, calling in on all her unpaid debts. Occupying her entirity, nothing else mattered, nothing else existed.

The initial shock passed and Vibro's senses returned.

"Have we had enough yet?" The voice was somehow distant. The words forced.

Vibro didn't know why that particular voice. A bikie she had run afoul with, who had taken offense at some imagined slight, maybe even simply at her very existence. He was dead now.

The lump hammer in Vibro's right hand began to move again. The short journey towards her prisrine left ring finger ending abruptly, and with the same effect as the countless previous times. Impact. Pain. Awakening.

Since her epipheny in the penthouse suite of the Akwasasne Mohawke Casino, Vibro had been exploring the extent of her power. Her fingers showed no signs of the devastation that had been dealt to them. If it wasnt for the pain, the relentless, mother fucking, son-of-a-bitch, cunt of a god forsaken, devil loving agony that tore through her very soul, the ecstacy of her revelation would have been overwhelming.
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player, 241 posts
Tue 10 Dec 2013
at 08:09
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Re: Backgrounds

Oh no... my lizard teen angst bullshit has a body count.
player, 300 posts
Tue 10 Dec 2013
at 11:19
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Re: Backgrounds

Vibrating every molecule in her body to the point of it no longer having a substantive form or mass was relatively simple.

Keeping her clothes on in the process was not so easy.
player, 303 posts
Wed 9 Apr 2014
at 01:53
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Re: Backgrounds

Quicksit thumbed through the old High School Yearbook... there was a picture of Crossfire smiling out at him, under the picture were the words:

Captain of the Greco-Roman Wrestling Team
Captain of the Synchronized Swimming Squad
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