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Thu 16 Jan 2014
at 02:48
If you are interested in joining please tell me:

Times Available:
Age:Please give a statement of your age
I -user name here- am -your age here- and allowed to view mature material in my place of residence.
What you are looking for in this game:
Give me a little detail about your character and your play style to better help me craft an enjoyable experience.

This will hopefully be an epic campaign, we are starting at 1st level and hoping to work our way up to epic. Note when it comes to classes its first come first serve, while I will not force you to play a class you don't want to, take into account the needs of the party.

Druid and Rogue. So stealth and divine castor. We now have a wizard/sorcerer so that takes care of arcane castor, we also have a monk and a paladin.

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Fri 17 Jan 2014
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Updated list of roles taken?
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Sat 18 Jan 2014
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Keep your sheets to yourself.