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OOC Dramtis Personae
Nell Davengatt:   Nell Davengatt was an attractive female Human who was the daughter of Jaffro Davengatt, the owner of Davengatt's Double-Zed Nerf Ranch on the planet Engebo V. After her father became reclusive, Nell was forced to take over the day-to-day running of his business, a job that she disliked. At some point during galactic history, a group of agents traveled to Engebo V to purchase some nerf steaks from Davengatt's ranch for the Alderaanian Lady Wylla. The agents met with Nell inside the cantina Lurbi's Mercantile and she escorted them to her father's ranch. However, Engebo V became infested with skekfish, which devoured Jaffro and forced Nell to flee the planet with the agents.

Maddie Wood:  A bar tender at the local Inn on the planet Cyllene.  Beautiful, soft and kind. 

Anilidae:  A Falleen Imperial Inquisitor investigating the farming community of Cyllene.

Cora:  A mysterious old, human woman who haunts the woods around the colony on Cyllene. 

Daedelos:  A Iktotchi who lives in the wilds near the colony on Cyllene.

R2-T8:  The team's astromech.

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