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Dramatis Personae
Ryan Rand: Male Human from Taanab.  Britton's older brother.  Ryan is five years older than Britton.  When they were younger Ryan would take their father's physical abuse, shielding his younger two siblings.  However, he took off when he turned 18 to escape the abuse, promising Erin and Britton that he would return...he never did.

Erin Rand: Female Human from Taanab. Britton’s younger sister.  Erin is two years Britton’s younger.  After Ryan left, Erin attempted to stem the abuse aimed now solely at Britton.  Erin would attempt to distract her father when he flew into a rage.  Erin was free of the physical abuse and was, indeed, showered with gifts.  After both Britton and Erin left home they separated and Britton has yet to see her again.

Kelko Wald: Male Rodian from Rodia.  Britton's best friend.  Serve together in the Kothlis militia.  Britton and Kelko are the only non-Bothans in the militia.  Britton signed up at the same time as Kelko; since no Bothans would want to work with either of them, their commanding officer, Oktrem Ruk'fey, assigned them as partners; he would have denied their applications entirely, but the Empire forbids discrimination against humans, and though this doesn’t apply to Kelko, no one else would have wanted to work with Britton.  Excellent tracker.

Oktrem Ruk'fey: Male Bothan from Kothlis.  Captain of the Kothlis Planetary Militia, Captain Ruk'fey is a portly, unsympathetic Bothan.

Freeg Kannan: Male Human from Tatooine.  Moisture farmer who hired Britton and Kelko to guard his farm for a few days and grew fond of them.

Wald: Male Rodian from Tatooine.  Owner of "Wald's Parts," a junk shop on Tatooine.

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Re: Dramatis Personae
Britton Rand: Male Human from Taanab.  Skilled fighter.