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Tatooine: The Search for Obi-Wan
With no idea of where to start or who to ask in their search for this "Kenobi", Britton and Kelko wandered through the streets of Bestine.  As they were walking past a restaurant with some outdoor tables and seating, they suddenly heard a voice call out, "Hey Greenie!"  As they both turned towards the sound of the voice, they saw a trio of male Humans sitting at one of the tables, with swoop bikes parked behind them.  All three had their heads shaved, and each wore a sleeveless, unzipped leather vest.  They all had a sun tattooed on each of their biceps, and their skin was so tanned, they looked like they had probably grown up on Tatooine.  The two sitting closer to Britton and Kelko looked even younger than the two heroes, while the third was probably twice their age.

"Yeah, that's right, you bug-eyed, antennaed freak, I'm talking to you," one of the younger ones said to Kelko.  Kelko was starting to get visibly upset.

"Leave him alone, Sandswimmer," the older biker warned.

"Him?  How can you even tell?  Don't you mean it?" the other younger one asked, to which the older one glared.

"And no, I will not leave it alone," Sandswimmer said.  "I'm tired of these weirdos coming to my planet.  There's enough of them here already."

OOC: How does Britton respond (before Kelko does)?