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Name: (Your character's name, title, or alias)
Age: (Baby, Child, Adolescent, Adult, Venerable)
Gender: (Your character's gender)
Specie: (Your character's Specie)
Cutie Mark: (A description of your Pony's Cutie Mark if they have one)
Special Talent: (A description of what your character is most skilled in.  If you're a Pony, it should have something to do with their Cutie Mark.)
Occupation: (What your character does for a living.)

Appearance: (A description of your character's appearance.  You may also use an image, though a written description of things like height and other things is really helpful.)

Personality: (A brief description of your character's attitude and behavior.)

History: (A brief description of your character's past and what position they are in life at the moment.)

Other: (Any other useful information you may have about your character.  Quirks, fears, property they own, if they have family, etc.)

Secret Phrase: (Don't know what this is?  Then you need to go back and read the Rules to make sure.  The Rules page was custom made for this game given the unique nature of MLP:FIM, so there are some special ones made just for this game that aren't universal across all RPOL games.)

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-=Playable Species=-

-Common Species-
Pony (Earth/Crystal Pony, Pegasus, Unicorn)

-Uncommon Species-
Diamond Dog

-Rare Species-
Bat Pegasus
Flutter Pony
Sea Pony
Dragon, Young

Other species may be available upon request and approval by GM.

-=Unique Species=-

Unique Species are not available to players under normal conditions, but may be offered in the case of very specific scenarios.

-=Non Playable Species=-


Dragon, Adult
Ursa Minor/Major

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-=Character Index=-
MLP has, if nothing else, a vast array of characters just waiting to be played.  Nearly all of the characters from the show are available and OC Ponies are okay as well with consideration for their design.  Though remember, if you can't think up a good OC on your own, there's a plethora of Background Ponies who have names and appearances but lack personalities!  Feel free to adopt one of them as your own and build their persona as you see fit.

Take a look!  There's tons of them!

Also, this is a great resource for making a picture of your own unique Pony!  This flash-based pony builder is very popular and with good reason, so feel free to make use of it for your profile picture.

-=Character Tags=-
GM: The Game Master
Player: The individual players of the game
NPC: Non-Player Characters, generally controlled by the GM or specific players.  NPCs come and go as they are needed and may be readily adopted by any user to become a Player Character.
GM Character: A character run the same way as a Player would do, but controlled by the GM rather than another user.  Done for setting-important characters or ones that the GM just wanted to call dibs on.
GM NPC: A NPC played by the GM with substantial characterization or plot-related developments made.  These NPCs may still be adopted by other users, but past characterization must be maintained.
Adventure Zone: A Temporary Character or NPC made specifically for involvement in an Adventure Zone plot line.

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-=Setting and Locations=-

The game takes place in the magical land of Equestria, a region inhabited by a wide variety of species but primarily Ponies.  While there are many notable locations all around the land, the game itself focuses on the cozy town of Ponyville, seated just south of the nation's capital city; Canterlot.

Originally founded many generations ago when the first settlers were allowed to move into the region, Ponyville started out as a small farming stop along the Equestrian Railroad but soon bloomed into a bustling town.  It grew from there to become the quaint, relatively peaceful community we have today.  Ponyville is home to hundreds of Ponies and other species as well.

At the center of the community is Town Hall where the local government functions under the care of Mayor Mare and her board of representatives.  Beyond that, Ponyville can be suitably divided into three portions: The Business District, The Residential District, and the Borders.

-=Business District=-
The Business District is where all the commerce of Ponyville takes place.  The various permanent shops and stores are clustered together in the same general area of town, making it easy to do your shopping in one stop.  There are a few exceptions to this, primarily in cases where a Pony's store is also their home.  While the streets are usually kept clear, there will often be small bazaars and swap meets set up around the neighboring railway via stalls, carts, and temporary stands when new goods come into town.

-=Residential District=-
The Residential District is where all the citizens of Ponyville live.  It's a much broader span than the Business District as it encompasses the bulk of Ponyville.  Homes mostly rest together beyond the Businesses District but are also widely scattered all about the area -- some are even quite far beyond the town's limits, such as Fluttershy's Cottage or Cranky Doodle's Cabin.

-=The Borders=-
The Borders refers to any part of Ponyville that is not Business or Residential explicitly.  Locations like Sweet Apple Acres, the Schoolhouse, the Railway, and other private properties fall under this category.
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The economy of Equestria uses coin currency -- Gold Coins called "Bits" and Copper Coins called "Penny".  Pennys are a lesser form of currency and are not commonly used -- Bits are the standard by which purchases are made.  While the exact value of Bits is questionable and doesn't usually mesh well with real-world currencies for comparison, we'll be equating a Bit to a United States Dollar value for the sake of consistency.  Paper money does not exist, but there are bank notes of marked value that are essentially redeemable IOUs that businesses will use in lieu of large sacks of coin.  Civilians also use them, but it's not as common.  20, 50, and 100 Bit Bank Notes are the most prevalent in large business transactions, and values higher than 100 Bits tend to be made through the banking system directly.

1 Bit = 1 Dollar
1 Penny = 10 US Cents

Thus, in Equestria for the case of this game:

10 Pennys = 1 Bit

There are also gems and jewels in Equestria, but they do not appear to have any standard value as currency.  They are prized for their beauty and often used in fashion, but do not seem to play a part in the economy.  As such, they are not expressed as being particularly valuable beyond any other luxury item and cannot take the place of currency directly.

Besides coin currency, Bartering is also a popular form of economy in Equestria, particularly in small communities like Ponyville.  The free trade of goods and services for each other is very common, as is haggling for prices with local vendors.  It's up to the involved parties to decide upon going rates and the value of their services.  If there is ever an issue that arises from a disagreement that the two parties cannot resolve on their own, they can ultimately take the case to Town Hall where it will be decided for them.

While most Ponies are perfectly content with keeping their money in their own possession, businesses or wealthy individuals more frequently make use of the Equestrian National Bank.  In towns with local government (such as Ponyville's Town Hall), Ponies can give their money to the town treasurer, who will file the deposit and records which are in turn delivered to the national treasury in Canterlot.  All major currency lines flow through the capital city and the Equestrian First Bank is stationed there as well.

Credit lines, insurance, and loans all exist as well to varying degrees and rates depending on how they are accessed.  It's generally not something 90% of the population ever has to worry about though.

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-=IRC Channel=-

Thanks goes to Princess Luna for setting this up for us.

Everypony! IRC News: I went and registered our Channel. It now persists with nopony there. I suggest everpony get used to nickserv  and identifying oneself through it if they wish to hang out with your cool princess on the IRC/Moon!

(or just use the automatic functions for autoidentification/channel joining in Mibbit.com's web client)

When using Mibbit.com or other IRC clients, the channel is: irc.ircstorm.net

Some helpful tutorials from your Princess of the Night

"Java Chat Method":
Click 'Chat' at the top of the RPOL main page It will auto-connect you to RPOL's Room in the server. To get into Ponyville, type "/join #Ponyville"

If you wish to set a nickname other than the default RPOL Username, type "/nick name"

To register the name so that nopony else can take it and pretend to be you...
"/nickserv REGISTER (Desired Password here) (Email Address Here)"

From then on,w henever you or anyone else changes your name TO that name, you'll be given a time limit to Identify for it - you do this by typing...
"/nick (nickname you have registered)" to set your name, and then

"/nickserv IDENTIFY (Password)"  to identify yourself as its owner.

For those using Mibbit, you can set the following up to have an easier time of logging in and out.
"Mibbit Stuff for Ponies who Like Frogchat":
Create an account, you can sign into it from anywhere, and it'll have your settings and such right there for you! Convenience!

First, go to Channels option once logged into the client - add a new channel, and in server, enter 'irc.ircstorm.net', in Channels, enter #Ponyville, and check autoconnect if you want. Click save to save the info.  If you set autoconnect, everytime you load the client it will automatically connect to the server and log you into Ponyville. Otherwise, come to the Channels Menu and click the connect now button to the right of the information. You can close this tab once connected.

Follow the steps for registering your nickname above, in the Java Chat directions. Once it's registered, however, click on 'Account' in Mibbit, and go to 'My IRC Accounts'. Add an entry,and enter server 'irc.ircstorm.net., your User Name, and the password you used for it. Leave Auth method at Nickserv, and don't touch Charset. Save it. Now, everytime you connect to IRCstorm, it will automatically set your Nickname and authenticate it.

I just have a few rules on my Moon. Standard decency, love and tolerance, and I get to banish trolls to the sun for a while. I don't foresee any problems with my little ponies, though.

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