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RTJ Status and Requirements
Current RTJ Status: Open until Thursday 7/26/2018 at noon EDT (4pm UTC) Closed

Current Party:
1. Mirabella - Human Arcane Caster

Before we begin, I'll let you in on a little secret.  Presentation matters.  If you give me a nicely completed RTJ and use proper formatting and dress it up with a little effort, it'll go a long way toward keeping your RTJ from being summarily discarded.  Bothering to read the other threads will also help greatly.

A Bit About Me: I'm a long term player and GM that's been involved, to some degree or another, with RPGs since about six years old.  Now, many, many years later, I've had long runs as a bad GM, a bad player, and shorter runs as good versions of those.  I certainly have my flaws, but I've been working hard on them in the last few years and I've achieved some pretty decent results.  I'm a little all-over-the-map with my interests, but find it easiest to stick with games that set a good pace.

I work in quality and compliance (which is horribly boring) and have to deal with a handful of audits per year along with various legal matters.  I have a couple of kids (twins) that are almost real people now (they're 12).  In June, I went on a cruise through a bunch of Alaska that I'll be using as inspiration for all sorts of horrible problems during mountain travel.

The Situation: My success rate with playing in games on RPOL that promise "from 1 to 20" or "the entire AP" has been precisely 0%.  It's just too ambitious a goal and the attrition I've found in Pathfinder games has been abysmal.  Even with that being the truth, I'm departing from my normal RTJ practices with a longer form.  I know it's an investment from you, the prospective player, with no promise of reward.  You have my sympathies.  On the other hand, I'm looking for people that want to make something happen and are willing to put some effort into it.  Maybe that will give me better results?

The Objective: This game will tell the story of an apocalyptic attack on a kingdom that's been long at peace.  The PCs will have the chance to escape the core of the apocalypse, rally forces, and eventually attempt to restore the peace of the kingdom.  The game will start at level 5 and run through level 8-10 (depending on the activities the players choose to do).

The RTJ: Below is the RTJ form.  I highly, highly suggest you go read the other threads and get a feel for what I'm looking for with this game before you apply.  I also encourage you to get a feel for the parameters on character creation and make your submission fit into that box.  If you can't handle the rules for nuisance battle resolution or the character creation restrictions, just don't apply.  You'll be wasting everyone's time.  Also, please don't ask me about character roles or for what everyone else is playing.  Submit the character you want to play and write for.  I may offer some limited ability to tweak things once I've selected the most promising characters, but those characters should remain true to the concept I was offered.

1. Tell me a bit about yourself, as a person or as a player.

2. Tell me about the best moment you ever had as a player in a tabletop RPG.

3. What's the most successful game you've been in on RPOL (or another PBP site)?  What makes you call it successful?

4. What are you looking for in this game?

5. Give me a short summary of your character.  Obviously, you should include a name, but also tell me about your choice of race, class, archetype, etc.  What are the major characteristics of this character?  How do they fit into the world?  You don't have to have exact classes/archetypes locked down, but I'd like to hear about capabilities and focus, if nothing else.

6. Keeping in mind your character concept, tell me about the worst thing that character has ever done.  What is their darkest secret?  Their greatest skeleton?  Do they regret it?

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RTJ Status and Requirements
The application period is now officially closed.  If someone pops in within the next hour or so, I'll still consider them, but otherwise I'll be sitting down to review applications after lunch.  I received a lot of quality applications and will be responding to every one of them.