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Thu 19 Apr 2012
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Character Creation Guidelines
Hi Folks,

Initial Stats:
Please feel free to choose an option that works for you:
32 Point Buy (Standard D&D set up)
4d6 drop the lowest
Or similar system -

Character Level is 1st as you already know.

Based upon your concept, we'll build the characters in that direction.

I normally use a Condensed Skill list, hybrid of Pathfinder/35e/4e, but if people want to use the RSRD version instead, I'm willing. Your choice.
Condensed Skill List would be:
Perception (Which would include Spot, Listen and Search)
Thievery (Instead of Sleight of Hand and Open Locks)
Stealth (Instead of Move Silently and Hide).

Character Points:
Pretty much every one has 48 Character Points (CP) to spend, but as this is a growth game, we'll spend them as we go.

You may take Duties which will grant an additional 2 CP per level (starting at 1st)
Disadvantages (You may select three) and that will add 10 CP

Level 0: 24 CP
Bonus Feat @ Level 0: 6 CP
Human Feat: 6 CP
Disadvantages x3: 10 CP

TOTAL = 46 CP OR 40 (If not Human)

Level 1: 24 CP
Duties: +2

Hit Points:
HD + Constitution Modifier.

Questions? Toss them my way.

Source Books for reference materials:
  • PHB (Core Races, and explanation of Skills. All Spells Available)
  • Spell Compendium (Spells)
  • The Psychic's Handbook [From Green Ronin] (Different set of Skills)
  • Eclipse: The Codex Persona -
      Pretty much everything you'll need to build the character is in this book.
  • The Practical Enchanter -
      An additional resource for spell casters and a few interesting tools.

Condensed Skill List
Acrobatics = Balance + Escape Artist (DEX) + Tumble
Athletics = Climb + Jump + Swim + Escape Artist (STR)
Deception = Bluff + Disguise
Perception = Search + Spot + Listen
Persuasion = Diplomacy + Intimidation
Stealth = Hide + Move Silently
Linguistics = Decipher Script + Forgery
Thievery = Disable Device + Open Locks + Pick Pocket / Sleight of Hand
Insight = Sense Motive
Arcana = Spellcraft + Knowledge: Arcana
Survival *New = Knowledge: Dungeoneering + Knowledge: Nature
Endurance = Concentration + covers things that would fall under 'enduring'
* If a skill isn't on the above list, then it's unmodified. A full list of skills is found here:

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Wed 30 May 2012
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Re: Character Creation Guidelines
Level 1 -

48 Base CP (Or +24 CP from Level 0)
02 Duties
12 Bonus Feat (Level 0 and Level 1)
10 Disadvantages
72 Total

Humans gain an additional 6 CP (for 78 CP)

Level 2 -
24 Base
02 Duties
06 Bonus Feat
32 Total for Level 2

Level 3 -
24 Base
02 Duties
26 Total

I do a bonus feat every even level, so progression is speedy (32 / 26 / etc.)
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Tue 16 Oct 2012
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Re: Character Creation Guidelines

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