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Fri 4 Jul 2014
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Weekly Immortal Rumour Mill
Something I used to do and to commit to at least getting more regular with posts the Weekly Immortal Rumor Mill.  Once a week the Immortal PC will receive a personal rumor pertaining to their Portfolio and their current affairs as well as public knowledge displayed here along with recent updates to the wiki.
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Mon 6 Apr 2015
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Re: Weekly Immortal Rumour Mill
The Games of Divinity are games played by the Gods in their Jade Pleasure Dome in the city of Yu-Shan. The Games are not games manipulating the lives of mortals. (although the games do affect the mortal world)  Playing the games is integral to the function of reality and existence.  The Games are largely played only the highest Gods, Primordials and Supernals although lesser powers may occasionally play a move as payment for a very large service.

The Games of Divinity are highly addictive; at least since the Usurpation when the major Hierarch Powers beat the Primordials. Ever since the Gods have been absorbed in the games themselves and letting Creation fall by the wayside. This negligence has spread throughout Creation and caused a variety of problems which have been growing worse as time passes.

Few immortals have seen the inside of the Jade Dome of the Eternal Game and the Dome is protected by Supernal level defenses. The game is addictive, and immortals who witness the game will obsess over it. It appears to be more addictive the more powerful you are.  Memory crystals of the game are sold in Yu-Shan in black markets. The sale of these crystals is a cosmic crime.

Game of Worlds

Some would say the Game of Worlds is separate from the Games of Divinity as now the hands of mortals have been seen moving the pieces. The players in any case have remained the same for the past few ages of immortal time. Rabum Alal, the Ivory Kings, Mapmakers and the Builders. Rumour is the rules have changed and at this point its anyone's game.
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Thu 10 Sep 2015
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Re: Weekly Immortal Rumour Mill
Chaos Wars, Eternity Wars, Hellswars, Time Wars. The Chronicler sat in a room viewing the conflicts on several monitors.

The death of one multiverse gave rise to another until it became too much to keep up with. Finally he looked beyond the Web of Time outside the Wheel of Ages. The Sixth had given rise to a new season the Seventh Age, yet even the Ninth could be seen in the Chroniclers monitor room.

One monitor displayed a city scene, the title across the screen

Trans-Temporal Convergence Zone

Most of the multiverse had been destroyed, recreated over and over yet in the TTCZ several cities were saved from across the ages.

Who saved the cities? What cities were saved? Questions remained unanswered.
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Sun 3 Jul 2016
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Re: Weekly Immortal Rumour Mill
Hi everyone, Tony here.

I apologize for the confusion and frustration surrounding the inactivity of the game and...long story short, I am making moves to make the game more accessible in the future. We have a lot more to deliver and there is exciting stuff on the horizon that I want to deliver to you fine folks.

Thank-you for your patience I had grown a little discouraged when no one posted in the Roll Call Thread as there are three active players still bouncing around here I think with some other players on the periphery.

The game has been on hold in development limbo but as Chiav Thur suggested its time to return to the Weekly Immortal Rumour Mill I will try to post these once a week  to keep everyone updated on the progress of the game.

I encourage any existing players to post in the Roll Call thread so we can begin to move towards building the game.

With the conclusion of the Eternity Wars an unknown force emerged from a flaw in time forcing the Gates of Creation to close and virtually levels Yu-Shan. The Games of Divinity are destroyed.  This annihilated the threshold realms and in its wake the many divine and cosmic powers, the infernal and abyssal lords, ultraterrestrials and assorted primordial entities reforged themselves in the Uncreated Night newly reborn.

The Lords of the Dawn concluded that the best defense is distance. The Trans Temporal Convergence Zone was formed out of the old Greyuis Phade Phoid Zone and the Sacred Fogs shaping a space filled with other worlds and suns. Many of the people and realms who had been swallowed up in the attack are reborn as alien races and worlds. Other portions of reality were saved and from the remnants a new multiverse could be born.

Weekly Immortal Update Goals

The idea here is to present weekly news of what your fellow immortals have been up to. Cosmic events of note, the birth of new worlds, new gods and there will be design logs of what I am working on just to get things out there and so I can get feedback. I will be updating the wiki in time however will try to focus more on RPOL and let you know what pages are updated on the wiki in this thread.

Lords of the Dawn & The Returned Gods

Those that post in the Roll Call thread for the month of December will be added to a Pantheon of Immortals worshiped on countless worlds. The Lords of the Dawn are those immortals that somehow survived and assisted in the recreation of the multiverse. You will have more influence in the creation of the game, gain Pantheon allies, be able to pool Legend and more.

The pantheon is a variation of the Dawn War Pantheon from D&D and will include additional characters. If you have more than one character please note that each player is only allowed one character to be a member of the Lords of the Dawn.

The Returned Gods are those who have played The Games of Divinity before having participated in the game before. New players must work to build their Legend while those who have played before may gain benefit from their existing legendary status. However they must work to keep it lest they fall into obscurity and eventually be written in the Book of Forgotten Powers.

Lords of the Dawn will have a Tower or equivalent building or structure of your design.  All memories regarding the Tower are gone except for hazy visions regarding the building of the Tower itself and a strange knowledge that it is yours. This functions as your Wellspring a font of Primal energy from which you can regrow your Home Plane.

The Returned Gods memories are in tatters just like the fragments of the multiverse. You don't have any real knowledge of the ending of the game your character was present in - and even then, at the GM's discretion, you might not remember anything.

You do not retain any magical artifacts or the like when you are reborn. You will have to find them (if they survived in the Convergence Zone) or create them again.

Do not presume your Realm is as you remember it. In fact, it's safest to assume that everything has changed - maybe in small ways, maybe in great ways. It will of course be very similar, but things will have shifted, and the GM reserves every right to throw surprises at you. Hell, the GM will be striving to throw the craziest surprises towards the Returned Gods.

In Conclusion...

There is more to come. I have invited new players to this game and the next weekly update will reveal how the call was answered. Its a game in progress of being play tested and designed so again thanks for your patience and I hope to see more players soon.

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Tue 13 Dec 2016
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Re: Weekly Immortal Rumour Mill
Thank-you to everyone who have shown interest in this game. I am excited to see participation and discussion going on and look forward to what we can create. We have had five new participants request access to the game although not all have been active. I suspect some are lurking watching and waiting to see how this will take shape. For some it has become a bit overwhelming. To those I say any advice or thoughts you can provide will be of help so please feel free to say hi in the OOC thread post your concerns we will see what we can do.

In addition to the five new faces we have three returning players/GM from our past game. Thanks to you for sticking around I invite you to watch and see what develops. I understand it can be overwhelming to completely redo a character but my intention is to preserve much of what happened before only make things better.

There are many elemets of the game to design but I want to try to keep us focused so as we settle things I will update the Tablet of Destinies thread to be the most current state of the rules of the game. Before we get too far into how different Gifts work we need to complete a basic idea how our dice mechanics, level, & rank work. Let's make that a goal for next weeks update.

Thanks again for your participation there is a lot more to come.
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Thu 29 Dec 2016
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Re: Weekly Immortal Rumour Mill
Hope everyone is having a good holiday. I expect we have all been busy with that time of year and when things calm down I will be posting more. Looking forward to some feedback on the levels and ranks.

I look forward to starting up in the new year.

Seasons Greetings to all.

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Mon 16 Jan 2017
at 07:22
Re: Weekly Immortal Rumour Mill
Happy New Year to everyone and its back to this project again sorry for the interruption but holidays have been busy and its taken me awhile to get back into routine.

Here is what I plan on working on over the next week.

Character Creation

I will be cleaning up the Tablet of Destinies threads which will be the current rules updates as we go.  Also the best way to work on the game is to start designing gods so I want to start creating Apotheosis threads for players to design there gods/characters while posting some NPC's in the Roll Call thread to show examples as not all players want their characters information made public but want to see examples of how they might be built.  I have quite an extensive character sheet with a lot of background details I can post an example of one but there is a lot of info it could cover so I wonder if we should just work on small parts of it gradually.

Please remember you are not required to make a character to help in the design of the game but it makes it more fun if you do. Also I am curious about what RPG settings players are familiar with. My intention is to cover multiple settings an Omniverse of worlds is at our fingertips.

We will have to start discussing the basic powers "Gifts" a beginning immortal character should have. From there the additional Gifts for each Level.


Someone asked about Pantheons and yes that will be a discussion topic I will be creating to answer that. Each of you that makes a character will be all in one Pantheon and we will build the other ones.

Thread Types

One thing Xanthe mentioned was having a hard time keeping track of avatars and the assorted champions, chosen, proxies and assorted minions and the way we used to play was each character had their own thread for their own plots and certain characters that were working together had their own thread but most of the time one player could not see what the other players were doing and it created more work for the GM. Looking at the Theogenesis game here on RPOL made me rethink how we can do threads as they had a different approach. I'll be putting up some info on how we can better organize our threads.

Roll Call

Like I said the best way to work this out will be to start designing some NPC characters that are for public viewing no secrets just so we can all see an example of different types of characters. I have several in mind that I'd like to work on in the next month or so but feel free to make suggestions. I want to create different ones from different sources to get a variety some of the ones I am leaning towards include: Tiamat, Bast, Loki, Asmodeus, Thanos, Living Tribunal, Darkseid, Athena, Anubis, Lucifer, Jack Frost, Q

Book of Forgotten Powers

This will be a thread for listing those inactive players marked for deletion and how we will handle Dead Gods and the Vestige of their remaining power in the game.

Thanks again and looking forward to getting this project moving this year!
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Fri 13 Oct 2017
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Re: Weekly Immortal Rumour Mill
Hi everyone! Again I want to thank those of you who stuck by and supported the game in our various incarnations. I am looking forward with anticipation to reviving the game. Right now I am writing this out from my friends computer but I hope to set things up this weekend when I can sit on my own computer. My intention is to use Pathfinder Suzerain Continuum and Godbound along with some of my own ideas for character creation both can be downloaded for free on the web but I intend to post much of what I will be using here. As before it will be open playtest and a work in progress as those games only allow one to progress so far and I have ideas on how it can be extended to higher levels.

I hope to get more up this weekend again thank you for your patience.