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Sat 14 May 2016
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Tablet of Destinies: Roll Call (RTJ)
Something we used to do & I thought it worked well. Because of the nature of the gods their plans often take ages some remain behind the scenes. When it seems the game is running slow you can request a Roll Call. The Roll Call serves to allow the Games of Divinity to continue.

Any player may call for a Roll Call in this thread and all still playing the game must answer within this thread with their RTJ which consists of a basic introduction to your character. Players that don't respond in that month will be marked for deletion and their names added to The Book of Forgotten Powers.

This thread also serves as a Request to Join this game and get you on the path. New players and new Primary NPC's will be added here.

Your RTJ and Roll Call should include the following:

Character Name

An axiom is a statement that is taken to be true. These are eternal truths that even other immortal powers are bound by them and changing them is no easy task.  Choose one to three eternal truths about your character. Axioms are a phrase, a quote, or a sentence that defines a truth about a character. Axioms are colored blue so that it is clear you are invoking them. Any time your Axiom applies to a situation you gain a +4 to your roll.  Axioms do not stack, if you have multiple axioms that may apply you can only choose one.   Axiom's are not something that can be hidden from other immortals it is a cosmic truth. Axioms can be placed on characters, locations, and artifacts. Axioms can lead to purchasing special knowledge or uncovering new Gifts and can be used a variety of ways.

Level: New original characters must begin at the first level - Godling unless you are a Returned God (Have played the game before).  You may play an existing character at a higher level but it must be approved by the GM.

Power Levels Godling, Exalt, Demipower, Lesser, Intermediate, Greater, Primordial, Supernal)

Rank: Your rank is a measure of how many Challenges you have completed earning a victory. The details of how this works is still under construction but modeled after Divine Ranks as they appeared in D&D's Deities & Demigods (3rd Edition)

Sphere of Influence: (X) (X=Number of Spheres held) (Sphere is your expertise what you are the "god of" of course not all immortals necessarily have spheres and spheres are earned through Challenges.)  Godlings start with one Lesser Sphere and one Greater Sphere.

Alignment: Lawful/Chaos Good/Evil / Neutral
Pantheons: You may belong to at least one pantheon.

Note: Anytime something changes in your RTJ (New Axiom, gaining a Level, Rank, Sphere or Pantheon you must also update it here for public viewing.) You may choose to add whatever additional information here making it available to be seen by the entirety of the immortal hosts.

Also: I will be posting some Primary NPC Immortals character info here so to give you an idea of what a character sheet will look like.

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Sat 14 May 2016
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Tablet of Destinies: Roll Call (RTJ)

The Overgod, Hidden One, Creator of the Crystal Spheres
Level: Primordial
Rank: 21
Sphere of Influence: Creation, Divine Governance (2)
Role: Keeper of the Tablet of Destinies, Overgod of Parliament of Pantheons
Symbol: None Ao is rarely worshiped
Alignment: True Neutral
Pantheons: Parliament of Pantheons

If it were not for Ao's involvement in the Time of Troubles, he would most likely be forgotten by mortals.  Once again the Tablet had been rewritten at the conclusion of the sixth great maelstrom and hence began the seventh iteration of the multiverse.

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Sun 3 Jul 2016
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Tablet of Destinies: Roll Call (RTJ)
The Chromatic Dragon, Queen of Evil Dragons, Chaos Mother
Level: Intermediate
Rank: 11
Spheres: Conquest, Destruction, Dragons, Greed, Oceans, Primordial Chaos, Vengeance, Wealth formerly Salt Water & Abominations (8)
Role: Ruler of  Dragonspawn Pits of Azharul in Avernus
Symbol: Five Headed Dragon
Alignment: Tiamat is truly Lawful Evil however on some worlds she is worshiped as Goddess of Primordial Chaos and sometimes mistaken to be Chaotic Evil. While her actions may seem chaotic at times it is merely the flipside of the lawful need for order by having its opposite ring true.
Pantheons: Annunaki, Draconic Pantheon, Faerūnian Pantheon, Lords of the Dawn, Lords of Hell, Shabiran Pantheon formerly Untheric Pantheon

While some believed Tiamat to be killed in the Sixth Age the truth was that Tiamat was one of the original Lords of the Dawn that defeated the Primordials in the Dawn War and as such was reborn in the Seventh Age.

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