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Tablet of Destinies: Character Creation
Character Creation Is Play

Many roleplaying games propose a simple idea: you create characters, then you begin to play.

It’s even simpler than that.  Character creation is ongoing, its part of the game itself.  It's a role playing game but its also a world creation game, a strategy game of immortal politics but it also can be one of exploring the multiverse, fighting titans, monsters, uncovering secrets many things are possible within the Games of Divinity.

Layers of game play include:

Apotheosis - Advancement of your character by taking Challenges and earning Gifts. The research and planning of these rites is critical to the success of the aspiring immortal. Thus character creation is ongoing and being developed in private threads where the Immortal builds up their power base, secrets, challenges and victories.

Adventuring - Besides advancing themselves immortals have their own lives that lead to amazing adventures. Traveling and exploring the multiverse, even navigating the politics of the other immortals to increasing the spread of ones sphere of influence. These all lead to adventures all across the multiverse. These take place in the main threads where the immortals can begin to explore the myriad realms of Creation.

World Building - The Immortal's Servitors, Allies, Enemies, Artifacts, Planes controlled, the Resources of the immortal can be detailed over time.  The more detail you add the more your immortal contributes to the game world and is rewarded with influence over it.


An axiom is a statement that is taken to be true. These are eternal truths that even other immortal powers are bound by them and changing them is no easy task.  Choose one to three eternal truths about your character. Axioms are a phrase, a quote, or a sentence that defines a truth about a character. Axioms are colored blue so that it is clear you are invoking them. Any time your Axiom applies to a situation you gain a +4 to your roll.  Axioms do not stack, if you have multiple axioms that may apply you can only choose one.   Axiom's are not something that can be hidden from other immortals it is a cosmic truth. Axioms can be placed on characters, locations, and artifacts. Axioms can lead to purchasing special knowledge or uncovering new Gifts and can be used a variety of ways.

    Level & Scale

The Immortal powers can be ranked by Levels. Each Level confers a number of benefits.

Vestige: A Vestige is a Dead Power it has no Sphere's 0 Legend Points and represents a Dead Power it is listed in the Book Of Dead Powers. If a character becomes marked for deletion their names are written in the Book of Dead Powers. As Immortals it is always possible that they will rise again reborn.

Quasi-Power: With just enough primal energy to keep them going, Quasi-Powers are the bottom of the pecking order when it comes to immortals.

Example Quasi-Powers:

    Angelic Choir - Principalities: The third sphere of angels they are the guardian angels of cities, nations and rulers.
    Angelic Choir - Powers: they guard against the invasion of evil angels.
    Immortal races: Some races bestow basic immortality and includes Asgardians, Olympians, Watchers, Monitors etc.
    Additional Powers: Beowulf, Sigurd, Gilgamesh, the greatest Egyptian Pharaohs, perhaps even figures like Buddha and Mohammed.

Exarch: Many immortals spend all their lives training to attain this state of apotheosis. Exarch's are also called Initiates as they have finally completed their first Great Challenge. They are usually sent by a higher-ranking immortal when it comes time to provide visions to worshipers, carry messages to people on hillsides, assist in local jihads, or otherwise assist their sponsor.

Example Exarch's

   Angelic Choir - Virtues: Known as the ‘brilliant’ or “shinning” ones, they are associated with acts of heroism and bring courage when needed. The Second sphere of angels.
   Angelic Choir - Dominions: their job is to regulate the duties of the other Angels and ensure the great works of creation are being carried out.
   Sidereal Exalted: are the champions of the Five Maidens. They are savants and astrologers as well as matchless martial artists. They are the administrators and maintainers of Creation, specifically charged by the Five Maidens to oversee the Loom of Fate and the management of destiny.
   Dukes of Hell: These infernal beings hold many positions of power within Hell's hierarchy.
   Other Exarch's: Arvoreen, Brandobaris, Garagos, Malar, The Red Knight, Sharess

Demipower: Once initiates get their spheres of influence and generally prove their worth and staying power, they make the rank of demigod. The initiates will move from their planes of origin to live on one of their sponsors controlled planes. However, they often continue to meddle quite a bit in the affairs of their planes of origin, especially if they still have friends there, or are interested in the politics at home. Demipower's are often used as intermediaries between their power and church officials on various planes of existence.

Example Demipowers

    Asura ranas: These fiends are born from divine mistakes and try to lead pious folk astray.
    The Eldest: Powerful Fae entities from the First World, the Eldest pay little attention to their mortal worshipers.
    Four Horsemen: These powerful daemons rule Abaddon, and are served by harbingers.
    Assorted Demipowers: Finder Wyvernspur, Hercules, Wonder Woman

Lesser: A Lesser power is a demigod who either has acquired control of a plane or is being supported by a higher-ranking immortal. Both of these circumstances increase the amount of Legend available. By the time immortals reach Lesser status they've probably got armies of followers. With their new power and their assistants, the newly promoted immortals can seriously expand their own religions.

While quasi-powers and demipowers might have some worshipers and a couple of minor temples, lesser powers are likely to begin large-scale missionary efforts to spread their religions to other cultures and planes. By the time they reach this rank, immortals have few direct mortal ties, and should have attracted fairly elite cadres of minions, ordained warriors, and priests to help manage their growing religions.

Example Lesser Powers:

    Dimension Lords: Agamotto, Dormammu, Trigon
    Assorted Lesser Powers: Anhur, Auril, Circe, Hathor, Oberon, Merlin, Phantom Stranger, Sycorax, Thanatos, Torm

Intermediate: When an immortal manages to turn a plane into a home plane, that's the sign that he or she is now an Intermediate power.  Usually at this point immortals will formally break ties with the divine beings who have been their mentors, and stand on their own as full members of the pantheon. At this point, they will be offered places in any appropriate pantheons and divine councils.

Intermediate powers will almost certainly have many Faiths and be worshiped on a number of different worlds. In fact it is very common for them to be known under different aliases. While this can be as insignificant as a mere change of name or pronunciation, sometimes a god can be regarded by their followers as being an entirely different persona; race; sex or shape.

Example Intermediate Powers:

    Assorted Intermediate Powers: Aphrodite, Gond, Hachiman, Hephaestus, Lolth, Morrigan, Selune, Oghma, Raiden, Thoth

Greater: Also called the Hierarch powers, the Archigenitors, supreme beings or creator powers. These immortals control at least five planes, including his or her home plane. As named they are creator gods having created worlds and planes. Primordial architects who shaped the cosmos with their very being. The embodiment of the layers, planes and dimensions which comprise a given reality. Here time does not exist, nor does life the way most beings know it. These greater powers are the definitive authorities in their spheres of influence, at least within their pantheons and hold many important positions in immortal society.

It is unlikely that two greater powers will have their realms on the same planar layer. Its also unlikely that two greater deities from a similar type of immortal group (such as a Council or Pantheon) will have their realms within the same plane. It is virtually unheard of for a greater deity to dwell upon the earthly plane. However, if they did they would almost certainly come to rule over an entire planet given sufficient time.

No character should ever be allowed to replace or become a Greater immortal without the approval of all other members of that particular pantheon. This is part of the Great Challenge to ascend to the Greater level.

Example Greater Powers

   Assorted Greater Powers: Corellon Larethian, Darkseid, Moradin, Odin, Set, Vishnu, Zeus

Overpower: Also called Externals, or simply Primals they rarely court worship for a number of reasons. Firstly, many were imprisoned prior to the existence of mortal races, as such, can only interact with mortals through their dreams, and vice versa. Secondly, the amount of effort required to amass a body or worshipers that would make any significant impact to the immortal hosts divine status is astronomical.  Meaning that most would more likely devour a few immortals instead.  These beings are incredibly powerful cosmic creatures, however, their existence is threatened by equally powerful forces.

Example Overpowers:

    Primordial Races: Elder Gods, Uncreated, Adamic Dragons, the time-warping Nths; the Ivory Kings, the Builders, among many more.
    Assorted Overpowers: Ao, Destiny, Gaea, Living Tribunal

Supernal: Supernal beings are multiversal powers, the disparate components of an entire actuality manifest in a single being. While they encompass both good and evil, such concepts are either alien or irrelevant to them. They exist outside factors like entropy; fate or time. However, to manifest their power they must still operate within these crude fundamentals. They no longer serve spheres of influence and their motives and methods are alien and unknowable.

Sometimes called meta-terrestrials or ultra-terrestrials, to creatures of the lower dimensions they appear almost incomprehensible, like overlapping images seen through a broken mirror. The Primordials call them the High Lords.  Occasionally a high lord will attempt to penetrate the great wall, Kuvachim, the ninth age, to challenge the supreme being who dwells in the tenth. Only beings with infinite strength can hope to escape the ensnarement of the great wall.

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Tablet of Destinies: Character Creation
~Advanced Character Sheet~

In your Apotheosis thread you will work on your character sheet. There is a lot that can go into your character and how much you wish to develop is up to you. Only the first section is needed for a new character to join. Your character cannot use anything in game unless it is recorded on their character sheet first and approved by a Game Master.

Sections may be secret or unrevealed

Level: From Vestige to Supernal (See Above)
Rank: Full Rank recorded here (remember it may be less or more depending on where you are /thread your in)
Spheres: Portfolio, aspect of reality you have control over. Each Sphere is a Quest completed.
Role: Any position of power you hold in immortal politics
Symbol: Describe your holy symbols if any - Anything bearing your symbol you are able to describe/have some control over, perceive its immediate surroundings etc.
Alignment: Maybe keep this I don't know because some exist beyond concepts of morality.

Identity & Form

True Name: True Name may be Secret, Unrevealed, Unknown or listed here
Other Aliases: Additional aliases known by
Former Aliases: Previous aliases known by
Dual Identity: Sometimes powers are mistaken for other beings but here lies the truth that sometimes two different immortals are actually one and the same being. This may be secret, unknown or unrevealed
True Form: The true form of the immortal, again could be secret, unknown or unrevealed
Avatar Form: If you have the Avatar Gift you can describe what the avatars look like, you may describe where they are located.
Other Manifestations: If you appear in a dream or vision how might you appear to mortals?

Influence & Reach

Location: Where does the character have influence? Does he travel around a lot? Stay in his home plane?
Place of Birth: Where was your character born? Alternatively you could list where they gained their immortality.
Home Plane: If you are an Intermediate Power you gain a Home Plane or if you have completed the necessary Quests you may detail your Home Plane. If you have a Plane but it is not yet your Home Plane it is listed below.
Other Controlled Planes: Additional Realms under your control.

Allies & Enemies

Sponsor: Who helped set you on the path of immortality? The head of your pantheon? Possibly your parents if you were born immortal.
Known Relatives: Family members of note
Known Confidants: Closest allies you trust
Known Allies: Additional allies. Note these are allies not your minions. These are either other immortals or very powerful mortals that you are allied with.
Pantheons: Pantheons that you belong to tied to your worshipers and followers
Councils: Groups or factions you belong to tied to covenants and your place in immortal politics.

Servitors of Immortal:

Worshipers: Give an overall example of the kinds of characters that worship your immortal.
The Church: If you have a church how is it structured
Dogma: The beliefs of the church
Responsibility of the Clergy: Day to day responsibilities/activities of your clergy.
Holy Days/Important Ceremonies: At certain times of the year you may be able to gain additional Gifts tied to your Holy Days or ceremonies conducted in your name
Major Centers of Worship: Specifically some of your most largest and well noted locations of influence.
Chosen & High Priests: Your most powerful followers at your disposal
Cohorts & Followers: Additional sidekicks or followers that don't fall under the "religious" category. Not all immortals are "gods"
Racial Alliances: Races you have created or are particularly drawn to you
Affiliated Orders: Factions or Groups that you have influence in
Priestly Vestments: Description of clothing worn by priests & clergy


Rank     Name     Quest     Type     Gifts

Under Construction........More to come

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