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Wed 7 Dec 2016
at 13:48
Maintaining Integrity
This game has had many false re-starts, but it did have a very long initial run. With some openings in my schedule, I feel it is only fair and honest for us (the GMs) to let you know how often you can expect us to be around.

While we may (as time allows) come more often than our posted schedule, we should keep to a certain level of activeness, and not allow ourselves to backslide into inactivity.

I can promise to be here at least twice a week, with Sunday being the day I can be the most active. As time allows, I can be more active. Certain parts of the year are easier for me to have free time than others. I do have children who are in various extra-curricular activities, and so this does limit my time, and I work midnights in the Eastern Standard Time Zone (the same time zone as New York). I work Tuesday through Saturday, and I have a bi-weekly Monday gig that takes up about three or four hours, also later in the evening.

This should give you guys a rough idea of when I can and can't be available. Sunday evenings and nights are going to be my most active time, and I can guarantee enough time to be online AT LEAST once per week above that. I will try for more often, but I can't guarantee that.

If something comes up, I will let you guys know, and be as open and transparent as I can.

I do know that there has been some frustration with this games false starts. I have been largely un-involved in them due to my previous circumstances.
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Wed 7 Dec 2016
at 14:23
Maintaining Integrity
I apologize for the many false starts and unending frustration for those players who have had to endure waiting for posts and updates on the game. I have had a long history of unstability in both my health and living situation.  Nevertheless I intend to post a minimum of twice a week and also usually on Sunday and you can expect to see the Weekly Update thread updated Weekly.

I also feel we need to determine who would like to have Game Master status as someone invested in the creation and maintenance of the game beyond just having a character.
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Fri 27 Jan 2017
at 06:06
Maintaining Integrity
I just wanted to put out the disclaimer here that this game is a work of fiction and intended for entertainment purposes only. It is not a place for discussion on religion or intended to offend anyone's personal beliefs. The game does use "Gods" from the many mythologies of our world in addition to fictional ones. It's all for fun and games if you are likely to be offended then maybe this game is not for you.

If anyone can come up with a better way to state this or if it becomes a concern send me a message.

Also you will note I use two different aliases here AO and Master Chronicler are the same player/GM