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Sun 6 May 2012
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RTJ and Character Creation, Rules, Etc.
I would ask that players at least have access to the Mongoose Traveller core book (or, if you are real good at faking it, find an online character generator - they are out there).

Also, the one item I will need from you is a character name so that O may add you.

More: some idea of what experience you have with Traveller would help.

Finally: This game is a work in progress - I'll clean up as we go!

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Mon 7 May 2012
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Re: RTJ and Character Creation, Rules, Etc.
1. Rather than a percentage of ship value, Ship Shares are worth a flat MCr. 1 off the final price of a ship.

2. Maximum of 10 total terms allowed.

3.  Weapons during the mustering out process
  First receipt of a weapon benefit bestows a weapon of that particular type at the lowest TL available.  Addition weapon rolls may be applied as follows (1 per benefit roll)
- Upgrade to the next available TL.
- A second weapon of the same type as the first.
- A level of skill with that weapon type.
- Cr 500 toward weapon upgrades (laser sights, scopes, gyrostablizers, etc).

The same rules apply toward Armor benefits received, except that Cr 1000 are allowed for armor upgrades.

4) Posting Rate:
I'd like to see a minimum of 3 good posts per week, but understand reality bites. This is meant to be "casual" and if needed I'll NPC characters as needed to keep the game moving.

"Good" posts are defined as at least a paragraph with something substantive for the other players and I to work with.

5) Individuals may improve their characteristics in game play. The time and method varies.

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Mon 7 May 2012
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Re: RTJ and Character Creation, Rules, Etc.
As to the ship shares...
 Each translated to 1MCr - that's it. You do not get 1MCr instead.

  Special ship types (Free Trader, Scout, Lab Ship) = 10 MCr of ship shares.

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Fri 25 May 2012
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Re: RTJ and Character Creation, Rules, Etc.

{name}   {future career}  Age {start at 18}   Race: {Human, unless special permission from discussion}   (homeworld name}
Height: {5'10"

St  Dx   En IQ   Ed  SS
 8   7   6   A   9    6   (B Sol-Party)
             +1  +1        Skill Mods

Rank 5 Communications Leader       Scout Ship      Ally          Adv. Laser Rf.
Cmbt Arm-Type 16     Cr49,185

Improved relationship
Transferred from Exp.
Ally (Scout)
Career Mentor

2 Terms Exploration (PF)
3 Terms Courier (Commo)

Astrogation    5
Pilot          1
Flyer          1
Comms          1
Sensors        1
Gun Combat     0
  Slug Rifle   1
  Slug pistol  1
Vacc St        1
Leadership     1
Survival       1
Stealth        1
Streetwise     0
Engineer       0
Comp           0
Medic          0
Science        0
  Biology      0
  Planetology  1
Admin          0

Total = 16

Adv Laser Rf         Free
Snub SMG             Cr350/450 10 mags HEAP/5 mags HE
Snub Auto            Cr200/300 10 mags HEAP/5 mags HE
10mm Auto            Cr250/100 10 mags
Flechette pistol     Cr250/100 10 mags
Body pistol          Cr500/100  5 mags
   Silencer          Cr250
Blade                Cr45
marble               Cr175
Cmbt Armr-16         Free
Imp Cloth            Cr500
Imp Flak Jacket      Cr300
Reflec               Cr1,500
Jack                 Cr50
Combo Mask           Cr150
1st Aid kit          Cr125
Minefield Boots      Cr50
Psi-helmet           Cr4,000
Watch                Cr10
Trace tabs
Pure tabs
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Thu 30 Oct 2014
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Re: RTJ and Character Creation, Rules, Etc.
Gun Combat

In Traveller, its frickin' deadly.

Firing gun is a minor action. Can be combined with 1-3 Aim actions.

Firing gun without aiming is a Snapshot.

Firing multiple shots in a Snapshot (Full clip to a max of 6) is -2 to hit but 1 extra hit for each pip over the to-hit number.

Magazine dump: Empties weapon. All shots miss.  All targets must go prone or hide behind cover. All that don't are hit on 8+ (Auto roll on each). Most useful with MG's and in tight corridors.

All Doubles do 2x damage  i.e 2x4's, 2x5', 2x6's.
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Thu 30 Oct 2014
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Re: RTJ and Character Creation, Rules, Etc.

Career Templates
Choose a career template from the list below. This is the job that your character has done for the past few years and will determine where his or her main areas of competence lie. - Sorry - this is not meant to be all inclusive. Basically anything from the Core Mongoose Traveller book is acceptable.

Agent – Agents include law enforcement personnel and covert operatives working for political
and corporate groups.

Army or Marine – Marines are infantry soldiers trained for operations aboard naval vessels or on hostile planets. By tradition the marines are trained to use blade weapons, but prefer guns for actual combat. Soldiers (Army) are planetary combat including water navy, atmoshperic craft, light infantry and armored vehicles.

Merchant – Merchants range from the crews of corporate starships to tiny independent vessels
scraping a living on the fringes of the trade lanes. Some merchants are spaceport brokers rather than starfaring personnel.

Scholar – Scholars range from pure academics to field researchers and highly knowledgeable
people such as doctors and high-end engineers.

Scout – Scouts are explorers and couriers. They must be able to crew starships and operate
groundside, making them generalists with skills in many fields.

Drifter – Drifters do not fit well into any category. They are people who travel for the sake of adventure or to find work, often with a range of skills or an area of specialist expertise that can get them a job wherever they go… at least until it is time to move on.

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