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Information on Roles
A fiend is creatures that lost their soul and are controlled by anger, regret or pain and make out a vicious form. (Almost monster like creatures. That are devious that a heartless even to their chosen Yama.)

A living dead arenít much different from a fiend but they are people who still have a heart and soul connected to this world and keep the form of a human. Some living dead seek a way to live again, a way to reach a limit in life. (Sometimes, even "asking to take their Yama's place in life, to "share" their same life. Most of the time living dead are not seen with their Yama, but sometimes, they have grown to the point where the Yama excepts to let the living dead come "one" with them.)

Seekers are the apprentice of spirit forest as well as trained leaders who are given certain cases that they must hunt down an solve. Other seekers are choose to stay and help the souls that comes to spirit forest.

Yama are the normal humans who are drawn to the souls and are able to see them. They hold the same desires and dream and life and become friends for that matter. They share many traits in common and understand the soul's pain. They are the ones that end-up helping to hide and protect these souls for that reason. To help the souls finish their dreams before leaving the world behind and starting a new. Sometimes, the soul's Yama is a person the lost souls known and is most fount of when was still alive. (-Take that to note as a clue would be wise.)

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Re: Information on Roles
New Available roles!

Hunters: Similar to the seekers, hunters hunt down living dead and friends. Sometimes even Yama. Hunter aren't as common of people to find as the seekers. Like Yin and Yang, there are good and bad. Hunters... normally sent on serious missions or hunt for fun, collects the evil spirits. They have a special abilities that allow them to turn these evil spirit into power of the most evil. Normally followed under no one other then Ace*. They don't give mercy to their victims or bring the soul's to peace but instead... captures the evil spirit to turn them into power. After being captured, they take every last evil soul energy the victim has and keeps it captured in special soul keeper* that turns the soul into power.

 Hunter could only use their soul keepers to take the soul's evil energy.... nothing more or less...

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