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Soul Master
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Wed 18 Jul 2012
at 21:52
Game Rules
This are the rules of how the game will run, different from the typical RP rules. Theses are the rules you have to follow through-out the cat and mouse game.

 -Like always, I wish you all luck!

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Soul Master
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Wed 18 Jul 2012
at 22:56
Re: Game Rules
 * You are not allow to tell others what you are...

 (Exception, You are a soul and finally found your Yama.)

 * All of you will be marked as player unless marked differently.

 * Do know that it's still a school so try not to be too narrow and do be friendly to others.

 * Play nice!

 * Be smart about your decisions don't give yourself away but clues are necessary to make improvement in the story board.

 * All who lost the game, are allow to create again and rejoin the game if you would like.

 * Keep a good watch on clues, they pop-up just randomly really

 * No using info that is not what your character has collect.

 Example: Other player's conversation that your character was not involved in. How did they get that info with-out being in the conversation?

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