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Silverlode Valley
          ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^. ^^^^
        h          ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^.  ^^^^
                              ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^.   ^^^^^
 <- To Carson City (55 miles)         ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^.    ^^^^^^
                           ..........           ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^.     ^^^^^^^
              h     .......rrrrrrrrrr......SSS          ^^^^^^^^^^^.     ^^^^^^^^^
   h      ..........rrrrrrr          rrrrrrSSS........    ^^^^^^.        ^^^^^^^^^
..........rrrrrrrrrr          h            rXrrrrrrrrr..... ^W^.          ^^^^^^^^
rrrrrrrrrr                                  .         rrrrr....            ^^^^^^^
                      .......................              rrrrr.           ^^^^^^
     .................^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^O^^.                  rr.          ^^^^^
    R           ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^J^^^^^^               rr.         ^^^^
          ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^            rr.       ^^^^
     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^           rr.      ^^^
  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^          r.     ^^^
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^        r.     ^^
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^      r.    ^^
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^    r.    ^
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   r.   ^

r = Longwater Creek                                     To Long Water Canyon |
K = Second Strike Mine                                     (Four miles)      V
^ = Mountain
S = Silverlode Bluff
W = Fort Watkins
O = Silverlode Mine (abandoned)                            North ^
J = Judge Marsh's Place                                    10 characters = 1 mile
h = Homesteads
X = Longwater Crossing (bridge)
R = Grayson's Ranch
. = Trail

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Notable Locations
Silverlode Bluff
A booming town that swells to over a thousand souls every Saturday night as the miners from the Second Strike roll into town intent on drinking, gambling and whoring their pay slips away at one the many saloons on Main Street. Like most boom towns, Silverlode is a company town, owned and run run by Ebediah Marsh. Judge Marsh, as he likes to be known, is mayor, bank manager and owner of the Second Strike, a silver mine that ensures a tide of money flows into the town, with most of it ending in Marsh's coffers, one way or another.

Silverlode Mine
The source of Marsh's first fortune, the mine was almost played out when a collapsing tunnel killed over forty miners. Now the mine is boarded up and avoided by the locals, with a reputation for being haunted.

Judge Marsh's Place
A sprawling, Gothic pile built high above the valley. After he discovered a second seam of silver further up the valley, Marsh paid a famous arcanist to install, at great expense, an elevator, built into the cliffs below the house. It makes an infernal screeching, but no doubt saves Marsh's aging bones from the arduous track leading down to the valley in a series of sharp switchbacks.

Fort Watkins
This old cavalry fort overlooking the valley was decommissioned after the truce with the First Nation forty years ago. Now fallen to wrack and ruin the fort has been avoided by travellers since the well went bad a decade ago.

Second Strike Mine
Behind a sturdy wall at the end of the valley lies Marsh's new mine, the Second Strike. Up to four hundred miners can be accommodated in the bunkhouses inside the compound. On Saturday night almost all of them head to Silverlode Bluff to let off some steam.

Longwater Crossing
This impressive stone bridge spans the Longwater gulch on three majestic arches. Built to accommodate the carts hauling ore from Silverlode Mine to be smelted, it is now barely used except by Judge Marsh and his people.

Long Water Canyon
The remains of the First People, the Shee who originally laid claim to the Silverlode valley, live here making their home in shallow caves along the canyon walls. A beaten and dispirited people they are "encouraged" not to venture too far downstream.

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Notable Personalities
Ebidiah Marsh
The most powerful man in Silverlode Bluff, rarely seen outside his mansion in the hills to the south of the town. Reportedly in his eighties and plagued by head-pains, Marsh still inspires envy and fear in equal measures..

William Marsh
Ebidiah's only son, who was sent away to a boarding school over decade ago and has not been seen in town since.

Mistress Jade
Owner of the Jade Palace and silent partner in two other saloons, Jade is the only Hillfolk to own a major business in Silverlode Bluff. She roundly rejects Hillfolk norms, shaving her beard and wearing revealing dresses and make-up.

Sheriff Brandon Hall
A grizzled, middle-age veteran, Sheriff Hall is still famed for killing the notorious outlaw Hank "The Reaper" Cambell. Hall and his dozen deputies have their work cut out keeping the peace every weekend.

Reverend Alistair "Hellfire" Barker
A traditional "fire and brimstone" preacher, Barker is convinced much of the ills of the world are due to "devil-spawned halfbreeds" such as Hillfolks, Half'uns and Shee.

Doctor Ambrose Peabody
The only real doctor in Silverlode Bluff is also a Half'un, so despite his skill Peabody struggles to get by as many townspeople believe the Reverend Barker preaching against "unclean" races.

Elanor Peabody
Ambrose's wife, who runs the Magnolia Guesthouse next to his surgery. As the only place that will rent a room to non humans, the guesthouse does steady but unspectacular business.

Nathan Moss
A young, idealistic greenhorn, Moss runs a small charity, "The Society for the Betterment of the Shee" funded from Unity. Needless to say, in the present climate at Silverlode Bluff, Moss is despised almost at much as the people he seeks to better.

John Grayson
Patriarch of the Grayson clan, his extended family and a dozen hired hands work the ranch, raising horses, pigs and cattle for the townsfolk. The Grayson's keep to themselves, rarely visiting Silverlode Bluff, save for the monthly meetings of the council.

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The Town of Silverlode
<map to follow>
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Buildings of Interest
The Jade Palace

The Old Smoke

The Cemetary

The Tabernacle