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Wed 30 Jan 2013
at 15:24
Group Items & Treasures Found
I will maintain this list, removing items as they are claimed by party members or used.

  • A ring (Dekar)
  • 2 phials of a rose-colored liquid (found by Zarin in the study)
  • A single large gold earring (found by Conner and Aleta in the living room)
  • a fist-sized chunk of crystal (found by Zarin in an upstairs bedroom)
  • Plate armor, Long sword, shield, backpack, cloak w/ silver pin, 2 days of trail rations (crawling with larvae), a kit for maintaining his armor and sword, 3 torches, 1 sunrod, flint & steel, a change of clothes (courtiers outfit), a shaving kit, a bedroll, and the remains of a well used bar of soap (found on the dead body from the basement) Items returned to the previous owners family by Dekar. 

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Wed 18 Dec 2013
at 02:31
Re: Group Items & Treasures Found
Treasure from the Basement:


Oil, 3 flasks
Bulls eye lantern (with a moveable shutter over the lens)
brass 9-branch candlestick
tinderbox, flint, steel
candles, 8
parchment (with doodles - msg #161 of Love It When a Plan Comes Together)
Magic Stone (Philosopher's Stone?) (in Ah'vain's possession)

Gold Items:
All items sold to a halfling merchant for 400gp
a human skull
an apple,
a rose,
a set of five small discs

pale yellow (3)
deep green (2)
rose colored (2) - Conner paid for ID - waiting results

Good condition
The Illustrated Poems of Amatory
Salinmoor Naval Almanac
Learn Orcish in 30 Days
Spell book (spells can be found in Love It When a Plan Comes Together - msg #203)

Fair Condition
Ye Secret of Ye Philosopher's Stone

Poor Condition
The Magical Properties of Gemstones by Mage Tenser
The Magical Properties of Herbs and Flowers by Mage Tenser
The Metaphysics of Mathematics by Mage Nystul
Damaged Spell book (unknown spells - hasn't been read)

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Thu 10 Jul 2014
at 01:08
Re: Group Items & Treasures Found
Sea Ghost

Weapons and Armor
  • Large shield (3)
  • Small shield (4)
  • Javelins (20)
  • Morning stars (10)
  • Cutlass (8)
  • Dagger (8)
  • Long Sword (13)
  • Leather (8)
  • Chain mail (1)
  • Chain Shirt (2)
  • Spear of strange design bosun's cabin
  • Dagger of strange design (bosun's cabin
  • Crossbow of strange design, broken bosun's cabin
  • Darts (4) wizard
  • Wand
  • scrolls (5)

  • unknown - labeled "Healing"
  • unknown - labeled "Cure for Disease and Plague"
  • unknown - labeled "Antidote"

Crew Sea Chests
  • In chest 1 -- a pack of well-used, greasy playing cards (examination will reveal two identical aces of spades).
  • In chest 5 -- two sets of dice
  • In chest 7 -- a book of addresses and names of ladies in various parts of the local area; a number of these have brief comments by them concerning the 'merits' of the ladies in question.

  • Small, iron bound wooden chest (Locked) Lizardfolk quarters
  • Silver Bowl  Wizard's quarters
  • Silver Carafe  (contains a pleasant smelling wine) Wizard's quarters
  • Silver Goblet   Wizard's quarters
  • Sea Chest (locked)  Wizard's quarters
  • Key to captains desk drawers
  • Key to unknown lock  captain's pouch
  • Key to unknown lock  captain's pouch
  • Key to unknown lock  bosun's pouch
  • Key to unknown lock  first mate's pouch
  • Bearskin rug  captain's quarters - covers a trap door in the floor.
  • Iron box, locked  Captain's quarters
  • Iron box, locked  </i>
  • brass box, locked  <i>
  • book - Principles of Navigation by Da Korma  First mate's cabin
  • book - Legal Distinctions in Letters of Marque by Tazaar  First mate's cabin
  • Spell book

Personal Affects
  • gold armband (2)
  • gold 'lucky charm' chain (2)
  • gold finger ring (3)
  • gold earring (2)
  • gold finger ring with small gems (2)
  • gems (3)
  • 107gp in coins
  • 4700 sp
  • 7 1 pearls

  • Bolts of silk (90)
  • Casks of Brandy (81)
  • Casks of Wine (219)
  • Casks of scented soap (3)
  • Casks of Salt (1)

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Fri 8 Aug 2014
at 02:18
Re: Group Items & Treasures Found

Sanbalet (the wizard from the house);
  1. color spray, Unseen Servant , obscuring mist , Magic Missile, Mage Armor, Hold Portal, Mount, Silent Image
  2. Invisibility, Rope Trick, Arcane Lock

Makaster the Alchemist (former owner of the house - book is damaged):
  1. Comprehend Languages, Shield
  2. Ghoul Touch
  3. Unreadable
  4. Animate Dead

Punketah (Ship's wizard):
  1. Shocking Grasp, Magic Missile, Hold Protal, Unseen Servant, Chill Touch
  2. Scorching Ray, Spectral Hand, Alter Self

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Thu 14 May 2015
at 01:16
Re: Group Items & Treasures Found
Wererat Adventure:

pp 10
gp 735 310  -400 to pay for passage on the elven clipper, -5 each living expense.

Gems, Jewelry, Art
2 Blue Quartz (10gp each)
1 Black Pearl (500gp)
2 Darkwood Doors - to be made into one shield and one quarter staff and pay passage for three on the elven clipper

1 wand - Hold Person - 8 charges (Emer)
1 gold circlet - Circlet of Persuasion - +3 competence bonus on the wearer’s Charisma-based checks (Dekar)

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