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House Rules
Rule Interpretations
I am not a strict enforcer of the rules as written in the rule books. I use them as they were originally intended, as guidelines. As you post actions, please keep this in mind. Tell me what you want to do and your intention, and I will decide what you can accomplish. You can ask me if something is possible before committing to an action. If I judge that it is fair for your character to know the answer, I will tell you.

Non-core Feats
I will allow some non-core feats. Anything that I choose to allow will be posted here.

  • Spear & Shield: This is a home brew feat. With this feat, the spear (normal, two handed variety, not the long spear) can be used one handed with a shield.
  • Oversized Two Weapon Fighting: Any one-handed weapon in the off hand is treated as light. Complete Adventurer™ pg. 111
  • Appraise Magic Value: Determine an item's worth and abilities without using Identify. Complete Adventurer™ pg. 103
  • Extraordinary Spell Aim: Exclude 1 creature from spell area of affect. Complete Adventurer™ pg. 109.
  • Underfoot Combat: Share a square with large or larger creatures and gain AC bonus vs. that enemy. Races of the Wild™ pg. 152.
  • Agile Athlete: Substitute DEX for STR on Climb and Jump checks. Races of the Wild™ pg. 148.
  • Able Learner: Reduced cost for cross class skills. Races of Destiny™ pg. 150.
  • Augment Healing: Improved healing spells. Complete Divine™ pg. 79.
  • Shield Specialization: Additional +1 shield AC bonus. Players Handbook II™ pg. 82.
  • Agile Shield Fighter. Reduced penalties for shield bash attack roll. With clarification: light shields have -2/-2, heavy shields -4/-4. Players Handbook II™ pg. 74

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Re: House Rules
Hammers and Picks
When some people imagine a Warhammer, they get the image shown in the PHB (pg. 120) of weapon similar to Thor's legendary weapon. I, on the other hand, imagine the weapon of a Medieval European foot soldier that more closely resembles the light pick image of page 120 of the PHB. This later weapon had a spike on one side used to hook and grapple mounted opponents to drag them off their horse (a "trip" weapon in D&D parlance) and to pierce the armor. The other side was a hammer head designed to smash armor and shields.

So you see my delima. Is the pick actually the warhammer I envision? I did a little research and found examples of a German pick axe designed for war. The prongs are about half the length of a miner's pick, making it more nimble in a close quarters fight. Unlike the images in the PHB, however, the examples I've seen have piercing spikes on both sides (plus one at the top). The only change I will make to the Pick in the PHB is to make it a trip weapon.

As for the warhammer, I'm going to go with two classifications. The one pictured in the PHB is a Maul. There are light maul (think of a typical ball-peen hammer), one-handed maul (a small sledge or Thor's hammer), and two-handed maul (a large and heavy sledge) varieties. The light and one-handed versions may be thrown. The Warhammer then is the classic Medieval style. The changes include the trip ability and the combination of bludgeoning / piercing damage type. The two-handed warhammer then is the Lucern Hammer or Bec de Corbin. This is a polearm that should be treated as a halberd that does Piercing / Bludgeoning type damage. See also the note on the Halberd below.

One final note regarding hammers and picks, for clerics whose deity uses a pick as a favored weapon (e.g. Bahumet), they may substitute the warhammer in its place. This includes the War Domain power granting Weapon Focus in the deity's favored weapon.

WeaponCostDamage (M)CriticalRange IncrementWeightType
Martial Light
Maul, light1 gp1d4x220 ft.2 lb.Bludgeoning
Warhammer, light2 gp1d4x2 - 3 lb.Bludgeoning or Piercing
Martial One-Handed
Maul9 gp1d8x310 ft.5 lb.Bludgeoning
Warhammer12 gp1d8x3 - 5 lb.Bludgeoning or Piercing
Martial Two-Handed
Maul, great15 gp1d10x3 - 20 lb.Bludgeoning
Lucern Hammer (Bec de Corbin)12 gp1d10x3 - 11 lb.Bludgeoning or Piercing

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Thu 13 Sep 2012
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Re: House Rules
I do not enforce the rule that it costs 100gp per page to copy a spell into a wizard's spellbook.