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Rules: Glossary and Q&A
This thread will include for easy player reference a Glossary of Common Terms followed by an archive of Questions and Answers.  Actual discussion on these questions will generally held in either the 'OOC: Rules Discussions' thread or in Private threads.  The goal is to keep this thread clean for ease of reading.

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Glossary of Terms
Below is listed a succinct description of many important terms used in the Spark d10 RPG.  The list is arranged alphabetically for ease of use.
Attribute - Any one of the core measures of a character.  Power, Toughness, Life, Focus, Memory, Black, Blue, Green, Red, and White are all Attributes.

Bonus - A positive adjustment to an Attribute.

Channeling - A roll based on your score in the appropriate Spark Attribute.  Channeling is used in a duel to put into play Basic Lands.

Damage (roll) -

Deck - The collection of Cards that are Ready for use in a duel.  A planeswalker may have several decks lists prepared ahead of time, but only 1 can be Readied at any given time.

Draw - A roll based on the Memory Attribute.  Often modified by the rarity of the target card.

Focus - A core Source Attribute used often in Speed Rolls and to limit the number of permanents (artifacts, creatures, enchantments, lands, etc.) that a planeswalker can maintain on the field at any given time.

Hand Size - The maximum number of cards that can be held by a planeswalker during a duel.  Hand size is a derived Attribute based on Memory and sometimes bonuses/penalties from Cards.

Improvement - The process of spending XP to purchase permanent adjustments to the PC.

Keyword - A special creature ability.  Often granted by Race.

Library - A term used for both the entire collection of a PC's cards and also for the 5 Attributes that govern (limit) the contents of the Planeswalker's deck.

Mana Pool - The maximum mana that can be held at once.  The value of the Mana Pool is calculated as the sum total of the 5 core Spark Attributes.  Mana Pool might also be modified by other factors such as Race or Cards.

Memory - A core Source Attribute used often in Draw Rolls and to derive Hand Size.

Modifier - An adjustment to a roll.

Penalty - A negative adjustment to an Attribute.

Ready - A single planeswalker's deck currently designated to be the one used in a duel.  Readying a different deck that is already prepared takes 1 hour of uninterrupted focus (IC time).

Recovery - A roll based on the Toughness Attribute.  Often made at the end of a turn during a duel, or when a planeswalker utilizes his/her Regeneration Keyword.

Resistance (roll) -

Roll - The process of utilizing dice to determine successes.  Common Rolls are made for Speed, Draw, Channeling, Toughness, and Recovery.  A Roll is either a Typical Roll or an Ad-Hoc Roll.

Roll, Typical - The use of a number of d10's to determine the outcomes of Dealing Damage, Resisting Damage, Speed, Drawing Cards, and Channeling Mana.

Roll, Ad-hoc - The use of dice for anything other than those specified by a Typical Roll.  The Dice Pool for an Ad-hoc Roll is governed by the total values of two Attributes (1 Source and 1 Spark).

Speed - One of the rolls based on the Focus Attribute.

Staggered - A staggered creature cannot attack, block, or utilize any ability that requires it to tap.

Success - A value of 6 or higher on a d10 die (after modifiers).

Tapped - A condition indicating that a permanent (including a planeswalker) is engaged in some attention-demanding task.  A permanent that is tapped cannot activate any abilities that require it to tap again.

Trait - A unique Bonus/Penalty/Modifier that affect a planeswalker's spellcasting.  Traits are listed on the character sheet in The Spark section.

Unsummon - Return a permanent to its owner's hand.

XP - Experience Points.  Gained over time during IC gameplay.  The currency spent during Improvement to permanently alter a PC in some way.

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A Guide to Utilizing Styled Text
Styled Text For Me (GM)
    When I use Styled Text (Colors or other formatting), this is what it means:
  • Orange
    • In Story (IC) threads - OOC info, Dice Roll Results, etc.
    • In Rules (OOC) threads - Headings
  • Purple, Aqua, and Yellow
    • Terms or important info related to The Source, The Spark, and Library (respectively).
  • Gray, Blue, Green, Red, and Bold
    • The colors of M:TG: Black, Blue, Green, Red, and White (respectively).
  • Italic
    • Examples and specific names of cards.

Styled Text For You (PCs)
  • Orange
    • In Story (IC) threads - OOC info, Dice Roll Results, etc.
    • In Rules (OOC) threads - Players shouldn't have use for this color.
  • Each player will choose a unique color to represent his/her character's speech.  Colors are granted per GM approval on a first-ask, first-serve basis.
    • Use quotes as well.
  • Italic
    • Thoughts that are not spoken by players.  This is for storytelling/characterization purposes only.

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