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Wed 27 Jun 2012
at 03:13
RTJ: and Blank Character Sheet
Please answer for me the following questions; just 1-2 sentences for each please.  Of course, if you have questions for me as well, feel free to include them.
    Player Age:
  • How old is the face behind the keyboard?

    Character Name:
  • What is your Planeswalker called?

    M:TG Experience:
  • How long have you been playing Magic: The Gathering?
  • With which sets/expansions are you most familiar?
  • Which are your favorite sets/expansions?
  • What are your favorite types of decks (themes, color, strategy, etc.)?

    RPG Experience:
  • How long have you been Role Playing?
  • Which are your favorite RPG games?
  • What elements of Role Playing do you enjoy most (story, combat, grand strategy, dialogue, getting into character, puzzles, etc.)?

    RPoL Experience:
  • How familiar with RPoL are you?

    (Optional) More Favorites:
  • What is your favorite Board Game?
  • What is your favorite Card Game?
  • What is your favorite Video Game?

    (Optional) Writing Sample:
  • If you'd like to include a short (4-6 sentences) In-Character writing sample, it would reflect well upon you (unless it's rubbish).

    (Optional) Questions/Comments for Me:

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Wed 27 Jun 2012
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PBP RPG Code of Conduct
If you submit an RTJ, I'll assume that you're understanding of and agree with the following (pretty standard) PBP RPG Code of Conduct:

  1. This game is the equivalent of a hire-at-will, fire-at-will workplace.  If for any reason I'm not liking having you around, I reserve the right to not have a reason before exiling you.  Of course, I'm usually quite reasonable and will generally endeavor to work through things with you before such measures are required.

  2. You must endeavor to practice excellent grammar and command of the English language.  Use the spell-check, get a proof-reader, just make sure things make sense. Typos are understandable, but I don't want to be confused on a regular basis (I get that enough from real life).

  3. I expect regular, steady posts from all players at least once every 2-5 days.  If you're in a duel, please try to post even more frequently than that.  If the game is stagnating from lack of your posts, I will move it along without you.

  4. If you expect to be unavailable to post at that rate for any reason, you are expected to inform me, the GM, as early as reasonably possible.

  5. If you are having issues with the game, another player, myself, etc. please address them to me rather than withhold the issue or vent elsewhere in the game.  I am quite reasonable ad will most likely do everything I can to accommodate a mutually acceptable solution.

  6. No antagonizing/attacking/dueling/killing other PC's without the permission of both their owners and the GM.

  7. No god-modding and stuff.

Actual Character Creation rules are here: Rules: Official & Exhaustive (The Spark d10)

While you're waiting around not doing anything else productive, feel free to check out the File Links that I've so conveniently assembled for your pleasure.

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Wed 27 Jun 2012
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Blank Character Sheet
Name           :
Race           :
Home Plane     :
Color Affinity :

Total Earned XP: 0
Unspent XP     : 50




Power          : 0
Toughness      : 0
Life           : 5
Focus          : 1
Memory         : 5

Keywords       :

Black          : 0
Blue           : 0
Green          : 0
Red            : 0
White          : 0
Mana Reservoir : 0

  • -
  • -

Max Deck Size      : 10
Max Rare     Cards : 0
Max Rare     Copies: 0
Max Uncommon Cards : 0
Max Uncommon Copies: 0
Max Common   Copies: 2





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Wed 27 Jun 2012
at 08:08
Sample Character Sheet
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