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Setting Game Timeline
To do the large number of setting posts we will be keeping a separate game/adventure timeline thread.

Players may add posts here to make sure we include important bits. Same as with the People thread.
At times the GM will clean up the thread, combine posts and so on.

At the start of the game the year is 2712
Breaker had gotten that pinned down via some research.

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2712 May Mid = Sony arrived at the Reg Center from Epislon Sigma, well ahead of the others. Her posting to a training group is delayed.

2712 May 30ish = Reg Center game thread

2712 Jun 02 = Arrival at Camp Currie for Boot Camp.
2712 Jun 05 = Breaker's Aunt Jude Died
2712 Jun 16 = Echo tells Breaker of the death of Aunt Jude

2712 July 14 = Ticonderoga returns from maiden voyage (barracks thread). Breaker and Taps are both recovering from injuries at this time.

2712 Aug Late = On leave bar fight with C Company. Boomer starts e-dating.

2712 Sept Early = Squad on Squad training fight

2712 Sept 31 = ETA graduation from Boot Camp

2712 Early October = Earth on leave
Taps visits his wealthy family; Sony visits Taps’s family then goes to Japan; Boomer dates with Catherine in Moscow; Echo finds himself distant from his family; Shadow, Decker and Breaker hit the clubs of Budapest then New York; Breaker gets a photo album and learned his father was at a rally.

2712 Oct 15 = Enrollment in Power Armour Training

2712 Dec 22-26 = Camp Smokey Smith Holidays
Bugs reported on Jupiter’s moon Europa

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2713 Timeline

2713 Jan 15 = End of Specialty training

2713 Feb 01 = Arrival at Camp Smokey Smith for Power Armour Training

2713 Mar 20 = Spring Equinox Holidays
Camp Smokey Smith Holiday thread (adjusted time)
Bugs reported on Jupiter’s moon Europa

2713 Apr 23 = Hell week begins

2713 Apr 31 = Official end of Power Armour training

2713 May 04 = Boomer’s Wedding

2713 May 14 = Martial Arts Tournament in Tokyo

2713 Jun 01 = Kitting up on the Luna Bases

2713 Jul 04 = SSS Bastogne and others begin ‘Operation Pest Control’

713 Jul 04 = Later that day... the Pluto campaign begins. A primary deployment zone (PDZ) provides a tighter control of the initial contact. After roughly a week of fighting forces can now be spared to rescue persons in other areas of Pluto. The Hellhounds recover Mr Moore (Head of Moore Industries citizen construction and the father of Taps). In the battle the Hellhounds set of a nuke possibly injuring a hostle bug-allied psychic known as “117”. The same psychic that crippled Breaker's grandfather. 117 escaped on a transport bug. On the way out 117 gave co-ordinates for Moscow,  Boomer's home. After the Arachnid fired off their “bug-bombs” onto Earth SICON goes into a state of war.

6 months downtime. During this time SICON is mustering to full strength. Skirmishes in the colonies increase. The Roughnecks chase down the transport to Hydora but it escapes them.

From various information sources SICON has declared Klendathu to be the bug home world. The logistics of SICON strain as the full offensive might is organized.

Brings use to

2713 Dec = Big K, the ill fated attack on Klendathu. Having been overly dominate for so long mankind underestimates the defenses while using blunt mass attacks. The resulting casualties are over 300,000.

2713 Dec Late = Zegema Beach
Battered with the loss of its ready offensive force SICON begins a repair and reorganize. The Hellhounds are among those that find themselves at Zegema Beach. It is a short time later the the Arachnid's invade many worlds at once. Amid heavy fighting around two thirds of the population of Zegema is evacuated.  Large Arachnid concentrations in the cities and bases are nuked. The resulting large scale radiation and the surviving Arachnid presence forces SICON to make it a danger zone.  The Hellhounds are among those who survived.
It is also learned that renegade psychics have been working in conjunction with the Arachnids. There is evidence that the enemy information was fed to into the MilInt and or the Sky Marshall withholding information on Klendathu. This led to the battle plans being not a way to conquer the planet but to present SICON forces for massacre. This is not common knowledge but the Hellhounds are aware that is behind the Sky Marshall's resignation.

End of Season 1

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2714 Timeline

Downtown lead up to Season 2

Having survived the invasion of Zegema Beach and been in active combat for a year the Hellhounds are rotated off the frontlines. Their status as a Medusa unit also ensures they are not among the formations broken up in the rebuilding of SICON. Still there are some personnel changes but the core of the unit remains intact. The location of the Hellhounds at this time is the Luna Ring around the Earth’s Moon.

Mankind is badly shaken by the events. SICON calls for solidarity. Some colonies or colony cities instead break away. By the end of the year some of these have been over run by Arachnids while others remain untouched.

Perhaps sensing the weakness Skinny raids increase including the disappearance of the entire population of the colony town of New Roswell. By the end of year there are encounters with Skinny jump capable ships carrying or having been over run by Arachnids. This introduces a new danger due to the speed these ships moving at similar interstellar speeds as SICON vessels.

Already the Arachnid Transport bug had been encountered during 2713. They are interstellar capable but not as fast as SICON ships. Brain Bugs are now a known quantity. That the Brain Bugs are themselves psyhic is known but there is debate on their capabilities. It is clear they are able to co-ordinate the Arachnids but their highly different genetics raises the question as to their origins. Did the Brains evolve first and take the Arachnids as slaves? Did the Arachnid Nurse bugs intentionally or accidentally genetically alter an Arachnid into the Brain Bug creatures?

Movie #2 takes place away from the Hellhounds. News of “control bugs” is  with held from the general populace. As a Medusa unit the Hellhounds are made aware of their existence.
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2714 by character
2714 by Character

Echo- Promoted to First Lieutenant
(Not sure if I moved him from 2nd to 1st already. A promotion to Captain makes him a PA Platoon leader not a PA squad leader. That is outside our scope).
Remains the commanding officer of “Henderson’s Hellhounds”. The unit has gained a reputation among the Mobile Infantry as a rescue unit. That comes from their actions on Pluto at D93; Big K defending an under repair dropship and Zegema Beach organizing and leading a militia.

Shadow - promoted to Sergeant
In the needs of the service with Taps rotating out the squad qualifies for and needs a new Sergeant. Shadow is placed into this role as the squad’s senior non commissioned officer. It is rumored that he refused to leave the Hellhounds.

Powerpuff - promoted to Lance Corporal

Fang - Promoted to Operator (Mil Int = Corporal)

Kitty -
During her time at the Luna Ring Kitty submitted for a transfer to medical services. This would be out of the front line combat units. Her transfer was quickly denied. Details were not released. Though upset she has found some comfort in having familiar faces. She is allowed or asked for to assist the medical resources on the Luna Ring, like when a mangled regiment of Mobile Infantry arrive with a surged of wounded.

New joiners:
As they are new chracters their 2714 will be worked on as part of their character creation


“Temp D”

“Temp M”

Out of squad

Taps - out of squad
Sgt Taps is tapped to the production needs of SICON. A member of the Mobile Infantry his experience and his family background in construction give him insights into construction of buildings, walkers and of buildings to be used as factories to make walkers.

Boomer - out of squad
At the Luna ring Boomer takes additional courses and earns the rank of Staff Specialist. She is transferred out of the squad to Camp Smokey Smith.

The player of the following PCs haven’t rejoined the game so are also out of squad:
The Boulder

Zim - NPC
Zim had indeed ‘reenlisted’ as a Private and captured the first Brain Bug on Planet P. He has since been restored in rank to Sergeant. Apparently having refused an rank higher than that which takes him way from a Squad. He is serving in SICON combat forces in his old unit, The Roughnecks, that is being led by some young spud of an Lt named Rico. Zimi remains in contact with Boomer sharing stories of his days as a ‘Career Sergeant’ at Camp Smokey Smith, a role Boomer has taken over.

Intell Officer Haverson - Promoted to Major
He has been promoted likely on being closely connected to the Hellhounds. Though less seen in person he is still involved with the Medusa program.

Sgt Olegs
He still works closely with Haverson and the Medusa program. Sometimes he visits the Hellhounds to check on how they are doing.

General Varla
Survived Zegema Beach and still a General.

Blue Jay
As a Medusa informed pilot remains the Hellhounds main pilot.

Still Blue Jay’s flight technician

Remains the LT in charge of the Hellhounds support platoon. His staff itself has changed a lot over the last two years with less than 25% of them being those who started with you. Most of the support platoon are young kids from the rapid trained up replacements. Those who remain include Patches the medic; Toast the cook; Leeroy computronics and Wrench (senior PA tech).

Catherine Kulenov
Boomer’s same sex spouse is still alive and well.

Some folks you knew at Boot:
Fitzgibbons - died on Big K
Kalua - Still alive

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