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Rules Current
This thread is for the rules of the game in use.

It is locked so as to hold the current approved rule set.

Questions and discussions can be done here: link to a message in this game

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General Conduct
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General Conduct
Code of Behaviour.

Gaming is a group of people coming together for an enjoyable mutual activity.

If issues develop OOC or seem to be getting out of hand IC the best thing to do is to contact the GMs.

GMs can edit, delete, adjust and rewrite anything and everything that happens in a play by post game. We will seek to sort things out to avoid the worst of it.

Some games give very long behaviour codes but really comes down to everyone, including the staff, are here to have a good time being part of something.

As part of RPOL we are all expected to follow RPOL's code of conduct including those relating to the games general/mature/adult rating.

Real life happens in strange ways. In order for the GMs and players to participate we all in some way rely on each other. If you are going to be away for several days and certainly if away for over a week it is important to let us know. In the case of losing internet access one can usually get access at a friends, in a coffee shop or a library. Even a quick message taking 30 seconds is enough to let us know.

If it is for a few days and the character is in a critical position inhibiting others from moving on the staff may choose to post for the absent character

Unexplained absences of over a week may require the staff to do something such as move the character out of the current story, reassign the character or delete the character.

We have set up an absence thread specifically for telling us about any such situations.

Posting Rates

As a play be post game understanding our posting rates is important.

If you will have difficulty keeping up for a time please post that in the absence thread. If we know what is happening we can far better deal with the situations.

Preferred posting rate is: 1 per day
Acceptable rate is: 1 per 2 days or 3/week
GM rate: usually greater than the players for NPC interaction, OOC and posting results of player's attempted actions

Combat turns: Are normally done every 2 days by the GM
That gives a chance for a player's question, a GM answer then a player's post.

Additional guidelines:

Slow times:
During the summer and the winter holidays (around Christmas/Hannukah to the New Year) the posting rates are about half that.

As people (players or GM) may take weekend trips, get involved with matters and so on with short notice weekends are a 'post as post can' affair. GM might be around to do lots of updates or might be away from Friday night to Monday morning. With several players one or more usually are off on any one weekend. By all means if you are around post. We just understand you or us might be away those couple of days.

Last man rule:
To keep the game flowing the GM has the option of posting something for the last person in pending in a cycle. For example if for a combat round 7 of 8 players have posted the GM may post as the last man. Often the GM is checking this at a block of time that is good for them. If they don't do it then they may end up having a long gap (like waiting until the next day).

Reasonable post as:
Whether under the last man rule or for an absent player the GM who is doing a post as will try to do something reasonable. No suddenly drawing a gun on a commanding officer for instance. The GM may move the character to a side action or out of the way, such as staying to guard the entrance while others go in to explore a cave.

High frequency posting:
If you are about to post your 3rd or higher post for that day (and you are not a GM) please pause a moment to consider the others. Remember that is a week's worth of posting for others!
Have they had a fair chance to respond to the earlier things yet? We all want a chance to partake afterall. I've had that issue when as a player I could post so much faster than others that they felt swamped and left behind.
You are more okay if you are having a one on one conversation with another player who seems to be keeping up. When more players are involved they all deserve a chance to interact too. It will never be that everyone can post the same rate. We want all players to enjoy and have a chance.
So please consider the other players before doing high frequency posting.

Posting style:
At the start of an IC post include a location tag like
[Bridge] or [Vid Booth] or [Joe’s Room]
This makes it a lot easier to mentally sort through when reading many posts at once. Threads are generally only opened for major locations like one starship, base, forest or battlefield.

Verbal text:
We prefer you to colour verbal speech. Like the location tag this makes it easier to identify audio activity amid visual sights. We don’t restrict colours other than Orange is reserved for OOC, private lines and so forth. It is best to use one consistent colour for your character which in turn also aides the GM reading through posts of many players at one time.

Make rolls:
If there is some skill related thing going on its more efficient for the player to roll the dice with their best guess of attribute and skill. The GM may use it, adjust it or ignore it. You may choose to adjust your post based on how well the character seems to do. It should be done in the tone of “attempted action” and die roll.
The point is that if we delay for the GM to ask for a roll and the player make one when we check 1/day that can be 2 real life days of delay to the action. So please make your best guess and roll. List what attribute(s) and skill(s) you used. Post it in orange in the bottom of the post by copy-paste from the dice roller.
A GM may always choose to roll for a player. Usually we prefer the player to do that. It gives a sense of connection to the character.
In all cases though the GM has the final say on the result of tests. They might edit your post but usually will post a fresh post with the actual result.

Conditional actions:
It is permitted to include one “if” statement in posting actions. Like If I succeed in shooting the one guard I will run up to the door. (die roll for shooting included).  This is another effort to keep up speed of gameplay in the PbP environment.

Changing threads:
When the character moves form one thread to another include in the leaving and arriving thread an indicator like ---> To Planet and --> From Ship

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GM Brygun
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Re: Rules Current
One-Roll System

By Brian Laxson
RPOL Brygun
Usage: Open usage for RPOL games provided the author remains credited for the work. No commercial usage permitted without the author’s permission.

Note: This one uses a d8 not a d6.

Version: Starship Troopers, 2012

Almost every game system comes down to the following:

Character Creation:
Attributes = describing the broad strokes of a character
Skills = describing the abilities to perform specific things

Determining success = roll 1d8 + attribute + skill + specialty = total

Opposed rolls = situations like combat where two or more parties are competing

Always roll
Include in any post with questionable or uncertain outcomes a die roll. Even if you are not sure what skills etc are needed just roll a 1d8. It saves a lot of real life time over asking, waiting a response and then rolling.
Also bear in mind that the GMs are free to adjust what attribute/skill/specialty apply. Players should make their best effort. Just understand the GM will adjust if needed.

The system does use a linear one die rather than the bell curve of 2+ dice. A reason for that is in gaming the "funner" results are the very high and very low rolls.

The first version used a d6 not a d8 but the same quality check box applies.
1 worst case
2 very poor
3 poor
4 slightly below average
5 slightly above average
6 good
7 very good
8 best case

All of which is based on the reasonable expectation of the character, skill, equipment, situation, role play etc. All those being "fuzzy" factors an experienced GM pulls together to be able to write the reply post.

An typical person doing routine wants a 4. Those with some training or abilities get a 6 for difficult. Very difficult/challenging results succeed on an 8. Very advanced things happen on a 10 for amazing.

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GM Brygun
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Fri 20 Jul 2012
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Re: Rules Current
The value of 0 is a typical human. As we are looking at power armor selected people there really isn’t likely to be a negative score. When making rolls for skills add a helpful attribute to the role.

Attributes are grouped by general type.

Strength = Lifting, carrying, punching, jumping distance.
Agility = Moving the whole body, jumping accuracy, ducking.

Endurance = Trudging on, long distance travel, resisting pain.
Size = Just how big you are.

Calculation = Used on figuring out complicated equations.
Memory = Recalling facts and figures. Recalling knowledge read.
Stability = Determination and mental resilience to shock.

Confidence = Affects social interaction when using an authoritative tone.
Convincing = Affects social interaction when debating or haggling is involved.

Vision = Noticing things by sight
Hearing = Noticing things by sound
Smell = Noticing things by smell

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Master Skill List
Fri 20 Jul 2012
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Master Skill List
Master skill list

Note that information in brackets is examples and not seperate subskills.

• Tactics Army
• Tactics Naval
• Melee (Unarmed, Weapons, Shields)
• Thrown Weapons (Grenades)
• Heavy Weapons (Flame, Support, Launchers)
• Gunner (vehicle)
• Gun Combat (Pistols, Archaic, Rifles, Shotguns)
• Explosives
• Power Armour (using suit equipment including skill with thrusters)
• Strategy (dealing with battalion or ship squadron level and above)

(Skill includes piloting, using typical equipment and basic maintenance)
• Walkers (Marauders)
• Driving (Wheeled, Tracked, Small boats/jet skis)
• Flyers (Fighters, Dropships, shuttles in space, Skimmers)
• Wetships (large water going craft)
• Starship (Huge vessels like the Rodger Young)

• Acrobatics
• General Fitness (includes Athletics)
• Survival (wilderness navigation, finding water/food/shelter)
• Stealth

• Tracking (locating and figuring out tracks)
• Spotting (visual observer skills)
• Listening (sorting out the sounds around you)
• Empathy (clueing into attitudes of other creatures)

• Admin – Bureaucracies and admin. Organisation
• Animals (Riding, Veterinary, Training, Farming)
• Art (Acting, Dance, Instrumental, Sculpting, Painting, Writing)
• Gambler
• Investigate
• Language
• Streetwise
• History
• Moral Philosophy

• Negotiations (intellectual bargaining of merchants and diplomats)
• Deception (deliberate tricking/lying)
• Leadership/Command (hard style changing a view point)
• Persuade (soft style changing a view point)

• Science/Knowledge (needs to be specified like Chemistry, Biology, Botany, Genetics)
• Medical Care
• Astrogation
• Math

• Comms
• Computer
• Design
• Electronics
• Engineer
• Mechanic

(what’s your job)
• Teacher
• Photographer
• Journalist
• Preacher
• Miner
• Farmer
• Designer
• Model

English (standard human language)
Sicon (the complex military code)

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GM Brygun
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Fri 20 Jul 2012
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Re: Master Skill List
Character creation

We need this to create a RPOL character for you.

Future role:
To have a balanced MI force we need a mix of specialities while not having too much of any one. Offer two choices you’d prefer to the GM. List will be available shortly.

Think about the character. Our normal character is a young adult who enters into Federal Service.

Where were they born? What was the parents occupation? Are they lower/middle/upper class? Any big positives come to them? Any big negatives happen to them?

Reason for joining the Mobile Infantry:
Did you join as a patriot true believer? Is citizenship a stepping stone to something else? Hoping it will be easier to have babies later? Running away from home? Looking to have tuition paid by serving?

Each character gets either:
a) two of +2 and two of +1.
b) one of +2 and four of +1
You may then take up to 3 of -1 negatives to buy a matching number of more pluses on your attributes.

Skills of youth:
Having grown up the character already has some skills. As modern humans some skills would have been learned. The rest is chosen by the player creating the character.

Human culture:
Moral Philosophy
Language English

An occupation skill (reflects seeing/hearing/helping with what your parents/caregivers did)
Any five others

Youth skill levels:
Of those skills set four at +2 and the rest at +1.

High skill levels:
To keep balance and perspective in a long term game we are now using the following.
Skill levels 1-4 are the initial faster paced skills bringing you to a well trained professional.
Skills 5-8 reflect very advanced skills so cost twice as much to improve.
Skills 9-12 are even farther along and take 3 times as much to improve.
And so on.

Building up skill points for a higher skills should be noted as “+ fraction” such as  +1/2, +1/3, + 2/3 and so on.

Unspent skill points can be saved.

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Blank character sheet
Fri 20 Jul 2012
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Blank character sheet

Real name:


Reason for joining the Mobile Infantry:




Personal Interests:


(record RPOL bio pic info or external links)

Strength =
Agility =
Endurance =

Calculation =
Memory =
Determination =

Confidence =
Convincing =

Vision =
Hearing =
Smell =


Moral Philosophy
Language English

Background Occupation:
(Most likely what your parents did. You’d have had some exposure to how that works)

Open skill choices:

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Hit locations
Fri 24 Aug 2012
at 19:47
Hit locations
Hit locations

Generally hit locations are optional but handy.

Humanoid hit in melee with the arms protecting d8
1 Head
2 Right forearm
3 Right upper arm
4 Left forearm
5 Left upper arm
6 Torso
7 Right leg
8 Left leg
(if the arm is disabled treat forearm hits as hits to that side of the torso)

Humanoid hit by ranged aiming for center of mass d8
1 Head
2 Upper right torso
3 Upper left torso
4 Lower torso (belly)
5 Right arm
6 Left arm
7 Right leg
8 Left leg

Arachnid hit at range d8
(Nerve stem is too small for an easy random roll to hit. The thin legs don’t offer much protection.)
1 Jaws/head
2 Utility arms/antenna
3 Thorax right
4 Thorax left
5 Abdomen right
6 Abdomen left
7 Right legs
8 Left legs

Arachnid hit in melee d8
(Those legs and the mouth trying to bite you make it hard to get at the torso.)
1 Upper jaw/head
2 Lower jaw/head
3 Thorax section
4 Abdomen section
5 Leg right front
6 Leg left front
7 Leg right rear
8 Leg left rear

Thorax is the upper central body.
Abdomen is the lower central body.

Ships, general hits

1 Bow
2 Near Bow
3 Mid bow
4 Midship
5 Midship
6 Mid-aft
7 Near aft
8 Aft

Drop ship : Slingshot (anime style)

1 Bow
= Lower chin turret / Upper long range comms/scanner
2 Near Bow
= Lower Avionics & computers / Upper cockpit
3 Mid bow
= Lower port stateroom & stbd engineering station / Upper port - stbd turret
4 Midship
= Lower bay foreward /  Upper wing rotators & batteries /  Wings port - stbd fore thruster
5 Midship
= Lower bay middle & port - stbd side doors / Upper supply tanks (lifesupport & fuel)
6 Mid-aft
= Lower bay aft (Marauder bay) / Upper engineering room (fixable machinery)
7 Near aft
= Lower drop ramp / Upper aft engine cluster
8 Aft
= Tail assembley port/starboard

Big ships, Corvette Style
Many distributed systems throughtout: weapon systems, quarters, auxiliary life support, auxilary power.
Typical distribution of quarters is foreward mobile infantry; middle fleet and shared; aft civilian.

1 Bow
= Foreward armour and foreward weapons; Upper forward control room
2 Near Bow
= Lower: dropship launch deck / Core: ship magaznies /  Uppper: Local traffic control
3 Mid bow
= Lower: dropship launch deck (continued) / Core: MI amouries & stores / Upper Main landing deck
4 Midship
= Lower PA Drop Deck & quarters senior MI / Core: hospital & operations HQ & combat control room & primary mainframes / Upper Quarters VIP  & offices & Main bridge
5 Midship
= Lower Mother Hen dock / Core: primary lifesupport / Upper  quarters senior fleet & communications center & primary tower
6 Mid-aft
= Lower recreation & mall / Middle workshops & factories / Upper  exterior boat deck
7 Near aft
= Reactors
8 Aft
= Thruster Pods

Ship Skinny Raider Typical
As Skinny's custom make things to tribal customs there is variation from one ship to another. The following is a typical pattern

1 Bow
     = Forward armor;  Forward fixed weapons if any; Low value stores

2 Near Bow
      = Warp initiator; Forward fixed weapons 2nd parts if any; Port/Stbd forward turrets

3 Mid bow
     = Control Bridge; Leader's Cabin; Life support #1; Escape pods;

4 Midship Fore
     = Contra-gravity forward; Ship Missiles; Galley; Crew Quarters; Armory

5 Midship Aft
     = Power Generator; Workshop; Secondary computer; Fuel processor; Escape Pods

6 Mid-aft
     = Life support #2; Crew Quarters; Prisoner Cells; Boarding tubes and airlocks

7 Near aft
    = Port/Stbd aft turrets; Warp aft systems; Contra-gravity aft; Important parts stores

8 Aft
    = Main thrusters; Evasion thruters

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Sun 26 Aug 2012
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Perspectives on the d8 Roll One

An typical person doing routine wants a 4. Those with some training or abilities get a 6 for difficult. Very difficult/challenging results succeed on an 8. Very advanced things happen on a 10 for amazing.

To put things in perspective in relation to d20 our d8 system means a +1 is 2.5 skill points and a +2 is 5 skill ranks (fully qualified, related bonuses in d20).

Someone with attribute + skill of +3 always succeeds at routine tasks and someone with +5 will always succeed at difficult task (unopposed ones). Those with attribute + skill of +7 and higher are true masters of their skill.

For example Career Sergeant Zim the combat instructor has +2 agility and +6 skill for d8+8. Cadets may have +1 attribute and at best +2 melee for d8+3. Zim wipes out cadets in seconds.
Damage, in the form of penalties on the roll, accumulates so Zim is likely to get a few points on the cadet in the first round. If it’s a -3 the cadet is rolling d8+0 vs Zim’s d8+8. Anyone who survives to a third round or more against Zim has something to brag about.
Training Gains
Tue 28 Aug 2012
at 02:25
Training Gains
Training Gains

As a skill based system its a lot easier to assign skill points earned through the training programs. For those PCs in boot camp and training these have yet to be earned. I want to have access to the list to make informed decisions about what specialty training you try for.

Basic Training Mobile Infantry
4 Months of really condensed, hard driving education.
Attribute Endurance +1
Attribute Strength +1
12 skill points:
+1 Tactics (Land)
+1 Melee (Unarmed, Weapons, Shields)
+1 Thrown Weapons (Grenades)
+1 Heavy Weapons
+2 Gun Combat (this is a +2 not +1 as it is primary focus)
+1 General Fitness
+1 Survival
+1 Medical Care
+1 Leadership
+1 'chore' related (GM pick)
+1 Choice of PC

The GM picked chore skills are:
Taps = Admin
Echo = Comms
Sony = Medical
Boomer = Engineer
Breaker = Computer
Shadow = Gun combat
Decker = Drive

For reference:

Military Intelligence Basic Training
Attribute: Confidence +1
Attribute: Calculation +1
Empathy +1
Negotiation +1
Deception +1
Persuade +1
Gun combat +1
General Fitness +1
Investigate +1
Strategy +1
Medical Care +1
Leadership +1
'chore' related (GM pick) +1
Choice of PC +1

Fleet Basic Training
Attribute: Agility +1
Attribute: Calculation +1
Piloting +1
Astronavigation +1
Starships +1
Computer +1
Electronics +1
Gunnery +1
Tactics Naval +1
Survival +1
Medical Care +1
Leadership  +1
'chore' related (GM pick) +1
Choice of PC +1

As our game focuses on the Power Armour Mobile Infantry all PCs will be getting PA Training. It will be 4 months at Camp Smokey Smith in the Canadian Rockies giving 8 skill points.

Specialist Training: Power Armour
+2 Power Armour  (Using PA, care of PA, skill gained from theory, practice and squad exercise)
+1 Gun Combat (practice in PA)
+1 Heavy Weapons (practice in PA)
+1 Melee (practice in PA)
+1 Walker (basic Marauder handling as part of working with them)
+1 Tactics (Fresh set of combat classes using the PA)
+1 PC Choice (your spare time, extra study)

Specialist Trainings
4 month training to get an advanced rating. Less brutal than the boot camp. I’m going to include skill lists for those the PCs are like to take and just other ones that would exist. If a PC ends up taking one of short lists one we can detail it then. Each should give 8 skill points including one that is the student’s choice. The choice reflects hobbies, fun or extra studies.

(Building and tear down of buildings of known patterns including demolitions and related gear)
+2 Engineer (primary in making buildings, fortifications etc)
+2 Explosives (demolitions)
+1 Mechanic (Equipment care)
+1 Electronic (equipment care)
+1 Driving (Vehicle operations)
+1 Choice

(Studies in how life happens and the treatment of injures, sickness and ailments)
+2 Medical Care (Primary training)
+2 Science Biology (fundamental theories)
+1 Driving (ambulance operations)
+1 Empathy (from patient care protocols)
+1 Persuade (from patient care protocols)
+1 Choice

(Training in long range sniping weapons and the related techniques)
+2 Gun Combat
+2 Stealth
+1 Survival
+1 Tracking
+1 Spotting
+1 Choice

(Recon specialist including wilderness travel)
+2 Stealth
+2 Survival
+1 Tracking
+1 Spotting
+1 Communications (extra training in being able to report findings)
+1 Choice

Heavy Weapons
(Extra training in the bigger weapons like support weapons and vehicle weapons)
+2 Gunner
+2 Heavy Weapons
+1 Mechanic
+1 Thrown
+1 Explosives
+1 Choice

Rifle Combat Specialist
(Extra training in the methods of fighting as with a rifle and related gear)
+2 Gun Combat
+1 Melee
+1 Thrown
+1 Heavy Weapon
+1 Tactics
+1 Stealth
+1 Choice

Close Quarters Specialist
(Extra training in short range fighting like house to house and hand to hand, Just like Zim!)
+2 Melee (knives, bayonet, hand to hand)
+1 Gun combat
+1 Thrown
+1 Explosives (charges and mines)
+1 Tactics
+1 Stealth
+1 Choice

Marauder Specialist
(Dedicated training in using the Marauders and their weapons)
+2 Walker
+2 Gunner
+1 Mechanic
+1 Electronics
+1 Tactics
+1 Choice

Vehicle Crew
(Operate vehicles of the Mobile Infantry)
+2 Driving
+2 Pilot
+1 Gunner
+1 Mechanic
+1 Electronics
+1 Choice

(Well trained and practiced in the use of communications and their repair)
+2 Communications
+2 SICON Language
+1 Electronics (repair of equipment)
+1 Administration (familiarity with the paperwork)
+1 Leadership (by association and practice of relaying orders)
+1 Choice

(Dedicated to office operations)
+2 Administration
+1 Negotiations
+1 SICON Language
+1 Computers
+1 Communications
+1 Electronics
+1 Choice

(Inspiring and managing the inflow of cadets)
+2 Administration
+2 Persuade
+1 Leadership
+1 Empathy
+1 Computers
+1 Choice

(Computers, networking, mainframes and related devices)
+2 Computer
+2 Electronics
+1 Communications
+1 Administration
+1 Design
+1 Choice

Facility Mechanic
(Plans and sets up the equipment inside facilities, buildings and starships)
+2 Mechanics
+2 Electronics
+1 Design
+1 Computer
+1 Listening
+1 Choice

Vehicle Technician
(Focuses on repairing rather than using vehicles)
+2 Mechanics
+2 Electronics
+1 Driving
+1 Computer
+1 Listening
+1 Choice

Power Armour Technician
 (Repair person focusing on power armour)
 +1 Power Armour
 +1 Walker
 +2 Mechanics
 +1 Electronics
 +1 Computer
 +1 Design
 +1 Choice

Facility Operations
(Personnel operating the bases and offices)
+2 Administration
+1 Cook
+1 Wheeled
+1 Computer
+1 Mechanic
+1 Electronics
+1 Choice

(Teacher of courses. The would already have the technical skills. This is about how to pass those skills on)
+2 Teacher
+1 Administration (A lot of the preparations are administrative)
+1 Moral Philosophy
+1 Leadership
+1 Empathy
+1 Persuade
+1 Choice

(Morale center for a force. Also deals with personal issues outside of the normal chain of command)
+2 Moral Philosophy
+2 Persuade
+2 Empathy
+1 Leadership
+1 Choice

Neo-Dog Handler
(Work with the cyber dogs, not sure if we will have this or not)
+2 Animals
+2 Empathy
+1 Tracking
+1 Survival
+1 Stealth
+1 Choice

Tactical Leadership
(aimed at producing combat squad leaders)
+2 Tactics
+1 Gun combat
+1 Heavy Weapons
+1 Leadership
+1 Administration
+1 Communications
+1 Choice

Officer Candidate
(becoming an officer still takes a promotion into a needed position)
+2 Tactics
+1 Strategy
+1 Leadership
+2 Administration
+1 SICON Language
+1 Choice

Formation Operations
(For high ranking officers or their senior enlisted)
+2 Admin
+2 Strategy
+2 Sicon
+1 Tactics
+1 Choice

Military Police
(Control and investigate activities usually within a military context)
+1 Spotting
+1 Empathy
+1 Persuade
+1 Leadership
+1 Melee
+1 Admin
+1 Lawyer
+1 Choice

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GM Brygun
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Thu 16 May 2013
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Re: Training Gains
Can I start the game with a psychic PC?


Now here's why:

The game founders talked about this issue at length. Psychic abilities certainly are a part of the setting. They are also a mystery element of the game.

What we came to look at is:
= Psychic capable people go through special training so they would be absent from the Boot Camp that was our first adventure.
= Psychics are rare. There really shouldn't be more than one in a squad.
= If we gave this "magic" to one it would be to only one PC.
= This PC would have all the weapons, power armour and everything of the other PCs plus on top of that his own private magic.
= Psychics are also officer rank, at least in the movie and d20 versions. In the anime version you have a private Jenkins. We are more leaning to the officer psychics because they are quite rare.
= Branch vs branch authority gets tricky and even if over ridden there can be major career consequences.
= So on top of having all weapons and armour they psychic PC would have magic and an officer's authority.
= That would be pretty unfair and could cause troubles for the game.

So the founders decided on the following:
= Pcs will have a sub psychic scale determined by them. Just like in the setting you might work hard on your math or excerise your muscles its hard to know your psychic strength until SICON tests you.
= Some will be stronger and some weaker.
= We set up the Medusa side of the story to add in that psychic flair stories.
= Medusa/Psychic missions are not going to be every mission. It gives us a means to use that side of the setting without violating other concerns.
= An NPC psychic was setup to play around with the possible rules for psychics.

We also will not be pulling out the Medusa aspect of the story. The Medusa story is tightly woven into the backgrounds and RP of almost every PC in some way. That includes RP connections to the middle psychic characters done through indirect means.

Over the long term it is possible that a veteran player might be allowed to play a psychic PC just like they might be able to play a Skinny. That may be a replacement character if their first is taken out. When we are farther along we get around some of the issues. Most importantly the GM staff will have a better feel if the player can work the extra angle without breaking up the game.

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GM Brygun
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Fri 24 May 2013
at 11:45
What if I die?
What if I die?

It is possible in the game to die. I'm not an out for blood and kill 'em on the first mistake type. It certainly can happen. Given the setting of Starship troopers if you are fighting bugs without power armour its much more likely. In power armour you can take a real beating. Given the medical technology you can lose limbs and organs still survive.

Still... if you do die...

Well the other side of a military game is that it is pretty easy to bring in a replacment character. Replacements filling into existing squads is something that happens in all militaries.

Depending on how far advanced the main party is I may allow some addtional skill points matching some prior "tour" of the new character.

So... a dead character doesn't necessarily mean the game is over for you the player.

Some deaths may be heroic. Others accidents. Others from ambushes. Remember the game itself is a story. Part of this story is Road To citizens. Sometimes you become a citizen in your final act.
GM Brygun
 GM, 1340 posts
Thu 30 May 2013
at 06:25
Ammo usage
Ammo Usage:

First off our typical turns are 30-seconds TV time. Meaning everyone can talk and interact as if they each had 30 seconds. The camera spends 30-seconds on you then somebody else. Its not quite 30 seconds collective time as it would be near impossible for a RP conversation to take place.

Players are expected in normal game play to track their ammo usage not the GM. The GM is already having to do that for all NPCs and GM-PCs thank you very much.

Maximum fire rates:
In that time it is possible for a Morita on full auto to go through 2-3 mags and 1-2 underbarrel as well. Thats badly aimed, kicking like a mule recoil and only good at point blank. Aime bursts tend to be 20-30 rounds and you can get a few of those off.

A Shredder in 30-seconds could potentially go through the entire 400 round ammo pod.

An Aunt Mary could empty 10 rounds at its max aimed fire rate. That is based on the real WW2 rifle (.30 cal) Lee Enfield bumped up for modern technology. Though really its not greatly aimed.

Normal fire rates:

50-100 rounds from a Morita done as 2, 3 or 4 controlled bursts. Plus reload the magazine.


Empty an underbarrel mag, reload, empty and reload.


1-2 Morita bursts and an underbarrel volley, reload.


50-100 rounds of Shredder in 2-5 aimed bursts


Aunt Mary 3-5 rounds of typically aimed fire.

Aimed fire rates:

Well anything less. Down to single shot after using a Snooper or other range finder.


So do choose how much you use. Include it in your post and players update your ammo usage. I do adjust your attack rolls a little based on the apparent rate of fire. A little leeway if giving to highly skilled/veteran characters to handle a bit more with less penalty.

I did the claymores and defences during the Pluto #1 PDZ defensive setup due to the complexity of tracking locations. Normally I depend on you guys to update your ammo counters.

A trick you can use is for you the player to be a mime and imagine how much time it takes. Bear in mind looking around, reloading, talking and so forth. It might be better to limit your mime-time to about 10-15 seconds to account for conversations, dodging enemy attacks, keeping your head down and so forth.

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GM Brygun
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Sun 9 Jun 2013
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Expanded Rules
Expanded Rules

This section will set and record specific rules that we've come up with. The game system is meant to be simple and fast flowing not hard number crunching. Still it is important to have consistency once we set a rule.

General modifiers

0 = Normal. Using a tool kit designed for that purpose.
+/- 1 = Helpful but not a great match. Having extra tools or unskilled helper.
+/- 2 = Proper match. Such as having specific equipment such as deluxe tools. Penalty sample -2 for use improvised tools.
+/- 4 = Excellent match. Such as repairing a car/armour in large shop.

Related attributes:
Should almost always be just one (1) attribute that applies. If more than one does take the most favourable one.

Related skills:
If you think more than one skill applies there are a few ways to present this.
= Make a seperate skill roll for each one and include each die + explanation in your post
= Include 1/2 the 2nd skill being sure to explain that in your die + explanation area

Stealth vs scanning

-1 = Badly matched. Wearing sandy desert in a forest and vice versa
0 = Typical clothing
+1 = Crude/basic near match. General green in a forest or grass
+2 = Proper match. Patterned green in forest.
+4 = Excellent match. Sniper suit with rcent local vegetation tied on

Thermal Camo
-1 = Bad match. Small heat source like smoking a cigarette
0 = normal
+1 = Basic cover. Piles of branches on top of you.
+2 = Proper cover. Thermal pattern breaking garment. In a ditch or quick hole.
+4 = Excellent match. Advanced thermal breakup such as heat sinks or in a full size fighting foxhole.

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GM Brygun
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Mon 10 Mar 2014
at 00:52
Re: Expanded Rules

For the new players...

We need to start sorting out your equipment.

M1A4 combat suit
standard as seen in anime

Pathfinder suit
lighter armor more stealth, from the d20 game

You can read more about those here:
link to a message in this game

Now then...

link to a message in this game

You each have a choice of pistol. The pistol is part of your regular gear not just your PA. In this setting SICON personnel can carry their sidearm anytime, even when off duty. They give you one, not six, one. So the one you choose for your PA is also the one you have when chilling out.

So you'll need to pick one.

link to a message in this game

Next is your knife choice.

Same thing. Side arms pistol and knife are all the time available.

So pick one.

link to a message in this game

Your power armor suit has a melee weapon slot on the backpack. There are actually 3 docks with the other two docks are for the lizard line gun (cable gun for going up and down cliffs and buildings) and the rifle.

So choose a melee weapon. Normal choice is a shock stick as the electricity ignores Warrior bug armor.

pick one

link to a message in this game

Heavy weapons are already pretty much accounted for so you'll both be using a Morita unless you take the Wayne automatic shotgun.

The Morita has an underbarrel weapon slot. If you have the Morita pick an underbarrel slot.

link to a message in this game

Next we will want to start filling out the gear slots on the powersuits.

link to a message in this game
(use quote and delete the quote phrases at the top and bottom)

link to a message in this game

Now powersuits can carry rucksacks, backpacks and bandoleers. Most teams don't or stick to the lighter rucksacks. Some folks want lots of gear and some missions suggest being stranded might happen. The more extra baggage the more I will penalize your agility actions like dodging being eaten by bugs. Fatigue can happen but not as much an issue for PA troopers.

So... I suggest you now look over the kits and pods.

Ammo pods are helpful but there is delay in getting in combat as you have to fuss with the box. Most folks keep ready ammo on their PA slots and a few kits related to their skills. (Kitty's medical kits for instance). Bandoleers with ammo and then ammo pods in rucksack/backpack for reloading between fights.

Squad leaders can influence your gear. Some times things need to carried for the squad to do the job.

You do have a personal pouch space on the PA which they can't affect. That is a SICON, more a roleplaying, slot to let people personalize their belongings with personal tokens, fun things, religious items and so forth.

We will end up with a standard gear for you. This is what is the baseline for most missions. Also if there is a fast drop that is what gets loaded up by the support infantry. For missions with long briefings there is time to make tweaks to the loadup for that mission.

The short version of the list is:

Type of Power Armour:
Choose Heavy weapon: (most none)
Choose Morita underbarrel
Choose pistol
Choose knife
Choose Melee

Optional: Mention Kits & things you'd like to have

Staff/vets now make a draft.
You can then edit the draft but can at least get started if action happens
GM Brygun
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Sun 9 Aug 2015
at 18:37
Re: Expanded Rules
Reserved to explain what wound reports mean.

Which apparently was never explicitly stated in the rules before.

Improved writeup pending. Quick version.

Humans, and most beings, have 8 possible wounds based on rolling a d8. Think of it when you are minus a die you are dead.

Example 1:

Buddy -2 of -3, left arm hurt

Applied wound: Buddy puts -2 on all dice rolls.

Physicaly penalty: Buddy physically is at 3 points to the 8 points for being dead

There is also damage to the left arm. So the GMs will modify activities further that use the left. Typically a -1 but might be more. In the case of the arm that would affect firing a rifle but not firing a pistol in the right hand.

The difference between applied and physical wounds is often from havin recieved medical care.

Example 2 with stuns

Sissy -3 of -2 (-2 is stuns)

Now this one looks wierd. Without the stuns it would read

Sissy -1 of -2

(2) points of stuns make it

Sissy -3 of -2 (-2 is stuns)

What matters here is that at a total 8 points applied damage with stuns you would be unconscious but not dead.

Stuns also tend to heal quite quickly. Perhaps 1 point a round. We use that for shocksticks on stun. Some drugs may take longer to reduce.

Example 3:

Buggy -8 of -4 (-4 is stuns), out

Buggy is now passed "out" and can't act. They are not dead though.

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Orphaned PCs
Tue 20 Oct 2015
at 11:36
Orphaned PCs
Orphaned PCs means those 'toons' no longer have a player driving them. Decided I should make a list with brief notes for incoming new players to view. Also to remind me should I wish to have them appear.

One advantage of an orphaned PC is that the character creation and especially the equipment lists has already been gone through. It may be a bit buried but we can find it.

If you do play an orphaned character it is still possible on a later mission to change to your fresh character. This should be done to coincide with a mission/episode change over.

Breaker = Technician type, highly psychic resistant, family generational storyline

Fixer = Technician type, prefers to do supporting roles including carrying a mortar as a support weapon

Gladiator = Born and raised on a cold ship, multi year mission ended up being even longer, older, mother captured by Skinnies

Oddball = Near-psychic unusually acting person; based on Oddball from Kelly's Heroes; Marauder pilot; knocked into a coma from psychic damage

Tex = Technician type, small fellow of African lineage, lost part of an arm on Klendathu with a cybernetic replacement

Reserved orphans:

Atozee = PA Techno wiz, player went wonky so character off squad for erm... chat time. Probably too much trouble to reintegrate

Decker = Moved into being an NPC member of Black Ten, General Varla's anti-psychic squad

Echo = First officer leading the team in Operation Pest Control, Pluto, Klendathu, New Zegema Beach and onto Talosburg. Character has been promoted to Captain and those to tend to move more away from frontline combat. Player had serveral major real life changes and needs to focus on those.

Jimbo = Ground vehicle specialist. Having cars around a lot was hard on the GMs to co-ordinate with an on-foot infantry squad. Just found that the driver concept was more complexity than first realized.

Taps = first PC Sergeant and player become an assistant GM. reserved should player come back, also moved off the front lines to the war production zones to build Marauders

The Boulder = Melee specialist. Won a tournament against Zim before the war broke out. Reserved just for having done so well as a player here.

Steel = Officer PC and we can only have one in the squad a time. Was around when Echo wasn't but Echo is back now.

Wraith = PC of the first game master. Reserved should he come back, sniper, last seen going deep behind enemy lines

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