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Thu 26 Jul 2012
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Though we have a game map, I've forgotten that it has no place tags on it. So I will write down some locations under this thread. As I add new locations I'll reorder them alphabetically and bump the thread.

Aven, the Peaceful Town of Traders: The big complex castle/town-like symbol located on the southern part of the land, and the hut symbols below that. Avencast Academy also located here.
Avencast, the Academy of Crystal Mages: The pentagram symbol located on southern part of the map.
Boridia, The Borderline Town: The big complex castle/town-like symbol on the north-western part of the land. Huts around this place also included. The academy of combat magic, Syrah Nova is also located here, shown by pentagram symbol.
Ewons, the Mountain Side Town: The big complex castle/town-like symbol on the north-eastern part of the land. The huts below that symbol is also part of the town. The river that is looking like piercing the town is actually the aqueduct of the town :D
Fluke Village: Village located on the north-east side of the Verba Infinitum, and just below Lady Alenka's castle.
Lady Alenka's Castle: The only black castle symbol on the map, located near Verba Infinitum.
Rose Inn: The most fabulous inn of the land, the brown hut like symbol that is located on the road between Boridia and Aven
The Haunted Forest: The forest near the lake located south-west of the town Ewons.
Verba Infinitum, the Academy of the Way of The Word: The pentagram symbol located on the eastern part of the land.
Yona: Twin villages divided by a statue of Meridia(shown with the only ankh symbol on the map) Meridia is one of the seven Iconas(holy figures/figurines on this land), and she is the Icona of Life. Yona is located on the middle-northern part of the map.

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