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History of the world
The following is what is readily available from public sources.

The Protectors : A group based in NY, NY.
The Captain: an Italian Super that showed up once near the end of WW2 and was promptly caputered by an American Hero.  Had complete Amnesia.  Was released after the war and became an American citizen.  Apparently does not age.  Vanished at the same time that the CMF appeared.

Heavy Metal: Lead singer, sonic attack
Screech: Keyboard
The Axeman: Guitar, dangerous guitar/axe/weapon, viking theme from europe
Ted: Drummer.  Strong, really strong.  Dumb, really dumb.
Boomer: Guitar.  His guitar act more like a gun.  Least violent member of the group.
Sparks: She is their off stage effects technician.
Don Falmier: Manager
Roadies: robots
They have a hovervan.

Mentalists are rare.

USA Super Laws
- information discovered through the use of telepathy is inadmissable in court under the constitution (no self incrimination)
- actions while under mind control are considered to be the actions of the mentalist

Work in progress

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Re: Recently in Portland
Recent History in Portland Oregon
   Portland Oregon is not used to super vs super battles.  Then a group of supers claimimg to be Canadian Mutants came to town.  While they have stopped several villians and saved many lives, they refuse to cooperate with the authorities and have twice broken out of PRIMUS custody.
Other strange events recently;
- a LARGE explosion underwater off the northern oregon coast
- a Large explosion off the Canadian coast (BC)
- the local Viper base was taken out by the local Super Hero team, The Northwest Protecters.  The nest leader, s SV named Sandman(a guy made of Sand) escaped.  Then that team vanished.
- with the local team missing, the govt recruited some temporary replacements who have stated, "We believe the CMF is responsible for the disappearance of the NWP, they will be caught and brought to justice."

Temporary Northwest Protecters
Battleship Oregon: Formerly The Maine.  Apparently he was an undercover agent investigating Viper
Wildcard: Fast, lucky
Brainstorm: On loan from The Protectors
Silver Avenger with a PRIMUS squad
Missing Northwest Protecters
Agent M: mentalist FBI agent whose mental powers are visible
Windrider: a young mutant of Native American descent, with wings, knows martial arts
Raven: a guy in a suit, shoots electricity and flies

Canadian Mutant Front
Bubbles: Appears to be an energy form, can project energy, turn desolid and flies.  Very similar to to The Captain (see The Protectors).  Some bloggers say it is The Captain.
Gunny: Looks like a wookie.  Is very strong and has a laser that shoots out of his leg.
LT: The only normal looking member.  Reports say he is a mentalist.

   The first appearance of the supers known as the CMF (a name given to them by the media) was in NY, NY.  They stopped a trio of bank robbers, knocked out the police and left the villian The Maine tied up (sans armor).  NY also had a Viper spy ship sink the night before and The Captain vanished the day after these events, but the CMF has not been solidly connected to them.
   They showed up a few days later in Kansas City, Mo where they stopped the super heavy metal villian band Roadkill from killing the boy band YVT on a live tv broadcast.  Both groups got away.
    Then they started showing up in Portland, OR.
- stopped a rampaging mutant that put the Northwest Protecters in the hospital
- stopped a hostage situation
- recaptured The Maine (who had been released from NY custody by a clerical error)
- stopped a Mechanon copy from destroying the city
- tried to stop Roadkill from robbing a hightech company
- stopped some DEMON villians from hurting people at a mall