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Fri 6 Feb 2015
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Chapter 5.1:  Deadwood Smoldering ((Deadwood PCs))
September 17th, 1880. Midday. Deadwood, Sioux Nations

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On this day, September 14th, in the year of our Lord Eighteen Hundred and Eighty, in light of the treacherous attack on Deadwood town by renegade Indians and Indian collaborators, it is hearby decreed that the civilian government, being inadequate for the task of protecting the people and interests of Deadwood, is dissolved. A new election will be held once hostilities with the Sioux Indians has been ended. In the interim, Deadwood is hearby placed under Martial Law, in the pursuit of order and peace.


George Armstrong Custer, General, Army of the United States of America

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Fri 6 Feb 2015
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Re: Chapter 5.1:  Deadwood Smoldering ((Deadwood PCs))
The takeover was swift and complete. The ink was not even dry on the decree of martial law when the soldiers began "enforcement."

Army medics were called to tend to the wounded. Martha and Sol Star survived the attack, though Martha was gravely injured and would require a great deal of care. Seth Bullock was informed that until new elections took place, he was no longer the Marshal of Deadwood, and someone else would be appointed to the position in his place. He was released from custody in order to provide care for his wife. Han Lee has been assisting him with his fancy healing techniques.

The mutual accusations of Jackie Wells and Janet Weiss against each other did very little except get the both of them considered troublemakers. They are being held until a new Marshal is appointed by Custer to hear the case.

James Wilder and James Lonefeather were released from custody after giving statements and receiving care for their injuries. Back they went to their rooms DMA stockade. It's suggested that if he wants to head out into Indian Country to search for his pistol, he should contact a fellow named Maddox, who is a bounty hunter.

Logan West, Freiherr von Steinhoff, Lt. Haverford, and the Indian Kohanna discussed many things, long into the night. Von Steinhoff has become something of a local hero for "valor against the renegades," and everywhere he goes soldiers wish to buy him drinks.

Ezekial Starkweather snuck into the army camp and liberated several sticks of dynamite, only to find when he went to destroy Fairchild's Boarding house that it was no longer there, and no-one he asked could remember a boarding house ever being in that spot. About the only thing left for Zek to do is settle up with Maddox.

Black Jack Bordreaux discovered that the marshal's office a smoldering wreck, and was forced to look elsewhere for answers. He ran into a bounty hunter named Maddox, who claimed he had captured Calamity Jane, but that Jane escaped his custody. Calamity Jane has not been seen since the fire and it is presumed she has skipped town to avoid murder charges. Maddox, however, has agreed to help Black Jack out, as he no longer has a shot at being elected Marshal while military rule is in effect. The two made plans to meet at the Woolly Buffalo Saloon to grab a bite and discuss their plans.

Quietly and with little fanfare, a new saloon opened up on main street, near the railroad tracks. But if you asked people about it, they would swear up and down that the Lady Gray Saloon had always been there, and that it had a colorful history...

((OOC: And that's a quick summation of the situation in Deadwood as the new thread starts. Janet and Jackie are in holding, Starkweather and Wilder being pointed toward Maddox, who is meeting up with Black Jack to discuss tracking down Charley Bull, while Von Stienhoff and Logan West are investigating things and may get drawn into this.

Everyone is healed up. Clear all your wounds.

Anything else you guys want to accomplish before we start the scene proper?))

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Fri 6 Feb 2015
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Re: Chapter 5.1:  Deadwood Smoldering ((Deadwood PCs))
OOC: James would've gotten a temporary replacement gun - maybe even a sawed off shotgun - before going to see Maddox
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Re: Chapter 5.1:  Deadwood Smoldering ((Deadwood PCs))
OOC: I'm ready whenever
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Re: Chapter 5.1:  Deadwood Smoldering ((Deadwood PCs))
Zek planned to track down Maddox. Not before testing weather or not the house was really there. Maybe he just could not see it. So he threw a few rocks just to make sure. Once he was well and truly established it had been moved...somehow...then he would find Maddox. Given the man's poltical ambitions, that would not be too hard...