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Chapter 5.4: Shootout at the Bella Union Saloon ((Deadwood))
Rotti: Toniiiiiiiiiiiiiight I set the stage!
Luigi: Tonight we set the stage
Rotti: Myyyyyyyyyyyyy greatest play!
Pavi: My greatest face!
Rotti: Allllllllllll plans are laiiiiiiiiiiid!
Luigi: My greatest rage!
Pavi: Pavi gets laid!

All: All debts are paid
At the opera tonight!

Repo! The Genetic Opera

September 17th, 1880. Midday. The Bella Union Saloon, Deadwood, Sioux Nations

To recap the important events from all the threads I'm merging here...

some mood music

Outside in the fenced off area

"God...damn...thing..." Jackie mutters as she and Katy throw their wight against the survival knife. The window board squeaks like a banshee, but the nails hold. "Everybody and their mother inside there's probably wonderin' what's goin' on..." Jackie mutters.

"Hey! Marshal! A-ta-shay! You got trouble comin'!" She shouts.

Inside the Bella union's main hall

"No! It most certainly is not!" Tolliver says. He nods at Logan. "Yes, I think taking this outside would be for the best. Go collect your friend."

The barkeep, meanwhile, also nods at Logan's words, and begins trying to usher some of drunks at the bar away.

Wild Bill Hickok and Darius Carter, however, have not taken their hands off their guns. They keep eyes on all the poker players...and watch each other warily as well.

"Gentlemen, I do believe I have had my fill of this game for the moment." Mr. Sebastian says.

Carter squints at him. "You ain't goin' anywhere with..."

"...with your money, yes, yes." Sebastian says as he pulls a few bills from the pile in front of him. "Which is why I shall simply retrieve my stake. The rest of you can divvy up the rest however you care to."

"So you can go off with your buddies and find the marshal?" Carter snarls, and this time he eases his fancy pistol out of the holster. "No. No, I don't think so."

Wild Bill, meanwhile, continues to watch Von Steinhoff. his hands rest on his pistols, but he's not drawing down.

It goes quiet in the Bella Union.

Which is why the unholy {CREEEEEEEEEEEEEEAK!} of wood from the boarded-up window is so spectacularly alarming...

"Alright, who cut the cheese?" Logan West asked, breaking the silence after the loud creak of wood.

"I mean, really not polite to break wind in here when you can step outside. This is a civilized establishment Mr. Tolliver is running," he said.

"Funny man." Carter growls. And then he points his fancy pistol at the wooded board, then clicks back the hammer. "Let's see if whoever's tryin' to get in thinks this is funny."

"Hey! Marshal! A-ta-shay! You got trouble comin'!" Shouts someone on the other's Jackie Wells!

"Marshal, eh?" Carter grins at Logan. The gun is still pointed at the window. "Well. Looks like I gotta kill all you motherfuckers."

Logan stepped back to lean up against the bar where he had been, and decided it was as good a time as any to hop up onto it and slide back, so that he ended up standing behind it. It seemed like he wouldn't be able to talk his way outta this one, so he figured the next best thing was to be in a position where he could duck and cover.

"You think that'll save ya?" Carter sneers. "Or your friends outside? Well, I just gotta say..."

He's interrupted by the sound of gunfire, fast and rapid like a gatling gun, tearing holes in the rear hallway near the back door.

At the back door of the Saloon

Zek was playing it careful. He knew most people where ill at ease around him-even if they did not know why precisely. As a result, he kept to the shadows and kept his partners in sight. Waiting for their targets to reveal themselves. Mostly in case they went all rabbit like-he could step in and make sure they did not get away again.

What he was not expecting in the bar was to see one of the Whatleys once more. He gritted his teeth, and started to move towards his old foe-hopefully catching him unawares...

James's gun roars in the tiny hall. The bullets come in a rapid fire succession which would leave a gatlin' pistol envious.

A look of pure panic crosses Nicodemus Whateley's face as James gets his gun up. In desperation, he flings his deck into the air. The magical cards swirl about him, sparking and glowing as they deflect the hail of bullets James rains down on him. The bullets ricochet around the corridor, bouncing off the magical cards and into the wood of the hall.

By the time the cards flutter to the ground, more than a few have bullet holes in them, but Nicodemus himself is miraculously untouched. He takes a deep breath, still terrified out of his mind, and then he jumps into James's shadow!

And just like that, the corridor is empty save for some fluttering cards, half a dozen bullet holes, and a pair of gunslingers.

For a couple seconds, it's so quiet you can hear a pin drop.

Then suddenly the whole saloon shakes and rattles. Doors swing open, slam close. The oil lanterns in the wall and the candles in the chandelier suddenly start burning blue. Bottles and poker chips start shooting around the room. Patrons shout, scream, duck and cover.

And from within the Bella Union there is a deep, unnerving roar, as if the wood itself were screaming in rage.


"Oh, I've a bad feeling about this, I do." Maddox says as the door behind them slams shut, cutting off their exit.

((OOC: And we're in combat rounds! Von Steinhoff, Katy, and Logan West need to draw cards. James Wilder and Zeke Starkweather already have done so.))

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Bella Union Saloon
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Sat 15 Oct 2016
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Chapter 5.4: Shootout at the Bella Union Saloon ((Deadwood))

Initial positions of all the principle characters involved.
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Sat 15 Oct 2016
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Chapter 5.4: Shootout at the Bella Union Saloon ((Deadwood))
15:50, Today: Catherine Hays Cox drew the single card: JD using a deck of 54 cards.  Initiative.

Logan West
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Sat 15 Oct 2016
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Chapter 5.4: Shootout at the Bella Union Saloon ((Deadwood))
19:03, Today: Logan West drew the single card: 4C using the Deadlands system.
Jackie Wells
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Sat 15 Oct 2016
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Chapter 5.4: Shootout at the Bella Union Saloon ((Deadwood))
18:46, Today: Jackie Wells drew the single card: 2C using a deck of 54 cards.

Off to a great start!

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Sat 15 Oct 2016
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Chapter 5.4: Shootout at the Bella Union Saloon ((Deadwood))
Turn Order
Nicodemus Whateley: RJ!
Cy Tolliver: AH
Von Steinhoff: KS
Bella Union: KC
Katy Cox: JD
Brett Bones: 10D
James Wilder: 10C
Darius Carter: 8H
The Barkeep, the 2 soiled doves, the 3 drunk miners, the 4 house dealers, the 6 other patrons: 7C
Wild Bill Hickok: 4D
Maddox: 4S
Logan West: 4C
Hyram Burns: 3H
Zeke: 3D
Roger Sebastian & Hound: 2C
Jackie Wells: 2C
James Lonefeather: On Hold

Holy fuck that's a huge cast list.

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Sun 16 Oct 2016
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Chapter 5.4: Shootout at the Bella Union Saloon ((Deadwood))

10:37, Today: Freiherr von Steinhof drew the single card: KS using the Deadlands system.  Initiative.

Nicodemus Whateley
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Sun 16 Oct 2016
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Chapter 5.4: Shootout at the Bella Union Saloon ((Deadwood))
Nicodemus Whateley spends his action doing something sneaky which I'll reveal later.

Something heavy lands on the balcony above Katy and Jackie.

"Hmph. Had better landings." a familiar voice mutters.

((OOC: Nic takes stock of his surroundings, and decides to [spoiler]

Nic's card: 9D))

Cyrus Tolliver
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Sun 16 Oct 2016
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Chapter 5.4: Shootout at the Bella Union Saloon ((Deadwood))
The situation was getting out of hand. Cy Tolliver hated it when things got out of hand. And he wasn't about to have the same shootout that ruined the Gem ruin his own pride and joy.

He wasn't a gunfighter, he wasn't much of a knife fighter, and while he was enough of a raw bastard to keep the whores in line he wouldn't survive a fight with real hardcases.

But what he did have was money, and the most violent people that money could buy.

So he moved to the hidden bellcord behind the roulette wheel and began yanking it, sending bells ringing.

"Guards!" he shouts at the top of his lungs. "Guards!"

There was the rumble of footsteps upstairs, and five hardcases with Winchesters ran to the balcony and aimed down into the saloon floor.

"Now!" Cyrus shouts, sneering at the poker group. "Before any of you knuckleheads get any bright ideas, these folks are under order to fill you all full of lead if you so much as twitch! So Get! Out!"

Darius Carter laughs. "You think I ain't ever stared down a rifle barrel before?" He asks, then aims his fancy gun right toward the guards clustered on the balcony. "Every one of you fuckwits is gonna die!"

Wild Bill chuckles. "I like the cut of you jib." He says.

James Wilder hears a hideously familiar voice, screaming defiance ahead of him. Could it be? Could he really be here, right now, after such a long hunt?

((OOC: Cyrus attempts to cow the folks on the floor into giving up and getting out. This is a Test of Wills against Darius Carter (who is the most belligerent right now)

05:52, Today: Cyrus Tolliver rolled 14,5 using d10+2,d6+2, rerolling max with rolls of (10+2)12,3.  Intimidate ToW.

That'd a good roll. But Darius Carter knows something they don't know, so he gets a bonus to resist.

05:54, Today: Darius Carter rolled 17,3 using d8+2,d6+2, rerolling max (((8+7)15,1)).

aaaand handily beats the 14. nice.

The guards go on cy's card, but they spent their action grabbing guns and running to get into position, so they can't do anything this round.

Cy and Guards: 5H))

Von Steinhof is up!

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Sun 16 Oct 2016
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Chapter 5.4: Shootout at the Bella Union Saloon ((Deadwood))
Ah, what a great point in time to be up. And with no idea what to do.
Talking's still a free action, isn't it?

Von Steinhof burps.
"This is getting interesting. I applaud you, Mr. Tolliver! Such great... entertainment, just to impress your guest from Europe. Very good, very good! So how this goes on, now?"
He points at Carter.
"You shoot the men with the rifles, yes? Then someone shoots you, I believe? Then maybe you", he turns to Wild Bill, swaying for a moment from the sudden movement, "shoot whoever has shot him, then someone shoots you... I do hope I will be left at the end to clap!" He chuckles, then grows serious again.

"But... what is the hidden beast in this house? We have heard it scream, but will you show it to us, Mr. Tolliver?"

((Smarts Test of Wills? Trick?))
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Sun 16 Oct 2016
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Chapter 5.4: Shootout at the Bella Union Saloon ((Deadwood))
((OOC: Yes, some talking is a free action. Who would you be targeting with your Trick/Test of Wills?))
Freiherr von Steinhof
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Sun 16 Oct 2016
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Chapter 5.4: Shootout at the Bella Union Saloon ((Deadwood))
((The House

22:33, Today: Freiherr von Steinhof rolled 14,4 using d8,d6, rerolling max with rolls of (8+6)14,4.  Smarts Trick.

I guess that consumes my action... so:

22:34, Today: Freiherr von Steinhof drew the single card: 4S using the Deadlands system.  Initiative.


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