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Mon 13 Feb 2017
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The Tombstone Epitaph ((IC News and Rumors))
The Tombstone Epitaph
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September 17th, 1880

Republican Candidates Debate!

The Democrats settled on their nominee back In June, but incredibly the fight goes on within the Republican party. Presidential incumbent Ulysses S. Grant and James A. Garfield, whose thrilling speeches made him a front-runner, continue their legal and political wrangling while the Union wrings its collective hands. James G. Blaine and John Sherman, both solid but contentious candidates, have seen their support dwindle, and last night may have been their last chance to impress. Last night's debate was open to the public. The second is slated to take place in a closed session of Congress in a week's time.

Some political experts note that the gloomy outlook in the West may determine the candidates' fortunes. President Grant counts the ceasefire as one of the greatest achievements of his tenure as President, and a heck of a good reason to elect him again. But with the situation deteriorating daily in Kansas, partisan attacks on the rise, and the continuing Sioux aggression around Deadwood, Garfield has plenty of ammunition for use against his rival.

The unprecedented delay in nominating a candidate continues to draw criticism from all sides, but the experts assure us it's just a matter of time before all claims are settled and the electoral process is back on track. Anonymous sources, however, hint darkly that other forces may be to blame for delaying the Union election. Rumors of a shadowy cabal of Northeastern bankers continue to swirl, but no one's willing to name names.

"Unconditional Surrender" Grant has lost what comfortable lead he had, and it is looking less and less likely that he will be clinching the nomination, a humongous shake-up for a nation that hasn't seen a new face in the White House for over a decade. Few believe Democratic challenger Winfield S. Hancock to be a viable opponent to the eventual nominee, despite his honorable war record and broad base of support.

Grant trumpeted many of his prior policy decisions and successes, attempting to sway the crowd to electing him once again:

Your suffrages having elected me to the office of President of the United States, I have, in conformity to the Constitution of our country, taken the oath of office prescribed therein. I have taken this oath without mental reservation and with the determination to do to the best of my ability all that is required of me. The responsibilities of the position I feel, but accept them without fear. The office came to me unsought; I commenced its duties untrammeled. I bring to it a conscious desire and determination to fill it to the best of my ability to the satisfaction of the people.

On all leading questions agitating the public mind I will always express my views to Congress and urge them according to my judgment, and when I think it advisable will exercise the constitutional privilege of interposing a veto to defeat measures which I oppose; but all laws will be faithfully executed, whether they meet my approval or not.

The country, having just emerged from a great and terrible conflict, stands upon a knife's edge. A precious ceasefire has been obtained with our Southern neighbors, and many questions will come before our twin nations for settlement in the next four years which preceding Administrations have never had to deal with. In meeting these it is desirable that they should be approached calmly, without prejudice, hate, or sectional pride, remembering that the greatest good to the greatest number is the object to be attained.

This requires security of person, property, and free religious and political opinion in every part of our common country, without regard to local prejudice. All laws to secure these ends have received my best efforts for their enforcement.

It has been my endeavor to execute all laws in good faith, to collect all revenues assessed, and to have them properly accounted for and economically disbursed. I have to the best of my ability appointed to office those only who will carry out this design.

In regard to foreign policy, I have dealt with nations as equitable law requires individuals to deal with each other, and I have and shall continue to protect the law-abiding citizen, whether of native or foreign birth, wherever his rights are jeopardized or the flag of our country floats. I respect the rights of all nations, demanding equal respect for our own. If others depart from this rule in their dealings with us, we may be compelled to follow their precedent.

The proper treatment of the original occupants of this land--the Indians--is an issue deserving of careful study. I will favor any course toward them which tends to their civilization and ultimate citizenship.

The question of suffrage is one which is likely to agitate the public so long as a portion of the citizens of the nation are excluded from its privileges in any State. It seems to me very desirable that this question should be settled now, and I entertain the hope and express the desire that it may be by the ratification of the fifteenth article of amendment to the Constitution.

In conclusion I ask patient forbearance one toward another throughout the land, and a determined effort on the part of every citizen to do his share toward cementing a happy union; and I ask the prayers of the nation to Almighty God in behalf of this consummation.

Presidential hopeful James A Garfield, however, has many a disagreement with current polices, which he outlined in his speech, which drew quite a lot from his fiery stump speeches on the campaign trail:

With the ceasefire all but unraveled, I ask you again - what has my rival done to preserve the lives of the Unionís citizens? For there are citizens of the Union in Deadwood, my friends, despite my august competitor's claims to the contrary. Yes, there are citizens of the Union in the middle of the so-called Sioux Nations, besieged by bloodthirsty savages!

Twelve of them were killed only weeks ago, and President Grant continues to make excuses. He continues to hold the ill-used Lt. Colonel Custer at armís length. Meanwhile Sitting Bull holds our people hostage, and he holds out the riches of the Black Hills like a shiny lure, all because we are too timid to act. This timidity shall end when I am elected President!

And as for his claims to execute all laws in good faith - what of his support for the Special Services Agency? This unaccountable force polices our citizenry, bereft of all normal checks and balances, and brutalizes those upon whom its eye falls with impunity, completely at the whim of presidential decree! Shall we let our cherished democracy be trodden on by those who claim to work for some greater good they can provide no evidence of? My rival is already far too comfortable appointing friends and relatives to position of high office and authority within his cabinet - what cronyism fuels the SSA? No more, I say!

My rival claims to respect all foreigners who come to our shoes. Indeed, he does this well - at the expense of our natural-born citizenry! He ignores the Yellow peril crawling across our western shore like a canker, and is oblivious as the Celestial usurps the jobs so dearly needed by the hard-working citizens of our great land! He refuses to see the danger posed by Iron Dragon, even as its rails inch closer to the Maze and the diabolical Kang wrings his hands in glee at the thought of securing a monopoly on the Union's Ghost Rock trade! When immigrants from the Far East arrive on our shores, you can rest assured that these are the dregs of their society! And while I assume some may be good people, by and large they are sending their problems to us! They are murderers, they are rapists, they are bringing their opium and their crime. This must cease! And when I am President, by God, it will!

Garfieldís statements were answered with loud applause and cheers from his supporters.

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The Tombstone Epitaph ((IC News and Rumors))
September 17th, 1880

Custer Conquers Deadwood!
Editorial by Kelly Cassidy

Former Col. George Armstrong Custer has broken the long-standing Deadwood Creek Treaty, marching his illegal army of mercenaries and freebooters directly into the heart of the Sioux Nations. This move, ostensibly to "reinforce" the beleaguered miners after the massacre of a dozen men in late August, is nothing more than a brazen grab for land and power!

It would be best remembered that Custer is not acting in any official capacity. Indeed, he was court-martialed and relieved of his rank and his command after the disaster of the Little Bighorn four years ago. Custer is little more than a cowardly deserter at the head of an army of cutthroats, freebooters, and claim jumpers, acting under no authority save his immense ego and desire for vengeance. If only Col. Manning hadn't been so gravely injured during his attempt to apprehend that madman -- this whole travesty might have been avoided!

But it was not to be, and now Custer has installed himself as the military governor of the Dakota Territory. He has suspended free and open elections, removed the legitimate marshal from power, and now governs Deadwood with an iron fist. His cadre of jack-booted sadists roam the streets and harass all passers-by, no mater how benign their business, and their conduct towards women is especially shocking and appalling. Custer has even had the nerve to seize private property for his own use, illegally quartering his officers in the Grand Central Hotel in defiance of the Third Amendment!

This intolerable excess cannot be condoned. The Federal Government must not legitimize this man's criminal actions. He must be removed! Wire your congressman today and demand they take action!

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Thu 16 Feb 2017
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The Tombstone Epitaph ((IC News and Rumors))
September 17th, 1880

Rail Wars Come To Deadwood?
By Kelly Cassidy

The beleaguered residents of Deadwood are no stranger to the depredations of bandits, road agents, and claim jumpers. Indeed, the Deadwood Miners Alliance exists as much to protect the miners from themselves as to harass and irritate the Sioux (though their effectiveness in that regard leaves much to be desired -- just ask those poor miners slaughtered in the tragic Lead Incident). The Iron Dragon railroad is able to charge outrageous shipping and passenger fees in part because the stage line to town is so woefully unprotected. But even Kang's trains are not safe.

The largest bandit gang in the area, lead by Oklahoma expatriate William "Bold Bill" Doolin, have certainly lived up to the moniker they have chosen for themselves -- The Wild Bunch is as brazen as it is successful. But it strikes this reporter as odd that a bunch of Okie rednecks would have bothered uprooting themselves from more lucrative raiding grounds in the Disputed Lands to prey on miners here in the Dakotas. There's only one real town where they can spend their spoils -- the very one they rob! And surely it must be easier to escape the lax police in Kansas or Colorado than constantly slip around Indian patrols eager to make examples of treaty-breakers. And where do they get such wonderful toys? Flamethrowers, rocket packs, acid rounds, gatling guns -- these aren't the sorts of weapons you just find laying around, and it can't possibly be easy to maintain them out in Spearfish Canyon. Furthermore, isn't it interesting how often The Wild Bunch target those mines run by Celestials?

Why, it's almost as if some rival -- one, perhaps, based in Deseret, which has an abundance of the New Science and a distinct lack of scruples -- were actively arming and outfitting them, then sending them at the largest competitor around. But I'm sure it's just a coincidence that Wasatch recently offered to buy the mostly defunct Laramie line from Denver-Pacific. And I'm sure it's equally a coincidence that a very non-Chinese engineer has been working the Iron Dragon yard. And, well, I'm sure it's just a coincidence that a lot more faces have been showing up at that crackpot Hyram Burns' investment drives for his semi-mythical "Phlogiston Extraction Engine," which is supposedly able to put out Ghost Rock mine fires. Right?