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Investigations on Biel'lash
Miner: Kasten
Foreman: Unk.
Exec: Ryland
Pterodactyl: Tarondel

While still at Lucky's bar, Grick asked Kasten about Santen Vord's ambulatory habits, and learned that in addition to occasionally strolling around the upper city, he went on hunting expeditions to the wilds to hunt Tarondels.

Meanwhile, at a casino, Marius played a few games and won some credits. He also overheard  a number of planets which gave him the impression that imperial governance was relatively loose, and corruption rampant. One discussion of particular interest was a pair of mid-level executives from 868 and another company talking about their work. After talking to the 868 exec, Ryland, Marius noticed a few things: First, she seemed weirdly insincere in praising the company. Second, she seemed definitely proud of her work. After talking to her for a bit, Hackett learned very little about the inner workings of 868, save that jobs he feigned interest in applying for (pilot and astrogation manager) were already filled. However, he did give Ryland his fake name and Holonet address (Sallust Coldstream).

The next day Grick fixed the T-400 droid and impressed many people, including the truculent foreman. He tried to ask about details of why it hadn't been fixed before, and while the foreman was reluctant to talk about it Kasten told him that the higher-ups simply don't care about production unless it pulls to a complete stop.

Marius asked a random stranger about the hunting, and learned it was done in with hunting blasters in open-topped airspeeders in a canyon-y area but more often than not ended on foot.

The next step is to learn about Vord's airspeeder, and maybe track it.
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Sun 4 Sep 2016
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Investigations on Biel'lash
Once the team regrouped, the team plotted to place a tracker on Vord's vessel and follow it into the desert. Grick rigged up a tracker for that purpose. Vakin was able to ask around among the scum of the city and learn that Vord lives in the inner city in an unconventional arrangement. Essentially, he bought a block of apartments (the size of three normal city blocks) that are owned by his company. He lives somewhere inside the apartment block but that's all anyone knew.

The group decided to stake out the block staying in a hotel across the street, which was roughly as tall as the complex itself. Marius won a lot of credits, then lied to a middle-aged lady. Grick and Vakin snuck onto the roof at night and found out the complex was hollow with some structures inside, probably where the speeder was. While looking through macrobinoculars, Grick also noticed a structure to the south that he might be able to hide in. Turned out to be a restaurant with a roof garden. Also, Vakin bought some fancy threads.

The compound was both so large and heavily patrolled by heavy hitters that the group opted for a different plan. Given that the vessel would presumably travel south, toward the hunting grounds, the Golden Exile was moved to the south side of the city, with Vakin, Jergan, and Marius (and the mouse droid) all staying aboard. Grick, meanwhile, was able to get onto the roof of the Garden with a synthread grapnel and hunker down, watching Vord's complex.

The following morning, at dawn, Vord's airspeeder emerged from the complex. Noticing this, Grick radioed his mouse droid and commanded it to awaken Marius. It achieved its purpose by pressing its icy manipulator claw against the sole of his foot, much to the pilot's consternation. Marius was quite easily able to lock onto and track the vessel with his YT-1760's strong sensors, and followed it a number of kilometers behind until it neared the hunting grounds, at which point he put the ship into high speed and caught up to it in minutes. As they reached the vessel, Marius jammed its comms. Once they were within visual range, Hackett moved to the laser cannons while Jergan took the wheel, keeping the vessel level. Vakin meanwhile got on the ship's external speaker system, and in his iciest, most forceful tone, commanded the ship to land. It did.

On board was the man the group knew from a holoprojection to be Vord. Vakin and Jergan hustled him onto the Golden Exile while Marius kept his gunsights firmly trained on the airspeeder. After searching and restraining the prisoner, Vakin and Jergan then disabled the speeder's comms and all but one of its engines. With their job done, they returned to pick up the Jawa, and then left the planet.

Once in hyperspace, Vord offered the group an alternative to Jondo's employment, letting them know he had bitten off more than he could chew.They convened away from the cargo hold (leaving their prisoner under the mouse droid's watchful sensors) to discuss their plans. Marius suggested that they should still take him to the Hutt, but that none of them should be loyal to Jondo beyond what he can enforce through fear. Grick and Jergan both expressed their desire to get out of the gang war entirely, while Vakin essentially remained silent. Marius also offered the possibility that this war might be a way out, and emphasized that no matter what happened he was loyal to them, and wanted the group to stay together. The others reciprocated these feelings.
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Mon 12 Sep 2016
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Investigations on Biel'lash
The team delivered Vord into the waiting and eager arms of Gordas Kell, while the power-armored jerk looked on. Hackett asked how things were going, and Kell replied what while not everything had gone as planned, by and large Jondo's enemies were "getting the message." Kell forwarded payment to the team for a job well done, and they went to a bar to go spend some of it.

While the atmosphere at the bar was tense and worried, the group's confidence after their recent string of successes made them the most relaxed group in the place. They were, for the night at least, the coolest crowd in Bar 519. They also passed by Indo's Cantina, which was boarded up. That said, it didn't look like the cantina itself had seen much fighting, and the streets around it were quieter than normal but relatively peaceful.

The next morning, Drell received a package. It was an invitation from their new friend in the asteroid field, requesting that they contact him on the HoloNet terminal in an apartment in the Jallas Towers (room 30902C, to be precise). The team decided to reequip and rearm themselves in the morning, and then to go talk with their friend.

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