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8600 Block
Vakin, though walking slightly awkwardly due to his injury, leads the group through a maze of corridors and streets. Some are mostly deserted, like the corridor they fought in. Others are full of aliens known and unknown to the group, filling dense markets where a variety of licit and illicit goods are sold amid the clamor of dozens of languages.

The walk is not far in distance, but it involves navigating crowds and maze-like terrain, and it takes the group quite a bit of time before they arrive in what appears to be an apartment complex. Vakin leads the group inside. The hallway is poorly lit, with a few flickering glowtubes and glare from the street providing the only illumination. It's also fairly filthy--garbage doesn't quite line the edges of the hallway walls. The hallway is deserted aside from an Ugnaught with a suitcase leaning up against the wall a few doors down. The Ugnaught stares at Vakin, who returns it as he walks down the hallway. The Ugnaught says something hostile-sounding in Huttese to Vakin.

Just when Marius and Grick-Pur-Yi begin to wonder if Vakin is about to knife the squat alien, Vakin simply replies, "Yeah, I know. Just let me get the door." The Nar Shaddaa native swipes a keycard through a grimy slot next to the door, growls, and then slams his fist into the wall next to the slot. The door pops open with a hiss, and the party follows Vakin inside.

The apartment consists of one large room. The room is a rectangle about ten meters wide by five deep. Four beds line the far wall. The near wall has a tabletop with a sink and some dirty cooking utensils. On the left wall is another door, which presumably leads to a refresher. Vakin's apartment is slightly better lit and slightly less filthy than the hallway, although the improvement is barely noticeable. The walls are covered with graffiti and symbols and words scratched into the wall, and a handful of posters depicting scantily-clad women, mostly humans and Twi'leks.

Vakin enters the room first and moves quickly to kick a pile of things under one of the beds, on which he proceeds immediately to lie down. The Ugnaught pushes in front of the rest of the group and follows Vakin over to the bed, pulling out his suitcase and opening it up on the floor next to the bed. As the rest of the group enters the room, they can tell that the suitcase is in fact a makeshift first-aid kit, with which the Ugnaught treats Vakin's wound. Vakin stands up when the Ugnaught is done and stretches, and then winces slightly. "Ah well, nothing a few hours' sleep can't fix. Thanks, Gax." Gax grunts and pushes his way out of the room.

While Gax was tending to Vakin, Jergan was busy using his wrist-mounted computer and reports to the group. "Kell will have the overalls for us in four hours. Anything else you boys wanna do before we hit the casino?"
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Re: 8600 Block
Marius shakes his head, 'Can't think of anything.'
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Re: 8600 Block
The Jawa grumbles his consideration, then croaks out, 'How we get in? Foot? Seem... dangerous. Slow.'
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Re: 8600 Block
"Foot's the only way in, so that'll have to do. It's not that far of a walk from here, so don't worry about getting there," Vakin explains.

As promised, a human and a Gran show up and deliver three regular-sized and one small coverall roughly four standard hours later. Jergan checks them out, and manages to find a few deep pockets that can conceal weapons from a cursory search. He and Vakin take advantage of this find, and Jergan offers to help Marius hide his weapons as well.
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Re: 8600 Block
Marius is glad for the help.