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Amid the Obsidian Towers
Jergan rustles the group awake at an hour that feels far too early to all of them. Shooting Vakin a worried glance, he gathers the group and leads them out the door. "You know how to get to the warehouse?" he asks the Nar Shaddaa native.

"Yeah, follow me," Vakin says as he slides out the door last, buckling on one of the party's "new" blaster carbines.

Their initial route takes them through some of the routes that they took to arrive at Vakin's place yesterday, but after about ten minutes their path diverges. They begin taking many more turbolifts and long tunnels between buildings.

After about another ten minutes, the group passes in front of a building, marked in gaudy neon lights as Indo's Cantina, when suddenly a Rodian is thrown bodily out of the front door and crashes onto the floor next to Hackett. An unusually tall Aqualish stands in the doorway, flanked by a Gran and a human. As the Rodian stumbles to his feet, a Trandoshan and a Twi'lek standing together off to the side of the door snap into action, rushing over to the Rodian and helping him to his feet. The human steps out of the doorway and shouts, "Tell Jondo to get us some fucking spice next time. Not this fucking synth nerfshit."
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Thu 7 May 2015
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Re: Amid the Obsidian Towers
Both the Jawa and the human back away from the mounting confrontation, neither wanting to get involved nor get caught in the crossfire. While Grick would be plenty happy eliminating one of Jondo's willing agents, he does not know if these men are any more enthusiastic about their work than he is. Marius, for his part, doesn't want to harm a potential ally in his rise to power, whoever that may be.
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Thu 7 May 2015
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Re: Amid the Obsidian Towers
Jergan sees Vakin glowering at the three people standing in the bar's doorway and grabs him on the shoulder, pulling him gently away from the scene. Vakin opens his mouth as if to say something, but then thinks better of it and follows the rest of the Smuggler's Star raiders away from the scene.

In any case, the expected confrontation appears not to materialize. The Twi'lek helps the Rodian to his feet and replies, "We'll pass on the message," in a menacing tone, and walks away, flanked by his alien companions.
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Re: Amid the Obsidian Towers
Upon their arrival at Jondo's warehouse, Kell took delivery of the data and brushed the group off once he had what he asked for. The group spent the remainder of the day gambling and looking after the Golden Exile (Hackett), looking through the recovered data (Kalnas), improving blaster carbines (Grick Pur-Yi), and buying new equipment for the group (Drell).

At the end of the day, Kalnas called the rest of the group together to show what he had found. Numerous recording indicated that an off-world businessman, Santen Vord from Dal'tesh, offered to help the Neimoidian gangster Koru Chiss'than cut into Jondo's spice trade by cutting off Jondo's supplies.

The following day saw an increase in violence--the beginnings of the drug war. Kalnas gathered more intelligence on Vord, Drell asked his contacts to help him understand how the drug war was going, while Hackett and Grick Pur-Yi examined the Exile to assess its current state and possible future improvements (the Jawa recommended that Hackett upgrade its maneuvering jets first). Following this, the group went to defend the Bar None against any possible aggression from Koru's gang.

While there was little violence at the Bar None, Kell showed up in the late afternoon and asked the group to head to Dal'tesh. Their assignment: bring Vord back alive. Anything that gets in their way can be dealt with however they see fit.
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Fri 8 May 2015
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Re: Amid the Obsidian Towers
As the group enters Jondo's hangar and heads towards the Golden Exile, the ship's guards are waiting, along with a broad-shouldered, dark-skinned man in bright red power armor. The guards gesture to the four newcomers as they approach, and the human strides towards them confidently, a blaster rifle slung across his back, his head shaven.

He stops in the group's path and looks them over before turning his head back to the guards and saying, "Kell's new pets don't look like much."

Vakin tenses and fixes the armored man with a piercing glare. The armored man notices and laughs. "Easy there, pup. Don't get in," he says, straightening up to his full, imposing height, "over your head," he finishes, chuckling softly at his bad joke.

His smile vanishes. "I have a message for you. We're watching. You may be in good with Gordas, but that don't mean shit with the rest of us. You fuck up, you're space dust. Understood?" he says, and then walks away without waiting for an answer.

When he's out of earshot, Jergan shrugs and mutters, "If that's being in good with Kell, I'd hate to see what being his enemy'd be like."

Upon the armored man's departure, there remain no obstacles for the group, and they ascend the Exile's ramp. The YT-1760's interior is dimly lit and has little in the way of comfort. There are a few spartan bunks in a cramped room off to the side, and otherwise the interior is mostly empty save for the essentials; and of those, there's only a single refresher.

Vakin stares around the vessel with childlike wonder mixed with uncertainty and trepidation. It is immediately obvious to Marius that the Nar Shaddaa native has never left his planet.

Marius settles into the pilot's seat and feels more at ease than he has ever since he left the casino the day before. Jergan takes the other human around the ship, explaining the concepts of space travel to him and trying to reassure him while being as little patronizing as possible--he doesn't want to find out how Vakin would react to that.

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