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Thu 25 Oct 2012
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Smallville / H.P. Lovecraft Crossovers
We already have our own version of The Thing on The Doorstep in the game as a Lead.

Several other crossovers or mergings between these two disparate settings are below.

When Kal El (Clark Kent) Supermans ship and meteors from Krypton sped towards earth the gravitational pull drew the meteor from The Color Out of Space along. This as well as some fragments from the planet krypton that were pulled by it's own gravity created secondary though smaller meteor strikes in Arkham and outlying counties.

Atlantis and the Atlantians have a long standing cold war with the Deep Ones which sometimes flares up into full blown underwater wars.  On occasion these two aquatic races join forces though it is rare. Some Atlantians know of R'yleh and the Great Old Ones and have secretly worked to keep these elder horrors in slumber.
The Deep Ones of course show up in Shadow Over Innsmouth

Oliver Queen has encountered vampires within the suicide slums of Metropolis and has put his Green Arrow skills into clearing out this supernatural threat. Possibly experiments similiar to Joseph Curwen of The Case of Charles Dexter Ward are the cause of these creatures.

Miskatonic University of At the Mountains of Madness and The Dunwich Horror exists within Arkham and is a school known for producing amazing engineers and mathematicians but it's humanities and eccentric courses have made it border on other Ivy League Schools. It's ancient library and rare books collection is one of the best in the world leading to visitors from across the globe from time to time.

Arkham Asylum of Batman fame will be merged with Arkham Sanitarium of The Thing on The Doorstep Leading to a truly hellish and dark place for the healing of the insane. We will be going with Arkham Asylum as the name for the place.

A host of H.P. Lovecrafts other stories and mergings will be part of things as well.

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Sun 18 Nov 2012
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Re: Smallville / H.P. Lovecraft Crossovers
The Mirror of Loki from the H.P. Lovecraft story The Trap Has made an appearance in Arkham.