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Prelude Episode One
The Scene:

Outside a massive thunder and lightning storm is taking place.
The sound of rain and thunder is deafening. The camera pans across the shore of the Miskatonic showing the lights of Arkham city like tiny stars. Only when a bright flash of lightning strikes are the homes and buildings illuminated.

The camera zooms in on one impressive looking mansion perched on a cliff that is perched over the crashing waves of the river below.

An old woman feverishly scribbles kabbalistic symbology on the walls of a small room. A nervous frantic look on her face. Nearby a very young girl with dark hair sits with crayons looking up at the symbols the woman is drawing and mimicking them on the sheet of paper before her.

The old woman walks over looking down at the work of the small girl a kindly smile coming to her face as she takes the crayon and corrects the symbols. She hands the crayon back and the young girl smiles up at her.

Then something catches the older woman's eye. She mouths No and then runs over to a shelf full of books. All looking ancient and bearing mystical symbols. One place in the shelf is empty. The old woman frantically looks around. "No." she cries.  "Where is it ?" an apparent look of fright and horror on her face.

The scene fades out and then back in on a young very handsome couple standing on the storm tossed shores. A young blonde girl about the same age as the dark haired girl is held in the arms of the woman. The woman looks to her companion, "We cannot, what of Dhan Lara ?"

The man with eyes as blue as the sea looks to her, "We must my love, we are the only ones here that can stop them." He looks to the small girl and kisses her forehead. Taking off a necklace decorated with small seashells with a shiny abalone carved in the form of a trident and placing it around the girl.

He looks to the woman, "Fa Llana. We can leave her with a family here, if only for a moment. If we do not stop them, the whole world may suffer, not only the seas but the land and skies as well."

The blonde woman tearfully nods, "I know, that doesn't make it any easier." The couple hugs each other.

The camera pans away from the scene focusing farther up the beach.
A massive ritual is taking place. In the lightning strikes a circle filled with arcane symbols comes into view. Cowled figures gathered around it chanting some unknown words.

At sea other figures can be seen standing in the surf. On occasion only visible when the lightning flashes. They look inhuman and a sickly gray green in color appearing as much fish or sear creature as man.

The camera swivels back to the ritual a man whose face is obscured by the hood pulled up about speaks out to the others. "Soon we shall have the power of a god !"

A man nearby looks to him, "I don't trust those fishmen, why allow us to bind their god to our will ?"

The original figure turns to him, "They know we summon their god, we need them here to do this. Once he is bound they will be unable to do anything as we will command their god to have them be our servants." He raises up a book.

"They know nothing of this tome and its power to control and steal the power of their god. Now see to the sacrifices !" the book held in the mans hands has symbols strangely similar to the many symbols the older woman had been writing on the walls of her room.

The other man with some other cult members approach several heavily pregnant women who seem drugged. They are all lain down on a large stone altar. The men take out black knives.

The head man in the hood approaches he raises his hands looking out to the storm tossed sea, "Look upon this sacrifice a merging of the daughters of the land and the creatures of the sea that they bear in their wombs. The coming together of your kingdom and ours, may they be a bridge. Symbolic of the coming together of your world and ours !"

There is a deafening boom of thunder.

The camera pans out to the fish men speaking to each other in strange croaking voices their finned gills rise and fall.  For the audience a translation of their words appears on the screen.

One creature looking to another, "They kill our unborn children."

Another creature says, "Yes, it is a sacrifice we must make so that our lord walks this world again. We had to rely on the cult to gain us breeding stock, but after tonight we shall need them no more."

A trident then embedded itself in the creature staggering it.

Fade to black

Fade in on an Orphanage A young boy is waiting in a chair, a handsome youth with brown hair and dark eyes. He was dressed very well. There is a light knock on the door and the unseen figure behind the desk says "Come in."

The door opens and a middle aged man in a tweed suite and glasses enters. "Hello Rory, I'm sorry it took so long I had a late lecture." He kneeled and hugged the boy.
The man then looked at the shadowed figure behind the desk, "I trust all the paperwork went through ?"

The figure answers in a low feminine voice, "Yes professor, it's rare for a single parent to wish to adopt so you understand we needed to do a background check but we found no problems. You are free to take Rory to his new home."

The young man looked out as lightning flashed at the windows. His eyes sparkled with reflected lightning. "Are we going to ride by the river Mr Terrance ?"

The middle aged man, "I don't know Rory, it's one heck of a storm out there."

Rory looked to him and took his hand, "We need to ride by the river."

Professor Terrance looked at Rory strangely but then nodded, "Alright, why do you like storms ?"

Rory got closer, "Something bad is going to happen but." Rory got quiet looking up at Jeremy pleadingly.

Jeremy took the youths hand and headed out.

Rory whispered, "I need to be closer to stop it."

Jeremy chuckled, "What stop the storm my boy ?"

Rory shook his head.

Jeremy then said, "Something bad ?  Of course how could I forget the date ! How did you know ?"

Fade to black

Fade in on a small dark room with a strange mystical circle being completed on the floor. A young Malcolm Danvers in red voluminous robes finishes drawing the circle dipping the brush in his hand into a goblet which seems to be filled with a thick red liquid.  He looks to a few men who look like orderlies and makes a motion with his hands. They pick up a crumpled figure in a straight jacket. Even with the white wrapping it can be seen the figure is an attractive woman.

One of the orderlies wraps up the wound on the woman's arms as the two lead the woman off into darkness. The sound of a heavy metal door opening and then closing could be heard. The camera then swung back to Malcolm who lit white candles around the circle.

A self satisfied smile came to his face, "Come to me whore of hell, darkling seductress, destroyer of men, on this night devils night you shall be mine !"

The circle glowed a dim red a mist spilling from it but vaporizing where it reached the candles. The mist pulled back gathering in the center of the circle till a dark winged beautiful form started to solidify.

Malcolm shouted, "What is your name ?"

The figure was hugging its legs to it its wings partially obscuring its nude form.
From it a seductive voice almost hissed, "Allura."

Malcolm, "No beast I will have your true name !"

Suddenly the circle flared and the glow stopped the creature howling in what appeared to be pain. The figure in the circle began shrinking getting younger less a woman more a girl.

Malcolm snarled, "Who is stealing my power !"

The camera panned back to show the glow flowing away from the circle and off through a wall. The camera follows the magical energy as it quickly gets pulled off through the air and through town heading towards the river. As it passes a car the camera closes in on the car.

Rory is looking out of the window off towards the river. "Im trying to help but I dont know how !" Rory shakes his head. Rory closed his eyes.

"I stopped it I think." Rory says.

Jeremy looked over at Rory and passed him at the now visible ritual taking place at the river,  "God ! how did you know ?"  Jeremy pulled the car over and said, "Rory you stay here in the car." Jeremy ran to the trunk and looked around in it.

The magical red mist energy flowed quickly past the car and down into the gathering energies of the ritual by the river.

Jeremy looked through binoculars catching glimpses of what was occurring.

The view changed to a view as if through those binoculars.

It panned over the dead bodies of pregnant women. Cult members running about in some panic.

Suddenly the binoculars showed the deep ones in all their horrid glory.

Jeremy's voice could be heard, "Their back ! real they are real."

Suddenly he saw a trident fly from somewhere into one of the creatures.

He swung the binoculars around seeing these two beautiful healthy looking blond people in strange outfits battling the deep ones.

Jeremy's voice spoke again, "Who, who are they ?" spoken of in a bit of awe.

Suddenly a blast of lightning lit the night sky like the whole sky was brighter then it was dark for a moment.

Everyone looked up.

Jeremy quickly lowered the binoculars and ran to cover Rory's eyes, "Don't look !" He said in quivering voice.

The camera zoomed in on the action down below.

The Deep ones looking up and croaking, "Dagon, Dagon !"

The camera swings to the beautiful blond couple.

The man looked to her, "If were lucky we can still stop this."
The woman took his hand and nodded. The two embraced then the woman took out an old crystalline amulet holding it up. The  couple dropped to the ground but not before a stream of blinding white light shot up and struck the horror in the sky.

The couple quickly turns ghostlike their bodies sucked into the crystal which hung in the air on its own. Soon their bodies fully flowed into the crystal. The woman whispered, "Dhan Lara." then as the glow faded the thing in the sky vanished as did the glow from the crystal which fell to the ground blackened and cracked.

Tiny balls of light spiraled off into the city. A few seemed to strike people and then fade.

Overhead a few streaks from meteors could be seen in the sky,

The camera moved away from the river and off to a doorstep a beautiful young girl looks up at an opening door. Her ocean blue eyes look up pleadingly at the couple who answered the door. About the girls neck was a necklace of shiny seashells and an abalone trident pendant.

14 Years Later cue  the shows Theme music !

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