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Plot Points and how YOU can effect the episode with them

Roll More Dice. Before any roll, you may spend a Plot
Point to roll more dice. Describe how another Trait can help
your Lead’s efforts and add that Trait’s die to your pool. In
this way, you may roll in another Relationship or Value, or
more than one Asset or Resource.

Include More Dice. After any roll, you may spend a Plot
Point include more dice in your result out of those you just
rolled. In this way, your result may be three, four, or five dice
added together. The only limit to how many dice you may
add to your result is how many dice you rolled to begin with
and how many Plot Points you have available.

Useful Detail. You may also spend a Plot Point to exploit
a Useful Detail from the story (an improvised weapon, a
damning piece of evidence, an advantageous position on a
staircase) and add a d6 to your pool. A Useful Detail lasts for
the remainder of the scene, and you can add it to your dice
pool as often as you can justify it during that scene. If other
players want to share in the fun, they’ll have to spend their
own Plot Points to gain access to that Useful Detail.

Add A Relationship. If you’re midway through an
episode and you’ve started to take a shine to a particular
Feature—or really come to despise a particular Feature—
you can spend a Plot Point to add a d6 Relationship with
that Feature to your sheet. Be sure to write your opinion of
that Feature right then as the Relationship’s statement. After
the first scene with that Feature, the Relationship steps back
to d4. You can step it up during tag scenes if you want to
maintain this Relationship, or if the Feature is only around
for one episode you can eliminate it.

Activate Assets. Some of your Assets may have triggers
or Spend abilities that give you a benefit when you spend
a Plot Point. When Clark catches a falling truck or when
Oliver just happens to own a very useful item, they spend
a Plot Point for the privilege.

Get Help From Resources. Throughout the game,
you’ll encounter Extras and Locations, which are elements
of the story that can help or hinder you. If you spend a Plot
Point, they can Aid you by giving you a die to include in your
result. Your own Extras and Locations don’t require a Plot
Point to activate, however.
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Plot Points and how YOU can effect the episode with them