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Read me, for I am the... Introduction to the game.

PM me your character's name, concept, and background, which shall double as a writing sample. We shall work on your stats later.

Further applications will be taken into account should some of the current applicants fail to complete the process. Barring that, all the available slots (and then some) have been filled.


The gods are calling a number of heroes to tame a brand new plane of existence.

Those who accept this mission will be catapulted to a plane no one has ever accessed. Only epic heroes can travel to this plane, and even they can only do so with divine assistance.

Nothing but living beings can make the transition: the heroes will have no equipment - and for Wizards that means no spellbooks: all of the plane's magical knowledge will be in the minds of the heroes, who are advised to create new spellbooks and write down their spells as soon as possible.

There will be no materials in this plane, except a flat plain of dirt as far as the eye an see, and a thick layer of breathable air extending several kilometers upwards.

No living beings will exist at the time of your arrival, but they will slowly spawn into existence as time goes by. Note that this means a slain familiar may not be replaced (although they may be brought back from the dead as normal).

There is no contacting any other plane from that one, which means extradimensional stuff works, extraplanar stuff doesn't. Summoning will not work until way ahead in the game, when some form of contact can be reinstated with some other planes of existance. As there will be no living beings in the plane at the time of your arrival, necromancy will be mostly useless.

Basically, you will have to make your own universe - mostly through judicious use of the Fabricate and Blood Money spells. You will be miraculously imparted with the knowledge of a class-appropriate version of Blood Money as a bonus spell known.

All communications with the heroes' native plane will be cut off: no off-plane travelling spells will work, and you won't be able to return until you manage to completely conquer this plane. Should you die on your journey, your souls will be trapped on this plane.

The good news is, since souls cannot go very far the material-components requirements for all resurrection-type spells are reduced to 1/5th. Hooray for Raise Dead for 1000 gp.

The gods will miraculously rejuvenate your characters before sending you through, and boost you beyond normal mortal abilities to improve your chances of survival.

In game terms, this means the following:

Your characters will be spellcasting humans, of a class that does not gain its powers from a divine connection; Oracles and Druids are allowed, but they must receive their powers from a generic bond with nature rather than a specific deity.

They will be built on a point-buy system, with 25 points and 20 character levels to assign, they will be of venerable age and any lawful alignment

They will have all the advantages of venerable age (+3 to all mental ability scores) but, as they will be miraculously rejuvenated, they will retain none of the penalties. Finally, all of their ability scores will receive a full miraculous boost - that is, an inherent bonus of +5.

This means that no mental ability score will be below 15, and no physical ability score will be below 12. The upper limit is 30 for physical abilities and 33 for mental ones.

Your characters will have been chosen by the gods to work together, therefore they will have little overlap in their capabilities, except insofar as this improves their chances of survival; as players, you are encouraged to coordinate your clases, feats, spell lists, memorized spells, skills, and any other aspect of your characters, so as to get as much mileage as possible out of the fact that you have specifically been chosen for this job.

All characters, including divine spellcasters, will receive one miraculously-bestowed level of cleric, which will boost them to epic level, but will have little mechanical advantages. Specifically, this level will give you:

- 2 feats; if you do not have the Eschew Material Components feat, you MUST acquire it by spending one these feats; if you do not have any item creation feats, you MUST acquire at least one by spending of these feats.

- 2 + INT skill points; if you do not have any Craft skills, you must acquire at least a +10 bonus (or put all your available ranks, should you be unable to achieve a +10 bonus even by assigning all these 2 + INT ranks) in any one Craft skill using these skill points. Leftover points may be assigned as you see fit.

- 8 + CON HP (+1 for characters with the Toughness feat).

You may prepare Orisons in your Cleric slots before leaving, and they will work normally, but you will not be able to change the prepared Orisons for your Cleric level once you depart. Cleric spells from these class levels, other than Orisons, will not work at all.

Divine spells from classes other than Cleric (which must be granted spells through a connection with a natural force rather than a deity, as specified above) will work normally for your existing levels.

Wish and Miracle will have significantly reduced power (they will still be able to emulate other spells, but little else). Wondrous objects having Miracle or Wish as a requirement, however, will retain their normal abilities.

Before departing, characters who prepare spells are supposed to have learned the full list of spells for their class, and have copied it in their spellbook (or familiar).

To answer some questions I have been asked:

Other than what specified above, all Paizo material that is publicly available through or is generally allowed, though specific exceptions may be made if I missed something obvious.

Some rules from 3.x and/or third-party material will also be imported (seeing how Pathfinder itself does not have official rules for epic levels yet), but it will basically be as little as possible. Epic feats will not be allowed out of the box. Once the characters gain a few levels, that might change.

The choice of lawful alignments is one the gods made when they summoned your characters: they will not volunteer the reason; if you have a specific character concept that calls for a non-lawful alignment, it may be feasible given certain requirements.

While the plane starts off dark, featureless and empty, your characters will be advised to start building a safe haven as soon as possible, since your arrival will prompt some transformations that will ultimately end up in, to say it with TV Tropes, "Everything Trying To Kill You".

The goal is for the entire group to reach level 20 in your Cleric class, at which point you will be able to finally contact the gods and complete your mission. All level advancements will therefore be in your brand-new Cleric class, which means your effective character level will have to be adjusted, seeing how you will not have access to most of the powers that come with your second class. This will be kept into consideration when planning encounters. On the flip side, you will still get new feats every two levels, rather than three.

In-game, your characters will be allowed to exchange their Cleric levels for equivalent levels of whatever you like once they go back, but at that point you will have won the game...

Character interaction will mostly be in the hands of the players: play your character, let them talk, see what happens :)

There may be an NPC coming with you to make your lives easier, and possibly more interesting, if I feel that a specific role has been neglected.

XP Progression will be adjusted as the game proceeds (2^20 is an exceedingly big number to multiply anything by): it will probably be scaled down to a fixed amount of XP per level (5Mxp or so seems likely).

There will be little GMing involved in the first part of the game, it will mostly be character interaction and setting up your base of operations. A few days after your characters arrive, things will begin to happen. Will you be ready?

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