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Da Rules Thread
1. No adult content.

2. GMs have the final say in everything.

3. Post at least once every few days. I wanna keep things running as smoothly as possible, so if anything comes up, PM me or one of the other GMs or mention it in the handy away thread!

4. Keep it civil, yall. People who cause OOC drama will be fed to lions!

5. Plots are gonna be GM-driven, but player ideas are more than welcome!

6. No adult content. None. Zero. So important that it bears repetition!

7. Have fun!

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Wed 19 Dec 2012
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Re: Da Rules Thread
Power Stunts:

Wanna do something super amazingly awesome with your power during the heat of combat or outside of the bounds of your character's expertise? That's a power stunt! And it means you have to roll a d100 on rpol's handy dice roller thingy and wait for judgment.

If you fail horribly, it'll probably blow up in your face and have unintended consequences like kittens and puppies dying. If, however, you succeed, you get to do REALLY AWESOME STUFF!

This is intended to prevent godmoding, while also have the lingering notion over everyone's heads that mutants ARE fallible and are just as prone to screwing up as everyone else is! (And it's easier on me to keep everything running well when I have a clear picture of what stunts miss/succeed instead of being arbitrary. And having people carve through generic bad guys is kinda silly, even if it is really awesome.)

And yes, this is from the TSR rules, so if you know what that is, you're awesome but you still don't get karma. If you don't know what that is, you're missing out on Marvel tabletop goodness, but you don't need to worry about character tweaks or anything. This is just in place to prevent godmoding and ensure that everything's balanced.

(This also applies to NPCs!)

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