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Sat 22 Jun 2013
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*Family status: (its the group your character originates from.
i.e Wealthy, Street gangster, scholar, warrior, from a noble family (Explain), Court conferences (The King's cabinet and other ministers he often sought the advice of his before making decisions) ect.)
*Appearance:(Photograph and write as much as you want, breg if u feel it's needed)(5 sentence Min)
*Personality:(5 sentence Min)
*History:(5 sentence Min)
*Friends and Families:
*Role in the Kingdom: (The king's knight, a poor scholar wanting to become a noble, a peasant, merchant, noble with a well known family store, etc.)
*Zodiac:(Horsicope and fortune telling is usally used even by the King. This will come into play mostly like latter on in the story and depending on your Zodiac you will have certain fortune. Look through my post at the bottom and choose a Zodiac that you feel best fits your character.)

Theme Song:
Color Post:

These are for me to know the basics for your character. So please provide details. As for the info you do post on your character sheet... That info will be provided here shortly.

-Any with a * is mandatory!

Zodiac Chart: https://docs.google.com/spread...rV0E&usp=sharing
Zodiac Descriptions: https://docs.google.com/docume...XJxJxRHKTUCfyNuGm0OM

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Sat 22 Jun 2013
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This game is based in traditional China. I hope that everyone who wants to enter this game, read this before creating their character sheet. I am hoping to create a game more historical rather then magic and fantasy. I know warriors back then were more than impressive with their own natural abilities. So to prevent godmodding from happening in this game, there will be no magic / fantasy.
-Only the will power to continue,
-believing in the abilities you have and will gain,
-And lastly, the bravery and intelligence to persevere true to the end could save you now! This is what both side will be using to defeat not only their enemies but to help who they believe to become King succeed! Let's give it all you got and join in on this battle to restore the lost Ren Dynasty as a TEAM!